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ADHD is wide spread misinfo spread by the new world order.

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 01:21 PM
I was misdiagnosed with ADHD.
It's some disorder psyciatrists diagnose people with when they think that people don't conform to liking something and it's something given to kids when parents don't think they have paid attention.

Ritalin is a form of mind control for those people. Ritalin effects a person's psyche. I was misdiagnosed for ADHD, and I was told that ritalin had a reverse effect of ADHD. However, ritalin makes your hand shakey and it makes it impossible to think by yourself. Any thoughts you have when you are on ritalin will be medicated thoughts. You will have no thoughts of your own.

ritalin is an evil overprescribed medication for those parents that think their kids do not pay attention enough. It's not their fault. It's not that they aren't normal. They're just different.

Do you feel the same way? Were you too misdiagnosed with ADHD? Doctors like to tell parents that ADHD is a disorder so that they won't feel bad about their kids not paying attention to things. It has nothing to do with a disorder. It doesn't make you not normal to have been diagnosed with ADHD, it just means there is something about you that your parents/your psyciatrist doesn't like.

It's meant to keep people who are "different" apart from the society. Its' exactly what the New World Order wants.

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 01:46 PM
Well I was diagnosed with ADHD, and was put on the medication Adderall. I lost twenty pounds and became socially inactive. I have since stopped taking the medication and have never felt better, not to mention I gained my normal weight back.

But to say the medication is a type of mind control, no I have to disagree.
If anything the medication opens your mind to things you never paid attention to before. ADHD is not a disorder, its just a stage you go through in adolescence.

ADHD medication is there simply to make more money for drug company's in my opinion.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 01:50 PM
Psychiatry is a money making racket. Look at the DSM of the 1950s as compared to today. The number of supposed mental "illnesses" have increased ten-fold. They label everything a freaking mental disorder.

You don't want a relationship? You have "Schizoid personality disorder," or "Borderline personality disorder."

Are you shy? You have "Social Phobia Disorder."

I could go on and on. It's all a ploy to suck more money out of our consumerist society.

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 01:55 PM
Working in Pre-K I saw how much males and females are different.
I personally think there is great pressure to conform, and boys are expected to be still, quiet and passive.
My own child was recommended to have Ritalin and I refused. Even if I had to home school or private school him.
All children are not the same and disproportionate amounts of boys are on these class C drugs.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 02:19 PM
As mom to a 4 yr old boy, the fact that males are falling behind in the education system (in Canada too) scares me. Fortunately the school my son is attending starting this fall seems to be boy-friendly. They have a boys' literacy program, for instance.

His father was mis-diagnosed with ADHD in the 70s and the drugs (Ritalin) definitely took a toll on him. He remains "damaged" to this day.

Boys and girls need physical activity, not only to prevent obesity but for their mental and emotional well-being. They have energy to burn and keeping them cooped up *will* make them restless and hey, it's true...a pain in the rear.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 02:29 PM
yes in 20 years the generation born within the last 15 years will be considered "Generation Ritalin" I was told I needed by my teachers but my mother wouldn't allow it. Not to mention the fact that the kids who did take it were practically zombies...But in the long term the synthesized speed will have some adverse affect causing some severe brain anomalies, ie. Bi-Polar disorder, Schizophrenia, and severe depression just to name a few. But I bet they will come out with some medication to attempt to mend these symptoms.....

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 02:39 PM
Children's drug is more potent than coc aine..

This stuff has the same effects on your body as coc aine, and it's more powerful. Not suprising, I've heard stories of coc aine addicts sniffing this stuff to get high. (

Not much else to say, this stuff is dangerous.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 02:42 PM
Have you ever seen brain scans of coc aine addicts or even heavy smokers compared to "normal" ones? AMAZING

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 02:47 PM
I respectfully disagree.

To the OP, yes- I am sure you and many MANY people
are misdiagnosed with ADD and ADHD... that is a real problem.

And the medication of children? Yes, I take great issue with that,
and I think only perhaps a very small minority of children
may- may require some type of medicinal intervention...

But... to say ADD and ADHD are not real, but invented by Big Drugs,
the NWO or whomever... I think that is just untrue- as untrue, for example, as saying "depression" or "anxiety" do not really exist as
medically defined mental disorders.

I have severe ADHD. I have spent 80% of my life non-medicated for it,
and I have also experienced life with ADHD meds.

All I can say is that without medication, specific behaviors kept recurring over and over, and those actions dramatically limited by life/success.

Keep in mind- I was a normal kid, didn't get into "trouble" and was able to do enough school work to get into an Ivy League college, and I have had some professional success as well as be a decent Dad to 2 little kids... and I was not diagnosed until I was 21.

I guess my point it this: if you do not have ADD or ADHD, you will never have any idea what it feels like- your brain, being normal, makes you take things like concentration and focus for granted as a habit you can control.

But for me and others like me, we have a frontal lobe deformity, and perhaps biochemical deficiencies, that makes life different for us, and thus, requires therapy, nutrition changes and certain medication to manage it, not unlike, say, allergies or diabetes.

Can anyone here with ADD/ADHD attest to what I am saying?



posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 03:53 PM
ADHD doesn’t exist, it's an excuse.


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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 04:55 PM
HDF, it does indeed exist though there does seem to be a rush, particularly amongst teachers, to label children ADD or ADHD. In some cases the children have bipolar disorder, which can be mistaken for ADHD. In these cases, reactions to Ritalin can be horrible, though I only have anecdotes to back that up.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 05:04 PM
while i agree with the social commentary on the misdiagnosis of ADHD, i disagree with the conspiracy you tied into it. if ritalin was used by the NWO to control people, wouldnt we all need to be misdaignosed with ADHD?

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 06:53 PM
Well, I have been thinking about this, but I think that the doctors are given a sheet of paper that tells them what disabilities are what and they don't care that much about the patients so they tell the parents their kids have certain disabilities and they need treatments for them because of their behavior. It may or may not be controlled by the new world order but the new world order wants it. I will not back down from my theory... because I think that one of the New World Order's goal is to make people feel that they are not normal or that they cannot do things.

I have been in situations and predicaments where I have been asked to look at a sheet of paper and fill out a test since I was misdiagnosed with ADHD and that was to see what learning disability they think that I have.

As it turns out, there are a lot of things to call people that people can be diagnosed or misdiagnosed with if parents do not like their kids.

I think that people who are misdiagnosed with ADHD have had parents who had bad parenting when they were little so they did not learn as much.

Saying that someone has a disability because their parents think they are different is a mere excuse. The New World Order wants this... they planned it, they didn't tell the psyciatrists to do this, they wanted this to happen.

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by prototism
while i agree with the social commentary on the misdiagnosis of ADHD, i disagree with the conspiracy you tied into it. if ritalin was used by the NWO to control people, wouldnt we all need to be misdaignosed with ADHD?

[edit on 8/5/2007 by prototism]

A lot more people are being misdiagnosed with ADHD than you think... they can't get around to misdiagnosing everyone, or they would be too obvious.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 07:41 PM
IMO, the problem isn't so much the kids, it's having 30 kids to 1 teacher and the kids who learn quick are held back by those who don't.

I remember still reviewing 3rd grade math halfway through 4th grade. I was bored outta my freakin mind. As a result, I didn't pay attention much and basically didn't have much respect for the school system at all. Luckily not many people at the time were aware of ADD, or I probably would've been diagnosed.

Not sayin that ADD doesn't exist, but it just seems that every other kid is labeled as such these days. I'd bet most of those kids are actually really smart, they're just bored like I was and want a challenge.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 08:21 PM
Being misdiagnosed is one thing, but saying that ADHD is a myth...?

I am ADD (the non-hyperactive version of ADHD), and I can assure you that the condition does exist. There is a boichemical reality to ADD. My neuro-psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Hunt, could tell you all about it. Go look him up!

Dr. Robert Hunt is board certified Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist trained at Harvard University School of Medicine (General Psychiatry), University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco (Medical School); and UCLA (Child Psychiatry). Dr. Hunt was a Research Psychiatrist at the National Institutes of Mental Health, where he performed blood level studies of stimulant medications and neurobiological studies of ADHD.

SOURCE | |

I have directed and taught the Institute on Psychopharmacology at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting for 5 years in a row (1993 – 1998) and at The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for 6 years. I give about 100 talks and tele-sessions annually to physicians about medications related to ADD, Mood and Thought disorder. I am on the speaker’s bureau of five pharmaceutical companies and am a consultant to four top companies. I am one of the best known physician educators and speakers in the country.

Medical Director and CEO of the
Center for Attention

The condition is real and the medications are not the problem. Misdiagnoses has become quite common in the world of ADD. Most parents take their kids to their family practice doctor to ask about ADD, and those doctors typically have less than admirable knowledge about the condition, its psycho-somatic effects, and the available medications.

You have to understand that everyone's biochemistry is different, and the condition itself can affect people in different ways. Because of this, there are many available medications, each designed to treat different symptoms via various delivery methods. The limited scope of initial diagnosis from the family practice doctors is the beginning of the problem. Their lack of knowledge and experience pertaining to each ADD medication system further confounds the issue.

This results in a poor kid, with a bunch of drugs that make his problems worse. ADD is such a large issue, it really takes the experience of a specialist to get a real solution.


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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 09:04 PM
Ive hear that the school system in my state get a $500 kickback for getting a child diagnosed with ADHD or Biopolar. Even had the school councelor call about my step son numerous times insisting that he get tested. He is a normal kid and a jr. blackbelt. He has no symptoms of ADHD. My husband told her that if she pursued it any further, he would file a harrassment lawsuit against her and the school system. We work with kids in karate that have the so called illness and have had many go off of the med when they find out they don't have it. Also we live in a highly toxic world and many of these young kids are on toxic overload from heavy metals, food preservatives, enviornment, water supply etc. Get these kids on a detox and they improve. Also discipline is a factor with the kids these days. It just doesn't happen like it used to. So of course some kids are out of control. Tell is it that an ADHD kid can sit in front of a vido game and focus on that for hours at a time? Of course it is part of NWO. They want a nation of Zombies that will offer the least resistance.

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 09:19 PM
ADHD was invented by the medical industry as a way to get children hooked on prescription drugs at an early age in order to make them lifelong customers.

It's chemicals in the food such as MSG (and many other chemicals) that children have reactions to and instead of informing people to clean up their kids diets, doctors simply put them on prescription drugs (and the doctors get paid by the pharma industry to push them on the patients).

It's all here:

Neurologist Dr. Fred Baughman talks about the fraud of ADHD and the poisoning of U.S. children

There are many more articles about ADHD on the same website listed here:

Don't listen to anyone who tells you ADHD is real. I was able to get off of antidepressant drugs after more than 6 years simply by eliminating chemicals from my diet. It's that simple.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 10:12 PM
Check out this link

OK so right sided people are considered to be dreamers and philosophers, hints they are going think out side the box, and look for the most irrational answer. Which usually leads to most conspiracy theories. Also the right sided person would struggle more in the western school system. Hints they are the likely candidates for adhd meds.

Ok so left sided people are considered to be the most logical, and prefer to except the most realistic and rational story. The NWO would be irrational to a left sided person. Because there is no realistic or physical evidence, of the nwo's existence. Left sided people are also good with numbers and like to read, hints they will not struggle in school. So they are likely not to be diagnosed with adhd or require meds.

To get to my point maybe adhd meds are a form of mind control for right sided people. Because they threaten the uncovering the nwo to the public.

While left sided people dont threaten the nwo.

When I took adhd meds I noticed more of a left side dominance, Im off the meds and dreaming of theory's

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 11:11 PM
I haven't done my own research yet but my eyes were just opened to this issue a few years ago when a local talk radio how whom I respect got raging mad on the air talking about how ADHD/bla bla wasn't real and so on.

I mean this guy was losing his cookies all over the place, it was super intense. I've been listening to this man for years and years and I've never heard him this mad !

I seriously thought the producer was going to pull him off the air or that he was going to be fired.

I wish I had that clip, I may see if I can request it.

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