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Unusual experiences

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 12:51 AM
Hi people

NOt sure where to start as trying hard to insist you're sanity on the net makes you sound batty.

Disclaimer: I'm 18 a student and have enough on my plate without having my head in the clouds.

About ten years ago I had an operation for an nasal abnormality.

After the operation I began experiencing strange things. In the years after started having spells of dizziness and according to my parents forgetting things from a few minuites ago.

Naturally I went to the gp who sent me home fine. I had a scan later that year but it didnt reveal anything.

The symptoms got worse and one day my parents came home to find me unconscious on the floor. We went to the hospital and they attributed it to blood pressure and sent me back. My mother who is a nurse tested it and it was only slightly higher than normal.

I had a terrible headache that night and a nosebleed. But from that day on I never experienced any more of the dizziness or other symptoms . Soon after I was washing my hair when I rubbed my hands over a spot on my head and I jumped because it was sore. I had a bunch of tiny but visible spots at the back of the head.

I'm not drawing any conclusions, but from that day onwards I have never had another symptom of dizziness or fainting. It seems enough to suspect something out of the ordinary.

I know many people bump their head on the bedpost and reach the conclusion that it is actually "evil government forces", or an "alien abduction" or whatever.

I'm not drawing any conclusions. So I wonder if you ladies and gents around here would like to do it. I would value you're input.

Reiteration: Not crazy. No tinfoil. Never seen green men. etc etc

Also sorry if i have picked the wrong forum. I did check them out to find what i thought was the best spot.



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