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Conspiracies: Paranoia or self preservation?

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posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 04:16 PM
I am happy to have found this site, with it's wealth of information and opinion. I also appreciate that there are probably as many theories as there are people to have them. I admit that as I get older I grow more cynical about the media and the establishment (in many ways I know the two to be indistinguishable). I joined the SWP a couple of years ago because I was heartily sick of the lies told by Bliar and his cronies. Unfortunately the SWP are hopelessly naive and sadly do not represent a viable political alternative...
It seems to me that here in the UK we are under a constant barrage of catastrophe, from insane swarthy bombers to global warming and imminent attack from virulent super viruses. I'm not clear about who said it but I remember some educated chap making a comment about ruling with fear - and boy is that ringing some alarm bells now!
I did some ad-hoc googling about Foot and Mouth the same evening I looked up Global Warming, and I must say some of the things I found gave me pause.
Two thirds of the cattle infected with F&M survive. The virus isn't transferable in the meat or the milk. Only one incidence of F&M has been recorded in a human and that 'victim' developed mild flu-like symptoms that they recovered from in a short time. So why is the Government slaughtering every cow they suspect of having it?
I don't believe people are paranoid without cause in contemporary society. I also don't believe we in the UK are at any greater a risk from terrorists today than when the IRA were at their peak operations in Mainland Britain in the 1970s and 80s.
I also believe the US establishment were implicit in the events of 9/11, and that like all cover-ups the truth may never be released. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you!
Thank whichever deity you believe in for the Internet and some form of freedom of speech...

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 09:30 PM
I like your post.Someone mentioned to me about George Bush and Tony Blair having a good old chuckle at Gordon Browns expense.He seems to be having a new crisis to contend with every week.See how quick Tony Blairs hair turned grey when he became P.M.
I think being paranoid can be a good thing.It means you are paying attention to the real world because lets admit it there are a few folk
out there that really do live in a bubble.
Foot and mouth i believe is a test for germs out there that can become airbourne.Just to see how well they can contain it.Or it may not be foot and mouth hence there are no outdoor burnings this time as stated in the news.(Test)?
Everytime there is a crisis in the u.k. i wonder "what next"?
Problems with food ,water...We need food and water to survive so i think being paranoid on these things is completely normal as we cannot live without them.
On most things in this country there is never a resolve as most problems just go on and on so there is never an outcome just a gradual decline like for example N.H.S. (watch for the next epedemic ,the problems that were there before will not have been rectified thus it will get worse no beds etc)
Im just grateful i dont have to make decisions that will affect other peoples lives but on the other hand i worry about those who have the power to make such decisions and their motives. Is that being paranoid or being tuned in?

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 02:45 PM
I think as I get older I'm less paranoid and perhaps more of a realist. Douglas Adams posited that the person best suited to running things was the one who really didn't want the responsibility. I believe more and more that those who seek power are in it for purely personal reasons. Leaders with a real mandate from the populace end up being vilified as going against the status quo. Chavez is currently being labeled public enemy number 1 because he dared go on the world stage and denounce America...
I know it has been done unto death but haven't the yanks realised that by sequestering all the land around area 51 they are just increasing speculation and rumour about whatever is going on there! It might be that what they are doing is secret but all they need to do is say so...
In a similar vein to the suspicions I have about America colluding in 9/11, I still foster a paranoid belief that Dr. David Kelly was removed before he had a chance to seriously embarrass the government. I don't know how long the UK will be involved in illegal wars around the world as the lap dog of the US 'special relationship' but there must come a point where the people get sick of being lied to constantly and force a change. At least I hope so...
While I'm on the subject - why exactly are we in Afghanistan? Are we 'liberating' it like we did in Iraq? It wouldn't be anything to do with the drug trade or some natural resource in that country would it?
The Allies invaded Iraq on a non-existent pretext. Now the same appears to be happening in Afghanistan. Iran is on the target list too, and all in the name of peace.
As Jackson Browne said - 'when a government lies to it's people and the country is drifting to war'. I never voted for these people and they do not represent me or my opinion. In fact I don't think they ever will...

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