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Disclosure dream, To much ATS or too much oxygen?

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posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 02:57 PM
I had a dream last night that quite frankly blew my mind and thinking on it this morning I am compelled to sit down and write about it, the basis of the dream has something to do with my 2 week obsession of ATS and not smoking for to weeks which invariable means my body has been pumped full of nicotine on a 24 hour basis thanks to the patches I’m using. I am led to believe that these patches can produce some startling dreams, a couple of which I’ve had already but they were of an adult nature so I’ll refrain from writing those one’s up.

Now some of you may thinks that I’ve made this up over wks or months or maybe its a film or book idea but I can honestly say that it appeared in my head last night and I am not sure where the physics has come from because I don’t recognize the idea’s behind it as my own so if anyone see’s a similarity please post so I can check it out to see if its the dreams inspiration.

Any way here’s the dream.

I’m floating above the earth I can hear TV or radio broadcast snippets War in middle east escalates, China and Russia oil disputes in Antarctica, UK forces defend Yugoslavian independence and so on, all dispute and war orientated, and then coming through the stratosphere I see 11 or 12 ICBM’s, at this point I am just an observer no emotion just watching, then there is a disturbance in space a ripple a flash of light and there is a craft there, its large dark green and crescent shaped a croissant springs to mind shape wise, the there is a humming or electric whining noise and the ICBM’s just disappear, no altogether poof and gone, its like they go through a door, and then I hear a voice,
We cannot let you make the same mistake. And then the scene shifts.

I do tend to dream in movie style I’m sorry but I think its just the way my brain relays images so I can understand.

This time I’m in a room I’m not alone but I can’t see anyone else but the presence is there, its not uncomfortable but it is strict, like being in front of the headmaster at school for being naughty, then the voice starts again,
We cannot allow you to destroy our world again, it would be irresponsible of us to allow those we left in charge to make the same mistakes, we have monitored you since time for you began, and hoped that our mistakes would not repeat them selves, but we must stop this self destruction now, as unlike us, you do not have the means to start over, I’m like wtf in my dream it then goes all fade to memory movie style…

Again I’m back looking down at the earth this time is very brightly lit lots of urbanization and there are craft leaving and entering the atmosphere standard f-19 concept shaped plus a very large space station this has one large craft docked to it and another just moving off,

The voice again,

I think its Morgan Freeman but I could be wrong (I like his voice as a narrative so my brains natural choice I think)

Close to 2 million yrs ago this was our planet, our earth which as you, we pillaged and raped in order to fuel our own ends industry, progress, exploration, we knew that we were having a detrimental effect on our own environment but unlike you, we had the means to travel to other planets within our universe,

Cuts to large ship moving off ,

Thanks to the advances in laser propulsion technologies we could convert light energy to physical energy thus achieving a near to light speed, The ship looks hollow through the centre at the rear is a bowl shaped attached to it I see the laser fired at the bowl which funnels the beam to its edge where its collected at inlets and then fired back at the rear of the craft through six ports this goes on for a few seconds then the ship is gone (no star trek streak just gone).
Our quest for faster means of transport finally led to our own down fall, (looking back at earth I can see an blue glow spreading from one side), The massive energy that could be harnessed in the field of zero point energy physics was the holy grail for the physicist of our day unfortunately they underestimated its true destructive nature, in secret military underground facilities they finally succeeded to produce the zero-point but could not contain it, once started it stripped fuel from the surrounding atoms growing exponentially we feared that it would consume the entire earth but like a bush fire it razed the earth clean ready to reseed itself.

I got the feeling from watching it that it took a while I see the ships leaving earth and the big transporters moving off so it was a mass exodus over time.

We finally found an M class planet to colonize 55lights/yrs from earth and as we explored we found several more these became Newearth Federation (trek influence)
This time we established 2 for living and education 1 for production 2 for experimentation and 1 for farming, the experiments into zero point continued but fear made us stop at .5 energy which though not zero point greatly enhanced our faster than light capabilities,

This time I see a ship that is basic rocket shape but seems to have the earlier blue glow building up at the end then again its gone but this one leaves a blue tinge behind.

Our greatest technological advancement was in D Type manipulation, our scientist developed a way to manipulate the dimensions that exist outside the 3 that we occupy, using sound, magnetic and electrical resonance they could switch into the 4th dimension rendering themselves invisible to those in the 3rd still aware of the 3rd but unable to alter anything within the 3rd, there at first seemed no practical use for this at first, but a very brilliant and at the time irresponsible physicist made a structure of the resonance equipment and switched himself to the 4th, 5th,6th and finally the 7th dimension which is where he made the greatest discovery of our species the dimensional hub, a place where time itself did not exist a place of pre-creation or in your terms pre-big bang, within this place cocooned within the resonance shielding any place within any universe can be traversed, once the necessary equipment could be incorporated into our ships it took several thousand years before accurate navigation could be achieved , the reasons for this can be explained best by using an earth based analogy, the hub can be best described as a tin of soup the universe in which you occupy is what happens when you tip that soup out on a flat surface so even an infinitisable small measure of distance in the tin could put you light years away from your destination in the universe, also only a very short time is allowed within the hub as the physical effects on matter has a melding effect as nothing should really exists within the hub, physics tends to reassert itself by disassembling matter.

Just to clarify this is a dream, I have no idea where this particular idea came from so if it rings any bells as to where my brain could of absorbed it, please let me know. The tin of soup analogy is what sticks most in my mind from the entire dream.

It gets a little goofy from here on in. I should say goofier.

Once we had developed a reliable means of navigation a group of scientist’s decided to revisit old earth to study the regeneration of the planet, they were disappointed to find that reptiles were the dominate species as they were hoping to study mammalian evolution so scientist made there second big mistake, they argued that reptiles would never evolve to a true sentient species, as being cold blooded the evolutionary urge to improve surroundings would not allow them to evolve to a hunter gatherer state, there basis on this was the fact that a mammalian species being warm blooded would gather in harsher climate in groups, thus the expansion of idea’s and creation would spread, thus further progress would be sought within the groups, unlike reptilians who just stay dormant and sluggish until they warm up, who then require food in order to be ready for the next warm spell thus no progress is required, there logic was false but with nothing but our own evolution to base the facts on they won the right to halt the reptilian evolution i.e. extinction.
( classic meteor strike on earth from any Armageddon type film) By the way the whole idea of the above seems laughable to myself out of dream state but sounded reasonable in my dream.

At this time Mars still had a light atmosphere and was supporting a small but rapidly diminishing population of mammalian life forms very much like the lemurs on Earth today, they were dependant on a few dense area’s of forest that still existed on the Equator, it was decided that once the induced nuclear winter on Earth had cleared that they would transport the life forms from Mars to seed Earth and once done they would remove mars atmosphere thus killing the planet.

At this point I see mars and a small detonation on the upper atmosphere then a close up to see a chain reaction in the hydrogen atoms being destroyed/burning up ( trek I think again)

Over the millennia we nurtured and studied the mammalian accession to domination helping or interfering as the case may be when required, for example the homoerectus and the Neanderthals, at one point the Neanderthals were increasing in numbers forcing the homoerectus with the larger brain capacity but weaker stature into a point of extinction which would of increased the evolution of man 2 by several hundred thousand years so it was decided to produce a gene based pathogen to rid the world of the intellectually lesser hominoid, these and other timeline advancing tactics were used to engineer your evolution.

During our own exploration of the universe we have met and collaborated with other life forms, one in particular the “gray’s” as you have labelled them, are our companions there own planet was in no better state than your own due to there efforts to expand, we offered our help in relocation and in return they willingly provide a position of servitude for a brief period of there lives very much like your national service, which they consider an honour, and they have been a valuable help with there own technologies in particular medical studies, one puzzle with have never been able to fathom is your unusual short lifespan, as our own average lifespan is 300 earth years, despite the numerous tests that we have performed (never intended to be harmful and due to certain anaestithstic errors not remembered) we are no closer to finding a cause, our best guess is the zero point energy released has increased the background gamma radiation to a point that cellular degeneration occurs slightly faster.

Wow where in the world does my brain get this stuff.

And so we have watched, we have protected, and we have nurtured, due to your own technological advancements in radar and space observation with have had to rely on 4th dimension cloaking to observe but as this is not possible in earths atmosphere on a ship due to large spatial distortion (clip of what looks like tungaska Siberia small craft switching and a large energy bubble expanding then blowing out) you have on occasion glimpsed us, but due to your, oh so human arrogance you have ridiculed the idea of being less than the dominant being in your universe. We have walked among you offering help here and placing ideas in the right minds. Once you had discovered fusion and electromagnetic principles we hoped that you would follow the path to dimensional manipulation but alas your desire for greater destruction led to the nuclear weapon which even now knowing full well that to use it would mean the destruction of your own planet you unleash it upon yourselves.

Now you have a choice, cease your petty squabbling and rejoice in the idea that life does exist outside of your own miniscule solar system and its willing to help and guide you in your own endeavours to break free from your own self absorbed hatred of the different and show you the wonders that are out there within reach. Or hate us for being different, for being superior, for having what you want but cannot have, we will continue to watch you but we will no longer help you, as you throw rocks at each other in your next petty war.

That’s as much as I’m going to put to paper, the dream did continue but was fragmented I know we did accept help, we did develop trans-dimensional travel and we meet a hostile reptilian race that hated us because of the extinction of the reptile’s on our planet which they saw as a big insult even though we didn’t do it they saw all hominoids as guilty, and as a final kicker once we left the sun’s sphere of influence due to some kind of radiation our life expectancy increased but to be honest it all went a bit enterprise episode on me. Too corny to write down with out my embarrassment even more burning than it is allowing someone to read this.

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 03:03 PM
Whats even more scary is the fact that what i wrote was exactely 4000 words without editing.

Anyway discuss disassemble dissect and ridicule my grasp of physics.

But what i really want to know is, is this vivid dreaming i'm experiencing a result of the nicotine patches and over stimulation, or is it because of the increased oxygen levels in my body/brain due to stopping after 20yrs smoking.

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 03:15 PM
Very interesting. All i can add is that last night i had some interesting dreams, and for the first time i decided to write them down also lol! Nothing quite as interesting as yours, although i did get a scene where i was told that aircraft carriers were made of bricks "carved by masons"
Oh, and i also got to experience "the void", which was pretty neat.

I've found that when i detox myself, or stop using a partiuclar substance or cut something "bad" out of my diet, my dreams tend to get really vivid indeed.

I don know. I was discussing an idea with my friend recently.. what if, in times of change, just preceeding, that all of humanity has really intense vivid dreams, which almost prepare you for whats coming??

And don't be embarresed by sharing your dreams! Sometimes talking about them can help you remember more/trigger a useful flashback, or even help you solve a riddle that was encoded within the dream.

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 03:24 PM
There's a short story contest here at ATS you could have done well in it seems.

Seriously, you might want to cut back on the patches. My wife tried them, but she couldn't handle the dreams.

I never figured out if it was the nicotine or what.

But I enjoyed the dream, thanks for sharing.

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posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 03:34 PM
I have no idea whats causing the vivid dreaming, but your dream was amazing. I hope you have more like that, maybe explaining how we can accept the help that is being offered to us, or how we can change our ways.

All of that talk about zero point energy and higher technology really just gets me excited. Imagine what we have in store for us in our futures. What a wonderful time to be living in. .. except for the wars n stuff, but you know what i mean

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 04:02 PM
I had a dream a week ago about spacecrafts also.

It could be all the conversation we share here, or it could be that we're picking up things to come.

I just dont understand why all of a sudden ET's would want to show themselves or make a bigger presence known- they've been around since the beginning of time.

Why Now? I could see if they're trying to warn us- maybe that's it.
Who knows.

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 05:55 PM
Thank you for your feedback, i admit i was rather embarassed to share the dream i tend to be a very private person where matters of the mind are concerned, but due to the shear vividness and detail of this dream i had to write it down and record it, and decided that this would be the best place to get it dissected.

i will add that there was a lot more detail included diagrams and the like but i could never recreate them but what i wrote give's the general gist of it, when i woke up i had that feeling you get when the end credits roll on a really good movie it was mindblowing to say the least.

Also the d type manipulation, i think was inspired by Tesla and the philidelphia experiment with a bit of hutchinson thrown in, amazing what the brain can come up with, with the right stimulation.

Once again thanks for taking the time to read.

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 06:49 PM
Well i just cant figure out how you where able to remember all that detail from your dream. I dream everynight and remember lots of them, But there is always things that cant be remembered in detail not long after i awake. So in my opinion this is just what you said it wasnt, A story well thought out. I have been having dreams also regarding the future and aliens, But i dont believe you because you put to much detail in your story and i know for a fact that nobody can dream without some vague parts or things they dont understand in them. It was all the dialogue that gave it away for me. even if you starting writing this down the second you woke up reality would have distorted what you dreamt. Others may buy what you are saying but i will not be fooled! And i am a believer in aliens and ufo's.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 11:07 AM
Well rus1969 you are more than welcome to your opinion, but to be honest its not really well thought out is it, the physics are all wrong the evolutionary details are wrong and it does'nt have a very good ending.

I read, i read alot, and i know a good story, maybe given time and using the dream as a guidline i could write a good story out of it, but if you read the post you would see that i don't dream like this normally, thats why i wrote it down word for what i can remember word, and there are plenty of details i did miss out but choose to omit them because they are vague or complicated.

I only have 4 weeks left on these patches, if i do dream like this again i will add it to this post, unless they are adult in nature (please God).

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 01:17 PM

Originally posted by RancidCat
Well russ1969 you are more than welcome to your opinion, but to be honest its not really well thought out is it, the physics are all wrong the evolutionary details are wrong and it does'nt have a very good ending.

I read, i read alot, and i know a good story, maybe given time and using the dream as a guidline i could write a good story out of it, but if you read the post you would see that i don't dream like this normally, thats why i wrote it down word for what i can remember word, and there are plenty of details i did miss out but choose to omit them because they are vague or complicated.

I only have 4 weeks left on these patches, if i do dream like this again i will add it to this post, unless they are adult in nature (please God).

Are you trying to convince yourself that it was a good story to be past off as something more than that? From your statement you are saying you want to perfect this into a story that you can put in a book. But hey, Im just calling it as i see it. And yes it is just my opinion. So my opinion is that this is just a story being presented as something that it is not.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 02:38 PM

I really don't see what your problem is, this was a dream i had, can i make that any clearer, its detail and vividness is what made it remarkable to myself to the point that i wanted to share it, something that i have never done before, i'm not a sharing, caring emotional person, i'm a reserved logical Englishman.

i'm a reader not a writer, the dream as written is the longest piece of text i have probably written since college 15yrs ago, i did not say i wanted to write a story i clearly said given time and using the dream as a guideline i COULD write a story out of it, so could anyone, but i really couldn't be arsed.

Is that clear enough for you, now i'm sorry that you have never dreamt in this detail and remembered it, that must really irk you, irk you so much, to the point that you have to try and rile, annoy, ridicule someone that was just trying to share a startling and vivid experience in what is usually a dull and boring day.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 08:24 PM
I hope you didnt come here expecting everyone to believe you. You seem to be having the problem about me saying i didnt think it happened. I am entitled to my opinion and like i stated, it is my opinion. So getting upset with me tells me you dont like being called on it. But that is just my opinion also. So calm down and dont let me get you all wound up. There are plenty of people who will support what you are saying and there are those who choose not to. It will be o.k. Breath in, breath out. Feel better? I hope so. If you know it to be true than it shouldnt bother you so much. You need not reply to me. i wont say another word about it. Ive said what i needed to say. Thank You.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 08:53 PM
I had a dream last night about something very similar. But mine was different. I was at a party, Im not sure whether it was a party actually, but there were familiar faces there.

It seemed a long time, before there appeared a screen in room we were in, it seemed like it was in a shed outside. For some reason, this screen was showing the trajectory of what looked like missles. There was panic.

We went outside, and saw that even our city was being hit, along with what we assumed, many others. At this point I thought that surely the US would defend itself and intercept the missiles - I never found out ofcourse.

The city was hit, you could see the explosions in the night sky. It was a really bizarre moment, as I thought they were nukes. But nothing happened. Night turned into day really quickly, and as we walked along a street, we saw people going to work in their cars, and all I could think about was where they were going. Everything seemed too normal.

Shortly after, in another room, we saw through the curtains, and in almost entirely different setting, there were machines there. Probes, those ones you see in Half Life 2 - exact replicas. There were other ships in their, one that looked like your cliched alien flying saucer, with a man in it. I remember telling my brother..."Look, I knew it, I knew it was real!" I left, and one of the probes came up to me, and I closed my eyes as it scanned. When it was finished, my jaw tightened, and the probe chipped off a tooth.

Soon thereafter, the remainder of us were huddled together, looking in the distance at 3 soldiers killing 2 people in a brutal way. But it didnt bother us. We were greeted by some woman. I told her about my chipped tooth, and the probe came at once, and fixed it completely. It was odd to say the least. We were then for some reason, made to collect cones from a a few streets away, and when we returned, (I was last), we were playing a game where one of the officers threw a ball, a tennis ball, and we had to catch it between 4 cones. Just as it was my turn, I woke up.

While this dream has no real significance, or anything remotely interesting, it was really profound for some reason. I woke up in a really really odd mood. I am unbelievably against any form of enslavement -any form!- or control, but in that time, what seemed like ten minutes, it was a really happy time, and i was really disappointed the dream had ceased. I cant explain it.

In regards to your dream, seems a tad scripted, and I cant say I have ever dreamt in that fashion, but it was a cool story.

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posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 02:18 AM
I had a dream last night thinking about what happens if u die. Do u go to heaven or do you turn into a ghost.

What if u die and then you relive life again in a different body in a different place forgetting every thing that happened in your recent life. Or do u live in a black space alone for ever

thinking about is scares me.

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 03:07 AM
Ok russ1969, you got me,you've caught me out! its a story but not made up by me, but relaid to me during my abduction! yes that very night i was awoken by the glare of polarised light through the window, imagine my horror as i lay paralized in my own bed, i could sense movement in my room, but despite my friutless internal thrashings and silent screaming the presense moved closer.

Suddenly the pressure from the bed faded from my back and i could sense movement, out of the corner of my eye i saw the walls moving past as i was levitated towards the window, at this point the terror i was experiancing grew to much for my helpless tormented mind and i passed out.

I awoke in a large circular room, bright pink in colour, here and there small fluffy animals decended from the ceiling on fishing wire and the and the hideous sounds of "the sun has got his hat on" were playing in the background. A figure walked into the room, i stifled a scream as i reconized the fluffy red hair white face, red nose and insane red grin of the burger peddling madman from town,
"i chose a form you reconize, to put you at ease as it were"
he said, grinning inanely.
"urgh" was all i could reply
"Ah, an incorrect choice, my apologise's"
in an instant i was faced by an eleganty dressed, dapper man of the English 1850's,
"my name is Bert" he said "i am from the the planet rigel buzzbar 7" he continued, "i have a message that must be relaid to all Mankind on Earth, the prophet Mur'zark Hepple Triss Fortunant has spoken this tale of woe to befall your planet, heed this warning"
at that he relaid the above STORY to me,
"one other thing"
"yes" i replied my voice finally have returned,
"we wil need somewhere to land our ship, i therefore proclaim you prophet of our people on earth and you must collect funds in vast amounts in order to build our space port, so that we may transport the chosen generous one's to the planet Happy Smiley Place"
"i will do as you request" i replied and then awoke back in my bed.

So you see Russ, can i call you Russ? i now have to continue with my mission as Bert commanded you've read the prophecy, cash or cheque will do.

Now thats a damn good story

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 07:05 AM
I think a better way to phrase his criticism is to say:
(Regardless of whether he thinks the entire story is bunk or whether he believes you had such a dream but you kind of made up little bits of the dialogue)

I think it's very unlikely that what you wrote there is the EXACT and 100% accurate dialogue of what has been spoken of in your dream.
Just like he said when people wake up, they tend to have vague spots, simply meaning that he claims it's impossible for you to have remembered that the narrator used word X at moment Y during scene Z.

Not the accuracy of details as "Harnessing Zero-Point by doing this".
But the fact that you ''remember'' said narrator saying "Harnessing Zero-Point by doing this, colonizing blah, exterminate bleh."

That said I have to agree in that manner, that I highly doubt that what you wrote is 100% accurate with the ''dream version'' (Though this is impossible to prove anymore, heh.)

Now for my post

Sounds interesting, if not a little too sci-fi ish.

I'd blame it on a combination of ATS / UFO related stuff AND too much oxygen

As ATS is a big board there's probably enough material to give you the dream that you had. With your patches perhaps adding the vividness and stuff.

Personally, even though I go to ATS often, I don't get dreams related to ATS, I found out that a piece of paper I wrote runes on enhanced my lucid dream ability, and frankly, they're usually either fun dreams, or dreams of knowledge.

What kind of knowledge? More spiritual / mythical + normal oriented themes combined with knowledge to increase my ''power'' in ''dreamland'' (Or spiritual / mythical + sci-fi combined).

One of which I ended up walking through a wall with a specific blue glowing sigil on it, leading me to the ultimate internetz of the whole universe.

Perhaps, there's truth in all our dreams, and someone will prevent us from destroying our own planet, and give us access to galactic internetz

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