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Donoso Music!

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posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 09:54 AM
That's right! It's lucky I found BTS 'cause I was itching to share my group's tunes with the alternative crowd, and what better place to do so then here?

Initially my group (which consists of myself and Majal) wanted to create a concept Hip-Hop album detailing all sorts of conspiracies and lunacies from the mindset that they're all real. Every single song is done, that means, all the production is finished but we've yet to find a dedicated lyricist (ANYBODY?!) and would be glad to pick it up again. It's called Operation Midnight, by the way. If there's more interest in regarding what it's about I'll post more.

Anyways, currently, we're releasing an instrumental album in hopes of attracting intellectual rappers. The album is titled "Candies" and is a slight tribute to the late great J-Dilla. It's just pure Hip-Hop but not the trash you'll hear on MTV. There's still a dedicated movement of producers and rappers who are still here for the listeners, and not the fame and glory.

Here's our myspace:

I wish I knew how to operate the whole podcast deal so if anyone is willing to teach me, I'd be more then glad to utilize it. (It's more of a I'm too lazy to figure it out sort of deal though )

Anyways, we hope you enjoy! Please post feedback, that's what we live off of.

[edit on 7-8-2007 by Donoso]

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