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WTC Had To Be Dismantled by 2007: Galvanic Corrosion

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posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 01:03 PM
They were to come dowm by 2007.

This is a mind blowing article and a MUST READ!!!! Mayor Giuliani had been given orders that the towers be dismantled by 2007 due to galvanic corrosion: ALUMINUM + STEEL = Electro-mechanical failure


Over the years, the process known as 'galvanic corrosion' had structurally degraded these buildings beyond repair. Supporting statements to this effect had been compiled by the engineers and delivered to the building owners during the time-frame that I have described. Subsequently, both Mayor Giuiliani's Office, and the New York Port Authority, had allegedly received an order for the buildings to be completely dismantled, by 2007."

Originally posted by bsbray11
I've seen the beam before but I swear photos must be next to non-existent using Google images now, but it's on the order of magnitude of feet in length and width and the whole outer surface, just about everything I remember being visible of it in the photo, was sulfidated.

Here are images of smaller samples I found:

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posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 01:07 PM
interesting. so the buildings were to come down anyway...seems like the perfect opportunity to use it as a stage for supposed terrorism.

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 01:16 PM
Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble here, but the story of galvanic corrosion at the WTC’s is behind-backwards. Aluminum is a less noble metal than steel. Which means, when the two come in contact with one another, the steel causes the aluminum to deteriorate and not the other way round. The aluminum sacrifices itself to the iron; it becomes the sacrificial “anode”.

In the metal industry, most sheetmetal is manufactured with a protective alloy coating of 55 percent aluminum and 44 percent zinc. It’s commonly known as “galvalume”. It takes advantage of this very principle, that the aluminum PROTECTS ferrous metals from deteriorating (rusting).

The Wizard In The Woods

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 01:26 PM
I have personally spoken to the author of this article, Tom...

Here is his first response... judge for yourself:

Hi "Pootie";

The process of making my story known was broad and deep. First, I participated with the Science and Justice Alliance; Haupt, Webfairy, Walter, King and Tarpley. I was scheduled to speak at Confronting the Evidence, but Walter kicked me off the panel because of Nico. I then spoke with all the usual pundits; Jones, Rense, Kaminski, vyzygoth, and my story went out to about 117 links. A guy named Michael Stettner was running for office in California, and he made 100 copies, and he sent them to all the Washington Senators, et. al., as a promo-gimmick. Ostensibly he would have been the first '9/11 canidate' out of the gate.

The local FBI wouldn't take my call seriously, but I sent it to them anyway. Finally, Rense re-published it after this final edit and I received 360,k hits in 2 months.

I got a call from a Corlnel named George xxx, who asked me to certify it with the State Atty General, and another original to him in Huntsville. He said watch my back, but as long as I would file this accordingly, he in turn would pass it to the Oversight Committee. So, far as I know, they had plenty of chances to read it. Boeing, and several blind-poll .gov's did log-in, but I lost count and interest since little has come to pass in the real public awareness.

Today, America is practically finished. I see no chance of 9/11 Justice, but there is another trial pending for the wrongful deaths of the citizens. Frankly, I see no reason to vote, and fewer reasons to stay...


posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 01:27 PM
He sent this on 3/23 Re: Gonzales:

Hi "Pootie";

Feel free to spread my story about the "FBI take-over of the World Trade Towers" -far and wide! Herein, I have named the names of several perfectly ordinary, 'honest' upstanding Americans, who like I, were 'unwittingly' caught in this web of deceit.

In order to assure the preservation of the United States, and to restore the values we have built into the US Constitution, I feel that a full --Public Trial-- concerning the events of 9/11 is absolutely essential.

We are currently witnessing yet another dog-n-pony show concerning Gonzales, next it will be yet another 'uncontested' -electronic election in 2008.

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