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Your opinion about Ufo Antigravity Technology

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 12:58 PM
Dear Forum,

I am brand new member to ATS and I would like to hear your experience. So far I am convinced that antigravity is available already but suppressed by government and industry. If you think about it has to be this way because it would crash word economy.
Antigrav means new energy source which means also the death of automotive industry, the bankrupthy of the petro-oil industry, atomic & energy generation industry, 401K crash.. and so on.. - so the technology is not hitting the market.

Assuming we have this problem I still don't know who invented the antigrav technology first. Here, for me the whole UFO phnomenon splits in two scenarios:

1. Antigrav technology was invented by humans and is suppressed, US government, army navy.. is using the technology. That would mean most unexplaneble UFO sigtnings are government owns projects. Still Unidentified stuff but not Alien.


2. Antigrav technology was not invented by humans but given from Extraterestrial entities. Technology was back engineered or official developed. That would mean we have a mix of Ufo sigtings, - sometimes real ufo (ET entities) and sometimes government style antigrav devices.

What is you opinion about these two scenarios?

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 01:22 PM

Originally posted by Annunaki2012
What is you opinion about these two scenarios?

Welcome to ATS Annunaki2012.

I agree with the general notions presented in your post, however I don't totally agree with some of your points.

You say that antigravity technology would mean the 'death of the automotive industry'. I don't think that would be the case. If antigravity really means a clean and most likely infinite (or close to) means of propulsion I would think that the automotive industry and basically all of the transportation industries would in fact rise. The high costs/prices associated with oil would cease to exist.

Of course initially the technology could be expensive, but eventually with the massification of it, the price of 'cars', 'airplane' tickets, etc would indeed lower and be accessible to more people.

And if antigravity would prove to be a good method of generating electric energy to the point of replacing all others (coal, hydro, nuclear, etc), the price of energy would lower, making it a more affordable resource, resulting in an increase of another great number of industries, such as home appliances, and so on.

Even today we hear about the problems that companies like Google and even the NSA are starting to have problems because of their huge computer farms, that are overloading the power grids.

I think the barriers to the 'freeing' of antigravity to the public, really are the oil industry (with their respective buddies in the middle east) and the military.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 02:38 PM
Welcome to ATS.

Ok. Anti-grav. Developed by humans.
(I've seen no proof of "aliens")

UFO's can be tied to the research.

Begun in the late '40s.

Why hasn't it been realeased to the
public ?

Scenario :

It's mostly still theory.
We have it. It flies.

After all these years, it's nowhere near
Works better in low or no gravity.

So, we fly these in space, buzz the at-
mosphere during testing.

Reality ?

Why ask me.
Just my theory.


posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 03:41 PM
Hello Denx,

to get back on the automotive side, thing is that a simple yet reliable and cheap powersource would make any internal combustion engine obsolet. Our economy is with full intent based on a throw away philosophy. Thats also the reason why nobody that takes western medicine is getting heald ever. A heald customer is a lost customer. Do you see how messed up we really are? Introducing also a powersource the would not have to be refueld ever and not having moving parts would be big problem for the whole western fossile fuel based economy. The big guys wouldn't be powerfull anymore and wouldn't be able to controll.
The only thing is, I think that there is a high chance that a "third party" is involved here (Extraterestrials) The planet is full of clues. Nobody can argue away the pyramids or laser cut stone structures in Peru and they where not made by apes.
There is too much going on, if its NewSwabia on the Antarctic or other Anomolies.

Those things doesn't feel right, but we will see. The best chance for chance is coming up anyways and that is the end of this Mayan Calender.

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