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biblical interpretations of today

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posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 03:48 PM
The bible is comprised of multiple writings, wisdom, prophecies and stories compiles by kings and creators of the early church shortly after christs death and resurrection. I am making the claim, not in the spirit of cooky nutbags on television who ask for your money etc.. but to enlighten everyone who reads this that we are on par for armegeddon.

Consider this first. America, Isreal, China, Russia. Four big powerful nations, practically running the world. England seems desperate to hold on to the waining power of the throne, it's people reluctantly klinging to this dying vestige of delusion. For a man to hold power and authority over another, whether by laws, imprisonment or killing is of darkness and fear itself. The societies which stem from this thinking are today manifest everywhere. Notice how cultures in tune with the forests, and plants are dying daily. The term culture refers to cell phones, fast food and fast cars.
Now while these things keep you all happy.

The big guys in the politics and corporations look for new ways to distract you, theymake you pretty toys, while they go off into the universe to conquer it, to bring the universe a false system. a snake that eats its tail.

So here i will interpret to my view, the biblical track we are on.

Revelation 13 was the 9-11 event.

Part 1=weapons, armies, commanders and kings who rule over them, possibly in submarines..blasphemy is the fact they intend to destroy life.

part 2=i liken this to the US president, referingalso to the other operatives who subvert the world for the gain of the rich and powerful.

part 3=today. 9-11 was the deadly wound, and now look. An irresistable guy called a doctor, Ron Paul to possibly get elected and heal the nation.

part 4=Military men who live in a delusional mind of murder and conquering. The dragon is china, who funds currently our war, who in the desert is likened against the beast?

part 5=um.. the president..again. though i do not know the exact time translation for the biblical month.

part 6=self explanatory..

part 7=Im not sure if the radical terrorists are saints. I doubt it somehow, though look at the church system..its under the manipulation of liars who propagate lies to keep alive a lie..and Bush loves helping them somehow.

part 8=The new world order(sarcastic lispy yay), one currency, and a pop culture of stupid morons..

part 9=listen up!

part 10=this means the good people, meaning the free thinking colony dwellers basicly must depose scheming rich big city a-holes who are ruining the earth, starting wars. Jailing the populace and killing to silence decent.

part 11=ooo look another beast..fear it people..fear it. by the way this second beast is after the first, perhaps a new world order. who gained power by deception. like the iraq war maybe?

part 12= so after Ron Paul heals america, shortly after will come the true test of soul. Can you resist the beast?

part 13=The Lucifer Project by nasa intends to turn saturn into a second sun, prividing a glow around the clock for earth. and giving saturns moon a catalyst for terraforming.

part 14= after that everyone will be convinced of the power of AMerica, or the NWO or whatever, and a man filled with the spirit of power will inherit satans "attitude" hence hes called the beast or devil.

part 15=Clones. Slaves.

part 16= verichip (go to hell by the way verichip)

part 17= again go to hell verichip

part 18= 6 was the number given to dead jews in ww2 by the IBM company who created the cards that tallied the populace, and categorizing them. Like today. 666 is the fulfilled pyramid cyclops of satans lame stolen power.

Hope you enjoyed my interpretation of revelations. Maybe you agree, maybe not.
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