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Alien Encounter Questionare

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posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 11:55 AM
A series of questions for you to ponder related to possible alien abductions...

1.) Do you feel as though you might have been abducted or directly touched by an alien at some point in your life?

2.) Have you ever had dreams of an alien encounter?

3.) As a very young child, do you ever remember abruptly losing your memory of recent past events?

4.) Have you been the witness to a handful or more UFO's?

5.) Do you find your intelligence to be very strong in an area much unlike those around you?

6.) Do you find yourself ostracized from large crowds, or just humans in general?

7.) Do you ever look around and everything seems extremely primitive? (this one is for everyone, look at houses, sidewalks, gas powered cars, electricity "extension cords" running along sides of roads, etc.)

8.) Do you feel as though you hear voices, or are in contact with another dimension at times?

9.) Are you the smartest of everyone you know when it comes to electronics?

10.) Have you experienced multiple repeat nightmares?

Any Additional experiences would also be great to share!

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posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 03:53 PM
Ok a question for my friend,do you think you have been abducted?

Just looking down your list and i think a lot here would have had one or two alien themed dreams.The most vivid dream i had involved time going of at a tangent and me awakening to a beutifull summer morning with the suns rays dancing across the window pane reflection lazy dust particles majestily floating across the room.I can remember just lying there and thinking i might have a quick nap before the alarm would go to rudely tell me to get ready for work

then i closed my eyes and opened them to find it was night,pitch black in the countryside where i live.I then forced my self to go to sleep!lol I am saying its a dream now,as its easier to say that-but at the time it didnt feel that way in the slightest!

I have seen a few ufos and felt the presence of at least one when i was a child fishing.The 1st one was something that i felt the presence of when all of a sudden low cloud and mist just rolled in accross the field i was in as i was poaching fish in a local river.Now being the only child of a loving family that moved a bit ment i used to do a lot by myself untill i met new friends-and nothing fazed or scared me.For some reason something didnt feel right,there seemed to be an electric spark to the air around me and my hairs on my arms where upright.And i ran away from the field to the safety of my house perhaps less than a 100 metres away.I am not saying there was something there but i can remember looking up and feeling there was something huge slowly floating in the mists just above my head

The next one i saw a lot later on in my late teens,a blacker than black triangle with no lights hovering above Shaftsbury in Dorset one morning on my way to work.I even wiped the glass in the car incase it was a mark or reflection and then wound down the window to make sure!ANyway it was there with windows down but soon vanished as trees obscured that lucky vantage point i breifly had-I also didnt mention it to the

Ok the next one was something i heard,cloud level was low and thick and something faintly whistled across the skys.No engine noise,and when your out in the country there isnt a lot of sonic distractions so you can pick up on these things.Whatever it was was fast and high-perhaps it was anoura being put through its paces

Then there was what myself and a friend refer to as the space station.A few years back there was an amazingly bright light in the sky one evening that was in my driving line all the way back home.When i got home my mate rung me up to ask me if i had seen it-i responded yes and i thought it was the space station.He then recorded it on film and it was the same ship as seen on the tether videos!Also a few weeks later some lady in north england sold her photo to a paper for a lot fo money and it was the same craft-My mate copied it to digital medium and sent it to a UFO researcher in the states who must have been a lazy SOB as he didnt see anything(It was a long film and it took a long time before my friend could lock onto the craft and get some great pictures-so i guess he quickly looked and thought hes looking at the moon or

My last sighting was in the most southern western part of Ireland where at aprox 23.00 hours i decided to look at the moon that was very bright and big that night with binoculars.To the right of it i noticed a silver object that apeared to be at 20thou feet.Naturaly i focused on this object and assumed it was RAF or USAF as it changed direction with a slow down that kind of ruled out a shooting star,satelite,ect.Anyway as i am watching this thing it changes direction again after travelling to the other side of the moon and just starts to Accelerate in a manner that blured it to a metalic smudge that seemed to leave our atmosphere

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 04:08 PM
reagarding the other questions you raised,no i dont feel different to any one-i dont hear voices

My family say i used to talk to ghosts as a very young child,its something my grandmother also did in their house that was haunted.My uncle was even hit in the chest by a female ghost in one of the rooms that scared the life out of him!But i recon is was the bells whiskey before

But joking aside my grandmother was one of the 1st patients to have had pionering brain surgery for a brain tumour when she was only in her 30's.After that she would talk to people upstairs that where not there.I was ment to talk to them a lot too when upstairs

it is too long ago to remember that but i do vaguely recall seeing a a bright white encased elderly man who wore a white suit and had flowing white hair in the haunted room(that i bloody well had to sleep in when i was there!)whos presence made me cry at 1st.He smiled and told me i had nothing ever to fear in life.Cant remeber anything else,and those vague memories are more on the decriptions i told my parents than memory-shame how memory fades!

I dont see or talk to ghosts now!thank god-and my daughter hasnt too.

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 04:08 PM
Thankyou for asking.

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 12:26 PM
lol Antar at least explain a bit more than that!Dont be embarresed to express yourself.So you think you have be abducted,would you like to talk about it?


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