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Infrared Moon Images

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 09:25 AM
Zorgon has been eluding to the fact that the moon may have some sort of atmosphere going on. Due to images of smart-1 when it crashed and the scattering of dust wasnt uniform but spread towards one direction (wind?). There are also a few different pictures of what may be a lonesome cloud here and there on the moon (water?). So maybe what little atmosphere that is provided on the moon would be sufficient for aliens to live there.

Im not sure what the properties of the moons atmosphere would be if there is one, but i think your banking on the idea that whoever built these moon bases required oxygen to live. Who knows what elements they require to live or what technology they may posses in order to create the necessary elements they need to live.

If the hollow moon theory is true and there is some evidence to support those claims. Maybe the moon is filled from within with some sort of gas/atmosphere otherwise if it were to be a vacuum inside the moon would it not collapse? Although it could have some sort of honey comb matrix going on which stops it from collapsing but maintains pockets of vacuum. Although if that were true it might not reverberate like a bell as described by apollo 12 and 13 when they jettisoned modules onto the moons surface, as id assume the honey comb matrix would absorb the reverberations.

They could be just doing what the space station is doing to produce O2 but i think that would be a bit to simple
. As im pretty sure we didnt build these bases. There is alot of H3 on the moon maybe they utilise that in some fashion with another molecule to produce O2. I think producing some sort of molecule that they need in order to live would be the least of there problems if we can do it on the space station.

bah ramble ramble.................

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 02:29 PM
Them Grey Buggers don't breathe oxygen but they collect plants from all over Earth to terrraform our Solar System to be Earth like.

I wrote this before and it got sent to the skunk works and not many were interested but hey, I'll share it again since they told me to make you all see this.

They want you all to take notice that our Moon is the wrong size for the Earth and they want you all to look at all the Planets and Moons in the Solar System and note that everything is the wrong size for one another.

Hey now, don't shoot the messenger, I'm just doing what I was asked to do.

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 08:35 PM
John, this question is for you. I was wondering, I was intrigued by the recent blockbuster film, the Bourne Ultimatum. I was talking to some people here on ATS and they say that the moon has weaponry stationed on it. Do you know of any of these weapons stationed there?

Electromagnetic Weapons
Microwave Weapons
Non-Lethal Weapons
ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Weapons
Directed Energy Weapons
Acoustic Weapons
Psychotronic Weapons
RF (Radio Frequency) Weapons
Soft Kill Weapons
Less-Than-Lethal Weapons

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 01:22 AM
There is an optical illusion where the moon appears bigger to our eyes than it really is.

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 02:40 AM

Originally posted by johnlear
Originally posted by StreetCorner Philosopher

Also, Mr. Lear, if movies are your forte, why is Invasion of the body snatchers being remade again? The 4th version of this film comes out in a few days. What are they trying to tell us?

The same thing Dr. Miles Bennell was:

"Look! You fools! You’re in danger! Can’t you see? They’re after you! They’re after all of us! Our wives…our children…they’re here already! You’re next!"

That was the scariest movie I ever saw when I was younger. To this day I refuse to watch it again or any of it's remakes. If there is a possible hidden message in the remake, wouldn't it be that not all of us are human? There are hybreds possibly living among us?

If aliens have some thing to do with the soul, could it be that at least some abducted people could have basically died. Their soul was replaced with an alien soul or life form and living in the human body? How many movies and tv series have plots along this line?

Men in Black, Body Snatchers, Scooby Doo the first movie, I beleive the Simpsons had a show along this lines, I seen one of the Star Treck shows show where aliens invaded all the bodies that had android Data in it, the borg in Star treck, and there are probably others I haven't seen. On a religious notation, there are those who believe to be demon possessed. What about all the mediums and physics? Who are they actually contacting, and why is it that some of them are taken over by the entity being contacted when they want to say something?

I'm sure there are others could think of more examples maybe even along the lines of myths and legends of ancient cultures and native american cultures. I hesitate to say vampire, since they don't technically take over the body. In legends, they do somehow transform the victim into a likeness of themselves if the victim lives.

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 08:15 AM
Now you are starting to get it but I'm sure your ignore and more on.

I have written that I am an alien soul in a human body. I was sent here to help the human race when it is time. There are others here also like myself they may just not know it yet, but they will.

When Zorgon and John talk about this reactor and it's pretty blue color.
Let's go back to page 10 and John's third post with the picture.

Let's use our imagination and evolve a little further.

Our Moon (orb) was in the incorrect orbit the Grey's placed it in the correct orbit. The Moon was Hollow and the Grey's transformed it to be Earth like within.

Energy being supplied as you see and when it's off let's imagine it has the ability to fly away.

A SHIP a BIG ship.

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posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by Mystery_Lady

Very scary! Not because of the gore, or jumpy scenes either. It's scary because deep down inside I know this to be true. A movie does not get re-made 4 times. That alone scares me.

I believe I was born possessed. Right from the start. At least from age 3 on. I can go into trances in the middle of a party and actually leave my body. I can easily manipulate people with my mind, energy projection etc. I've written about this on my Indigo threads. I feel as if I am a protector of humanity. I sometimes feel like an automaton.

Also, Observer, this time you speak of. It's in my head too. I feel as if I am waiting for the "Time". But what is this time? The time to do what? Is it an short term impact, or a long term impact. Will we affect the quantum field little by little or all at once. If the moon is their HQ, then it must be either done -

A- Mechanically. Just like John says, the soul box and all, implanted after a physical abduction. I believe i was PHYSICALLY abducted at the age of 3. That was in 1980. Alex Collier says that the andromadens came here in 1980. Their mission was to abduct and remove implants/or insert implants.

B- Spiritually. Is this done via WIFI ? Wireless fidelity could be another way of doing it, perhaps with some of the weapons I mentioned above, such as Psychotronic weapons, or silent weapons. We are electro chemical organic machines, both scenerios are implausible, but logical.

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posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 09:39 AM
From my understand something happened here on Earth that was not supposed to have happened. the Elder's told me they came back to try and correct this wrong.

I was told when it occurred I would know and I would know exactly what I was to do. They told me I was here to heal, they told me that All Diseases can be cured from the Root's of Plants and so on.

Also people say the human body is a vessel or a container I think this should be upgraded or evolved to we are each a time machine we just don't remember how to jump start ourselves

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 02:39 AM

Originally posted by blahdiblahThere is alot of H3 on the moon

HE3 not H3 Please have a look at this thread so we don't need to re post here

Did the Space Shuttle dock at the Secret Space Station tonight?

You may be surprised...

And as to the Moon Bases thats coming soon...

Starting with "The Secrets of Tsiolkovski"

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 02:52 PM
Um, I really don't think it is a simple fission reactor. I am of the opinion it is more like an overgrown Z machine that is used to liberate more energy. Enough to measure in Sun secs. You'd have the micro Ss, milli Ss, etc. That be the standard of energy measurement on a solar scale in the future.

As to the placement of our heavenly bodies, I say those "grey bugger" buddies of Observe50's need to keep their spindly little fingers off of them, because they are just right where they are! 108 Lunar diameters between the Earth and Moon, 108 Earth diameters across the solar disk, 108 solar diameters between Earth and the Sun, God has made it this way and let no "grey bugger" tear apart what God has made.

Holy is 108, now and for evermore. Amen.

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 08:38 PM

Originally posted by zorgon
BTW John here is the final color for the sky

That looks just as believable as the "patent leather black" seen in every single surface image.

if there is such an abudnance of He3, why would sodium be a primary atmospheric diffuser?

When looking at images from the Earth, should we filter out more of the yellow color from the image?

In this image, i muted the yellow portion of the color spectrum. Not entirely, just about 75%. Strange how well it matches up with the "black and white" apollo images.

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posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 09:25 PM
Look at it this way in human terms it might be soul roulette.
Jesus was the man of his time because he had the soul of......

I am observe50 because I have the soul of........

I don't lie to you, and I can say John is on the right path. I observe but I must say I don't like what I observe this is not the way it was meant to be.

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 03:00 AM

Originally posted by observe50
Now you are starting to get it but I'm sure your ignore and more on.

I think you were responding to Mystery_Lady, but I am not certain...

Our Moon (orb) was in the incorrect orbit the Grey's placed it in the correct orbit. The Moon was Hollow and the Grey's transformed it to be Earth like within.

I disagree. The Moon moved into its new orbit of its own accord from a Lagrange point. Whether or not it formed there or came from elsewhere is still up in the air. I am of the opinion it formed there.

Secondly, from what I gathered from the Disclosure Project, the natural environment of the Greys is inhospitable to us, so why terraform the interior of a world to fit a class of beings other than their own? Unless it is for farming...

A SHIP a BIG ship.

Again I cannot accept this. With that kind of power at disposal, and that in itself is also a great leap, what sense does it make to move a large mass through space? Would it not be easier to simply open a stargate? A BIG stargate?

Methinks the Decepticons have you. I loved that movie, it served as an excellent example without going into the nuances of squares and triangles. Geometry doesn't hold the attention like it does mine. But that is what I am going by, the geometry, which reveals the Master Pattern and the Plan of the Universe.

Look at my cat. If he runs along the Black Road at night, when he crosses a white stripe you will see him. Between crossings you will not see him. Life is like that. You see it, then it disappears, and so the environment has changed, not the cat. Life exists only when the conditions are right, and when those conditions are cut away neither existence or nonexistence can be proven. This is a philosophical matter which not only is the foundation of quantum mechanics, but also extends beyond into the mystical.

Therein is the secret of your soul. The only way to possess it is by learning the art of patience. So I doubt anyone or anything else has mastered the art to such a high level as to possess others much less their own.

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 04:07 PM

Originally posted by observe50
Look at it this way in human terms it might be soul roulette.
Jesus was the man of his time because he had the soul of......

I am observe50 because I have the soul of........

I don't lie to you, and I can say John is on the right path. I observe but I must say I don't like what I observe this is not the way it was meant to be.

I understand fully. I think the reason why is that human civilization here on EARTH is traumatized. We have been sped up ahead of our time and I mean sped up by alien intervention. The technology given to us. The material items around us have taken over us. We have not matured spiritually to decipher what is important and what is not important. Since we are immature spiritually, the material products are spinning everyone the wrong way. We are out of control. The planet is too. We have sold our souls once too many times.

Now, the Military is about 500 years ahead of where we should be. Humans are not dumb, we only get the formulas from our benefactors on the moon. That is it!! Just the formulas. They leave it up to us, the farm colony to execute, and in a sense we invent and create also. The only difference is that the formula comes from the big wigs up above because it's all recorded ancient knowledge that humans invented long ago. Earth is a genesis planet. We don't come from here. Not even close.

So, since time was sped up, we have to catch up spiritually. We only know of the body..the material, unaware and suppressed, mostly from trauma and time shock. They probably didn't realize that this would result, or they did realize it and purposely take advantage suppressed humans.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 12:45 AM
A Little Detour Here... to bring us back to what's going on on the Moon and in Orbit... I have always said "Follow the Kitchen" if you are looking for secret missions and bases...

Well seems the Russians are the caterers


Presented for Jack Arneson
Member of Pegasus

Jack and I have been very busy digging through documents and following trails. This will be a continuing project as new stuff comes out of the closet

Yes, it's very pretty. But pretty much useless as well and obsolete, like the Shuttle. Investigations on cosmic radiation and other space physics can be accomplished on unmanned satellites. Onboard systems are failing and can't be upgraded to new technology as it's design prevents easy retrofitting. Electrical as well as other systems hardware would need to be completely replaced throughout the station.

What I believe it's main mission is today is a pick-up point for other missions kept under wraps.

A Home Depot in space....

...supplying food, fuel and other equipment to space stations and craft on secret missions. Of course I can't prove this but
what else is all the stuff going up there for? Yes, some of the equipment is for the station to maintain it's integrity. It needs to stay operational until another system goes online. I'm still gathering information so more follow-ups will follow.

But look at what The NASA channel is showing about it's mission. All you ever see is short, selected video of the station orbiting the Earth in one minute segments. And internal video of personnel banging away on computers or eating Jell-O in zero gravity. NASA has been spouting about the new High Definition Television cameras all over the station, pointing to different areas and Earth.

Well, why don't they have a Hi-Def channel for us to see this amazing footage? Or even broadcast any footage?

NASA does broadcast the Shuttle launches in HD but...we never get to see any Shuttle footage when it reaches orbit insertion, on it's way to the station or on it's way back. Why?.. Because they're seeing things and doing things they don't want us to see. Whether it be UFO's, other space craft rendezvous, docking at secret space stations, etc.I need to investigate this much more so just chew on that for a while.

Russian Launches to the ISS in January, May & August 2007:

Now it seems to me, this is an extraordinarily large amount of food and water for three people. How would they keep fruit and vegetables from spoiling? You can't freeze fresh fruit and vegetables... Well, you can but freezing would ruin them. And it was fresh, not dehydrated, cooked or freeze dried.

Google this and you can find many references to the fresh fruit.

Progress-M 59... a Russian automatic cargo carrier that was launched by a Soyuz rocket from Baikonur at 02:12 UT on 18 January 2007, toward the International Space Station.

It carried 2.5 tons of food, fuel, water and equipment and docked with the PIRS module of the ISS at 03:03 UT on 20 January.

Notice the January flight doesn't break-down the individual weights.How much of that was food and water? And it doesn't take three days to reach the station! All launches are supposed to be timed to make an orbit (a couple of hours at most) and then dock.

What was going on in those three days?

Progress-M 60... a Russian automatic cargo carrier that was launched by a Soyuz-U rocket from Baikonur at 03:25 UT on 12 May 2007.

It carried 45 kg of air, 419 kg of water, and 1.4 tons of dry cargo, 241 kg of fresh fruits and vegetables, 136 kg of medical equipment.

It docked automatically with the Zvezda module of the ISS at 05:10 UT on 15 May 2007.(docked on the fourth day) Four days to reach the ISS? There is no explanation for this behavior.


La Progress M-60 en órbita (Brazilian) ellos 212 kilos de legumbres y frutas frescas

Progress M-60 Docked with ISS (Russian)
Progress M-60 has delivered to astronaut’s water, fuel, new research equipment, food, fresh fruit and vegetables

Progress 60 PDF
Progress is carrying 241 kilos of food, including fresh fruit and vegetables, 136 kilos of medical equipment, medicines and personal items - which includes parcels from the families of crewmembers. Specific to the US side of the ISS, Progress is carrying 377 kilos of food, equipment and clothing.

This article also shows the timeline. The last three paragraphs show the M-60 was not on an ISS course. There were nine separate major thruster-burns in the three days before docking. Do you see how one can find discrepancies with innocent comments?

We are finding alot of information this way. You'll never find anything asking direct questions about a direct subject. One needs to look at the overall picture of any subject and break-down the subtleties and you'll find them.


I watched the Hi-Def 30 minute broadcast of an "interview" with one of the crew members of the ISS on Discovery HD channel on 08/15/07. (on all this week at different times) Ten minutes of it was on what they eat. No mention of fresh fruit or vegetables. The Commander showed dehydrated food packets, fruit juice packets and everything was in packets. Not a banana, apple or veggie in sight or even mentioned.

Now that is intriguing.

I also watched the broadcast of STS 118 crew member Barbara Morgan on 08/16/07, talking to Idaho students via HAM radio. One student asked about her favorite food she eats on the station. M&M's was her choice and she explained that all their food was in packets and vacuum sealed. Some was dehydrated and some in cooked form which they could heat-up for meals. mention of fresh fruit and veggies. So I ask you again...

...where is the fruit and veggies going? And there's alot of it.

Jack Arneson....

Good question Jack, that is an awful lot of fruit and veggies

241 kilograms is 531.3086 pounds... that is over a quarter of a TON of fruit and veggies

Just how much do those three guys on the ISS eat anyway? And these runs are every few months...


posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 12:53 AM
There is a lot more information that Jack has gathered and we will present it over the next few days...

The Progress and ISS material can be viewed here..


Here is another important point from Jack...

Do you know how long it takes a manned mission to reach the Moon?

19 minutes to reach outer Earth orbit insertion after lift-off.
90 minutes to reach low Earth orbit after lift off.

Two days to reach the Moon after they leave low Earth orbit. And this was Apollo 17, 35 years ago. So why does it take 4 days to reach the ISS?

Progress M class Automatic Cargo Carrier Is An Unmanned Craft. What is the 1.4 tons of "dry cargo" in the May flight? I haven't been able to find any reference to it except that. And 100lbs of air? The station makes it's own air that's part of the life support system.

Although the Russian built oxygen generator Elektron failed in Jan.'07, it's was repairable after extensive diagnosis and spare parts were employed. A hundred pounds would keep you alive for about 5 minutes. Uncompressed, a cubic yard of air weighs about 2.5 lbs

Didn't know that did you?

A typical divers air tank can hold between 1700 and 2400 lbs of compressed air. At a depth of 33 feet, a diver consumes 50 lbs per minute. So what is 100 lbs being used for? The fuel system? I doubt that very much. The station only has attitude thrusters for orientation. The station is dependent on visiting vehicles to adjust it's altitude when needed.

The station already has back-up air supplies on hand and enough for several months. Although some air is lost every time air-locks are opened to do an EVA. And I saw a reference to that somewhere but 100 lbs wouldn't even make a dent in air lock loss.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 02:52 AM
Thanks for all this data Zorgon. But bad timing. You should try to stick to the topic here.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 05:06 AM

Originally posted by StreetCorner Philosopher
Thanks for all this data Zorgon. But bad timing. You should try to stick to the topic here.

Ummmm and that topic is Infrared Moon Images... something your last several posts have nothing to do with...


posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 02:28 PM
If all we spoke about were the images only, then we would all fall asleep here. Infared images can detect heat spots, etc. But in my last few posts I focused on what takes place on the moon. The ISS and culinary issues have nothing to do with this thread.

The moon's beurocratic structure includes a branch that is responsible for controlling people. Mind control. How do I know? Because I did research on Moonchildren, werewolves, various philosophy speaks of how one can never be truly lonely in life, they will always have the moon to talk to.

I cannot operate in the daytime. All my shifts were night/overnight shifts. Since I was 18 years old, I have never worked a normal 9-5 shift. Now that Im taking time out to pursue a career in hydrotherapy and herbology, I cannot focus on my online classes untill 8pm or so. I can't write a decent post right now because it's early afternoon here. My mind is basically still asleep. I don't awaken untill the moon comes out.

posted on Sep, 3 2007 @ 07:19 PM
Hey Zorgon,

I know sometimes I get carried away and go off topic a wee bit.

The points you make hopefully will be realized and that the timing of things are just a wee-wee bit off.

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