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journal of my weird absurb dreams

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posted on Jan, 13 2004 @ 09:01 PM
Wow, I just had one freaky dream last night...again. Typical of when I go to bed sober.

One scene really strucked me, because it was really weird, and...kind of "out of context". Just so you understand how out of context it seemed, I'll tell what the dream looked like before 'that' particular scene.

Anyway, the part of the dream I remember took place at what look like where I live, I was driving in a weird long white car, some kind of old famillial car, and I was with the guys from Jackass, and we were driving on the yard (wich is huge), then there was this old house at one end of our yard, wich was really old and creepy, and then someone said don't go near it, there's a ghost-girl living in it. But then I still approached the house, and, in fact, a ghost-girl came out of it, running a impossible speed. Well, not really running, just 'floating' toward me at great speed. I swear she was the exact replica of the ghost girl in "The Ring".

So she 'floated' right toward me, and then, 'entered' my body.
Now I don't remember well, but I remember a really unpleasant feeling of when she was in me, along with some kind of cold feeling. So I immediatly 'bended' my will-power to take the ghost girl out me...Don't know why, but it worked. But I really had the impression I had to give a huge effort to make the ghost go out of me.

Anyway, that's what I remember, the dream continued around the yard, and I remember the ghost-girl, don't remember how, but succeeded in catching me up a few time, and entered my body again and again... And at each time, I had to do the same trick to get her out...

And at one time I became alone, the ghost girl 'attacked' me one last time, then I remember this place with some trees, wich is exactly like a place on my real yard.

Then is the scene really weird. I was alone, I sitted there in the grass, and looked at the sky. And there was multiples Suns, with different size and intensity...
(probably at different distances from where I was...)

I can still remember the picture, it was so totally beautifull, and looked so damn freaking real. It didn't looked like a mid day sky, but not reallyl like a sun set neither... The sky had some kind of orange-glowing effect. Anyway, that's the scene that strucked me... It's rare that I remember details that much, but the scene is still pretty clear in my mind.

After that (I kinda looked at it for a few seconds..or what it felt like a few seconds..) than I turn aways, expecting the people I was with sooner to be there, so I could tell them "Just look at the sky!". But there was no one besides me, so I turned back, and the sky was normal again. Don't really remember how it was, but I know the multiples suns were gone...I think it was empty, no sun or stars at all.

After that I don't remember...

Since we probably have a lot of dream-expert around here, anyone by any chance already heard or read what could seeing multiples suns in the sky mean?

(I know they're not really suns, but stars, but I didn't wanted to use the word stars, cuz it really wasn't like looking at stars, they were like WAY closer than any star besides the sun it-self... )

[Edited on 23-1-2004 by m0rbid]

posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 05:26 PM
So I decided to turn this thread into some kind of journal, to keep track of all the weird dream that I remember.

I want to practice remembering my dream, and I've read that one good trick to do so, is to write them down. Since I hate writing with pen and paper, I'll just write them here. Feel free to comment on them or call me a psycho if you want.

A few days before, I remember very few, but I know that at some part in my dream, I saw our clothes washing-machine, and it was filled with what looked like mustards and ketchup, and was "shaking" very badly and seemed on the verge of explosing.

Last night, I dreamnt that I fought against Jason and after Freddy (what's weird is that I saw the movie LONG time ago...) Jason was easy to kill , don't remember how I did it, but Freddy was tough. I remember at one time I openned a door and there was all sort of swords and axes, and I picked a few, then realised that one of the sword I was holding, instead of having a 'handle', it was just the blade that continued, and I had injuried my self badly to the hand. I saw blood.

Don't remember how the fight ended, but I remember Freddy was hard to kill. I remember I saw him bleeding on the chest at a few place.

More to come soon... (each time I go to bed sober - without smoking pot - my dreams are REALLY weird and I seem to remember them very well..)

Does seeing blood in dreams have a particular signification? Or is it always related to the particular context where the blood is seen?

posted on Jan, 24 2004 @ 10:45 AM
hummm...yesterday I eated frozen pancakes out of a garbage can, outside in the cold, looked like -20 Celsius and I was just wearing pants & a t-shirt.

And way after I dreamt of Donna in That 70s Show. Oh that girl is hot... Love red head chicks... I won't go into details, as there's probably young kids reading this board...

[Edited on 24-1-2004 by m0rbid]

posted on Jan, 26 2004 @ 12:56 PM
another dream, less weird I must say... Used to have these kind of dream very often when I was younger.

I dreamt that I was waking up in my room, and everything was pitch black. Really dark. So I reach to turn on my desk-light, press the switch, and nothign turn on. So I stand up, reach further in the room, for my second light. Press the switch, nothing, no light. (I had LOADS of theses dreams while growing up...)

At this point, I was kind of starting to guess it was dreamn, but couldn't completly gain control of my actions/what was happening.

Then I felt a presence in the room, someone or something was with me... Then I just grabbed in the dark, and it felt like if I had catched something by it's neck. Don't know why, but I seemed sure that it was some kind of alien (???). So I was just holding it, then I started yell to see if anyone else was there, cuz I wanted to show them the alien, but as I was running through the house to find a light that work, and to actually see the thing I was holding, I didn't found anybody, nor did I found a workign light...

I remember the feeling of trying to yell really loud, but it was like if absolutly no noise was coming out of me...

posted on Jan, 27 2004 @ 07:53 PM
Huh the other day I was walking along some river, with a friend, and we saw some some wooden small we approched. Well, it was not really a river, just a really small flow of water, like 1 feet deep. Could see the bottom easily. Then I saw something in the water, I first thought it was a corpse, but when I looked closer, it was only 2 arms, separated from their original body.

Than I yelled really loud, for no reason... And there was a tatoo, on one of the arm. It was written "BS". So we were a bit worried, and went away. While walking, my friend asked me "Do you know what it means when someone get BS tatooed?" So I said "No", and then he told me it mean the person was either schizophrenic, or had chronic violent hallucination.

That's it. Weird dream again. The thing I remember the most was the feeling, this need of really yelling loud.

posted on Feb, 17 2004 @ 09:43 AM
A few days before, I had a dream where I was walking in a forest, during the darkest nigth I ever seen. There was no moon visible. I had some flashlight, but the light wouldn't shine thru the thick darknest of the night. It was weird.

I know there was a group of people wich I thought I was with them. But I don't remember seeing them. All I know is they, somehow, all got kill by what I thought was a monster. But I haven't seen the monster either.

All I heard was screams. When I woke up, it occured to me, could I have been the so-called monster and not remember about it? ...

I love weird dreams like that...

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