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Too busy fighting with each other

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posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 11:39 PM
A current event in my neighbourhood.
Why do people defend bullies?This problem is rife in my neighbourhood and i cannot come to terms with it.
Recently a young teenager was set upon by an older teenager.Totally unprovoked.What upsets me is not that an older boy was picking on a younger boy but how the local community did nothing.
Now most of you will think to yourselves that its not my problem why should i get involved?That is a very good point but during this incident a bus driver who saw it all happen waited,watched then proceeded to drive around the fight whilst the obviously younger of the two was holding his hands up pleading dont hit me,i dont want to fight you.
Now this might seem perfectly normal (summer holidays)what happened next shocked me to the core.The younger of the two pleaded to the bus driver to let him on the bus to get away from the violence he was being subjected to.(he was genuinely scared for his life).The bus driver refused
point blank to let him on.The youth then ran to the front of the bus (crying at this point) pleading once again fearing for his life.The bus driver shrugged and then (the shocking part) proceeded to push him 30 foot up the road with his big blue double decker bus then ultimately drove away.
What on earth...?Are we really this de-sensitized to violence that we just dont care if a 13 year old gets stabbed by a drunk 19 year old?
Im not saying that the other youth had a knife but he could have done.
welcoming any thoughts on this.

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 07:16 AM
The fact that nobody has commented on this thread should give you the answer. I personally would not get involved either and would have carried on walking by. In most cases it's more trouble than what it's worth.


posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 08:32 AM

Originally posted by Hermann
The fact that nobody has commented on this thread should give you the answer.

Give it time, not everyone gets to visit the site straight away, don't take it as a sign of people not being botherd.

I personaly would have intervened, but thats just me. As an ex MP it's hard to get out of the habit of jumping in when you see trouble.

That said, in this day and age i would'nt blame some people for being wary about getting involved. It does'nt mean you are not fussed about the situation, it may just mean you are sensible.

There have been many times since i left the forces where i have intervened and later thought to myself that maybe it was a bit risky, especially considering i now have two kids. Old habits die hard though.

Generaly though, i think there is a reduced degree of sensitivity towards violence, but then again when you see how much there is in the world, it's not suprising.


posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 08:38 AM
I think the reason was highlighted by the free paper in my city today. A tiny article, in the midst of everything read: Its believed the victims messaged eachother that they should leave thinking that they were going to be in trouble when [insert number of men I forgot now] came into the carpark where they were. The victims were told to kneel, and were shot execution style. That was roughly it. Its sickening, its just a part of life as they say. Some of us here hate the media, but its hard to deny the effect its had on the socialization of violence

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 08:39 AM

Originally posted by Hermann
The fact that nobody has commented on this thread should give you the answer. I personally would not get involved either and would have carried on walking by. In most cases it's more trouble than what it's worth.

Come on Hermann,
That's exactly what's wrong this day and age.

"I might get in trouble" so you don't do anything???
Remember that woman during the L.A. riots who used her body to fend off black youths from killing that hurt, white trucker??
She was black, but she could have been killed!
Thank God for selfless, heros!!

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 10:51 AM
This happened recently nearby.

A 26-year-old man has been charged with murdering a Derby man killed outside his house.

A lot of my friends knew this guy and according to reports made earlier in the month the police came and handcuffed him.
There is a bit of an uproar about it obviously because he was lying on the floor and the police handcuffed him.Is this normal procedure for police?
Quite un-nerving to think that if you come worse off in a brawl you will get handcuffed.

posted on Aug, 8 2007 @ 07:26 AM
So what are you supposed to do if you see two people fighting. Go over and say: Hey, break it up and get a smack in the mounth for your troubles. I think quite a few people are past caring. Just look on the news, murder and assault gets a one line mention and then on to the next item. And as for so called entertainemnt on TV, murder and crime dramas wall to wall. I have become quite used to it, sad but true. I probably would step in if it was, say, two kids fighting. Depends on how big they were.

posted on Aug, 8 2007 @ 02:33 PM
I wouldnt really expect people to break up the fight but the bus driver was in a position to help this poor lad with his predicament.

Someone did intervene luckily for him but the bus drver added his own judgement by nearly squashing him.

posted on Aug, 8 2007 @ 03:15 PM

Originally posted by Hermann
The fact that nobody has commented on this thread should give you the answer.

Speak for yourself, sir. I have to look myself in the eye when I shave. For no other reason than self respect, I'd have got involved.

"None of my business", "It's not my concern", yadda yadda yadda...and when it happens to you? What then?

posted on Aug, 8 2007 @ 10:35 PM
wow, that was just wrong, but it seems like people don't want to get involved with anything that's not about them these days. I've broken up quite a few disagreements and fights, and I've always been told that it's not my business and I shouldn't have gotten involved.These same people would sit and watch it go down then get on my case for getting in it I've had a friend shot trying to break up a fight. If I go out like Scott La Rock, then I just do, but I as a human being to another can't sit and just let crap like that happen.

Sadly so many people are selfish in the sense that they won't help out somebody in a jam like that because they don't want to deal with that stuff possibly coming their way. A shame really, b/c all that driver had to do was let the person on the bus. But no, he could have given that person a heart attack or something...

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 03:11 PM
I think that my faith in human nature has been restored slightly after reading the comments.

It is reassuring to know that there are some who would intervene.
I always think along the lines that if it was my child i would hope that someone would do something instead of standing by doing nothing.

If more people would consider the fact that it could happen to one of their own then maybe more people would step in and do something.

After all in the u.k. the police wont intervene until a crime has taken place and by then the damage has already been done.(there is no law that states that the police have to protect you).

Im not expecting vigilante groups to patrol areas,but if people intervene
then crime will reduce in your local area as the offenders will think
"this area does not tolerate crime and theres a higher possibility that i will
come worse off".

Understandably many do not get on with their neighbours but if you stopped a neighbours son from getting a right kicking then it can only
better the relationship that you have with them.
And they might return the favour in some way.

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 07:42 PM
I think it all boils down to this: if we don't take care of each other then who will? To be honest with you I can't stand one of my neighbors I would prefer never to see his face; but if I saw one of his kids in danger or some one trying to break into his place I would do what I could to prevent the action. It's the right thing to do.

It boils down to doing the right thing which isn't always the easy thing. We are responsible for our environment we can either live in fear or we can take a stand and say NO not in my neighborhood.

posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 11:20 AM
I think if it weren't for the fact that these days intervening wont just risk you a smack in the mouth but being beaten to the point of coma or sometimes death has a lot to do with why people don't get involved.

Personally I have stepped in before but I can't say I would everytime, it's easy to criticise but maybe you should be criticising the people that have sent out the message to these thugs that what they do is understandable and forgivable thus creating this bully boy society we now have. A kick up their sadistic little arses is what they really need.

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