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I saw my first UFO in Israel this week!

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posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 01:11 PM
Ok, so i would have posted this sooner but i just arrived from Israel this morning and i couldnt scan anything on my dad's computer over there. I thought i saw a UFO once as a kid but dont remember much. I have always believed, and ever since joining this site and a few months before, i have tried very hard to keep my eyes open... i just never thought i would see one this soon.

I am calling it a UFO because it could very well have been man made... though it would be a pretty sweet craft if it were... and i have no idea what it was, so unidentified...

I was driving to my grandpa's house, well my dad was driving, and i saw a wierd floating object some ways away in the distance. It looked like it was just hovering... I told my dad to look at it, him being Israeli he might know what it was or if it were supposed to be there at least, and i had told him earlier in the trip about UFOs and aliens etc (ive been talking about them and 9/11 conspiracies a lot since joining the site). If it had not been on our way, we would have probably driven past it, my dad doesnt believe in UFOs, but it happened to be on our way...

I got really excited when we got closer caus i still couldnt make out what it was and kept raving how i thought it was a UFO. We finally stopped the car and got out and looked at it...

At first my Dad said he knew what kind of "aircraft" it was, but as it got closer it was apparant that it was moving WAY too slow for an aircraft. It emerged from behind a building on a steady course horizontaly infront of us.
He said it was probably a weather balloon, but it was clearly NOT! it had like spike things on it and while did not look like any of the C2C drones ive seen before, i thought it could be an unmaned drone or ship of some sort. ANYWAY, if it were a balloon, it would have floated high enough over the building, but it went around it, not above it. my Dad at this point is slightly confused to what it is and is just laughing at me for yelling at him that its a UFO or drone of some sort...

So, we got to my grandpa's house about 10 min later and i drew a sketch of what i thought it looked like... i didnt have a camera on me at the time, but i thought if i sketched it (since im a faily good penciler), maybe someone on here would know what it was or perhaps have seen sightings like it before...

But let me clear a few things up first... This sketch, is what i remembered 10 min after i saw it. the actual craft might not look exactly like it, but if you guys have seen anyhting similar to it please let me know! Also the sun was behind it so i mostly just saw the black outline in made in the sky.

I wrote down some facts too incase there were any other reportings... though i dont know how many Isrealis know about this site...
The location was Givataiym, Israel. it was approx 6:05pm that i saw the craft on the 6th of this month.

I just skanned my sketch and put it on photobucket. Ill attach the link at the end of this post.

So PLEASE! I dont know exactly what i saw, like i said the sketch is a rough estimate, the mind can fabricate features and so on, so ANYTHING you guys know that might resemble the sketch or what i described let me know and ill see if i can identify it. Oh, and one more note, it did NOT spin, it just kinda glided, extremely slowly on a straight path, not going higher or lower, and though it was a good few hundred feet away, i did not hear any sounds that a conventional craft would make.

Cant wait to hear what you guys have to say!

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 02:12 PM
Japanese lantern or life preserver floating on the gulf stream?

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 02:17 PM
Well, if you are on the up and up (I have no reason to think you arent) about your story, welcome to the world of the unknown. Fires ya up a bit doesnt it?

I know you made some reference to its general position but about how high up would you say it was? What were the weather conditions at the time? Did you notice any other aircraft in the area at the time? Did your dads reaction to it seem spot on or a bit off? Did it seem solid or less so? Any atmospheric effects noticeable? (I.e. shimmering, distortions, lights etc.)

Details, details details. I know its kind of annoying but they are annoyingly necessary. Great drawing BTW! How was the texture of the object? Smooth, semi, metallic or not, etc. Congrats on the event. Dont let it carry you away, if you know what I mean....hold it steady.

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 02:36 PM
lol Thx Lost_Mind, i wont let it carry me away, i always believed anyway, ever since i saw one when i was a kid anyway (like 11yrs old) so i wont let it carry me away lol im just excited i saw one that close! ET or otherwise!

It deffinately looked metallic, but it was mostly black since the sun was behind. if i was to give an estimate i would say i was perhaps... 100yards away... it was about the size of an apartment living room, perhaps a little bigger, making reference to the apartment building it went around.

My dads initial reaction is that it was a craft, and a craft he knew of, i think he referred to like a weather craft, but then when we got closer and closer, and i was of course freaking out, he changed his mind to a weather balloon. and when we got out of the car we stared at it for about 5 min and then he didnt know what it was. He still didnt believe it was a UFO... even though i told him neither of us could identify it, but he also has bad vision without his glasses on, like real bad vision. I really wanted to stay longer and watch it to see how it left, or if it continued to glide along, but it was my last day there and he told me we had a strinct time table... if it was just me i would have stayed but i only get to see my family over there one time a year so we left and i decided to sketch a pic of it as soon as i got to my grandpa's place.

it was totally calm (weatherwise) at the time, a few clouds in the air, and was a really hot, dry day, like most of the days are over there lol. There were NO other crafts in the sky at the time as well.

The craft looked smooth, and from far away reminded me of the craft that one guy on here took over his sisters house...
But as we got closer it looked like it had more distortions coming out of the center, horizontally...

Like i said, the pic is prob not exactly what i saw, just a representation of what i remembered seeing.

Im glad to answer any more questions and really want to know if anyone has seen anything like this before!

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 03:05 PM
Any chance it could have been a childs kite or balloon with the tether caught around the building perhaps/

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 03:34 PM
Great story / sighting, thanks for sharing it

Very cool that you added the drawing too.

That one pic, bottom left, reminds me a little of the UFO from Independence Day, with out the upright tail fin thingy.

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 05:17 PM

Originally posted by wildone106
Any chance it could have been a childs kite or balloon with the tether caught around the building perhaps/

Nope. I saw it initially on one side of the building, then while we came towards it, it drifted around the building, and eventually far enough away that there was no way there could be a rope/string atatched. It got pretty parallel with us before we left and we were a good three qtr. mile or even a mile from the building.

And yeah Elevatedone, maybe they saw the movie and wanted to copy it lol! it does kinda look like that.

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 05:46 PM
Great drawing. I don't know of anything that looks like that other than a genuine UFO. I've had a close sighting too. I wonder, did you notice as you got closer to the object, that there seemed to be no-one else around? When I saw my UFO, it wasn't till it was gone that we noticed the street had gone really quiet, no people, no cars etc., but it wasn't an abrupt emptiness, just something we commented on later. The street should have been busy at that time but it was unusually empty, just for those few minutes.Also, have you noticed that the object in your sketch looks kind of different to the object when you FIRST spotted it? What I mean is, apart from the distance involved, do you remember seeing it look different to the final part of the sighting?

[edit on 7-8-2007 by wigit]

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 07:18 PM

Originally posted by wigit
I wonder, did you notice as you got closer to the object, that there seemed to be no-one else around?

Well, on the street i was on, its never too busy. the mall across the street is, but not the one i was on. There was another group of three people talking outside one of the apartments, but they didnt really acknoledge what me and my father were looking at. They just kept on talking amongst themselves... I think that just because Israelis tend to keep to themselves unless they know you.

Also, have you noticed that the object in your sketch looks kind of different to the object when you FIRST spotted it?

Yeah, like i said before, it looked a lot like the UFO in the other ATS forum with the UFO over that one guys house. I have the link posted in a previous post. But as it got closer it looked as though it had more of those spike things coming out of it. Im not sure if i drew the right amount of spikes in the sketch, i just drew those to represent what i remember it looking like.

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