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Japanese people are not aliens...they're Jews!

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posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 12:33 PM
reply to post by vox2442

Hi vox2

The ranking you are referring too is quite funny.

1. Russia 2002 69.3 11.9 38.7
2. Lithuania[3][4] 2005 68.1 12.9 38.6
3. Belarus 2003 63.3 10.3 35.1
4. Kazakhstan 2002 50.2 8.8 28.8
5. Slovenia 2003 45.0 12.0 28.1
6. Hungary 2003 44.9 12.0 27.7
7. Estonia 2002 47.7 9.8 27.3
8. Ukraine 2002 46.7 8.4 26.1
9. Latvia

I dont consider those countries to be as western as Japan , USA nor the EU.

So what are YOU trying to prove?
I wasn´t the one saying Japan is the most intelligent country in the world.
I worked at a mottehrboard company from TW and travelled to Japan at ocasions so I know what i talk about!

nando out!

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 05:37 AM
Na i dont think the japanese have anything to do with the jews really, but things like their eyes, what evolutionary reason would there be for their eyes to be shaped like that. that also goes for chinese, koreans and other oriental races. they are shorter especially the japanese who i think have the most alien genes. and oriental people are stereotypically smarter than all the other human races which we think if aliens do exist they are much smarter than humans. Even if you look at some of their warrior armour from hundreds of years ago - it look like a costume from star ship troopers, deffineatly not earth influenced anyway. i think the aliens came to japan and made it their kingdom and branched out into china or at least the human/alien hybrids did.

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 06:01 AM
Actually I had to star and flag this and i'd enjoy seeing the genetic tests done to see if traces could still be found... surely massively watered down by now but some should be there.

Japan has 2 x times been influenced in ways by the Jews, once in ancient times via cultural influence

and again during and prior to ww2 when Jewish Financiers and Scientists to stimulate the The Japanese Economy

Some Japanese leaders, such as Captain Inuzuka Koreshige (犬塚 惟重), Colonel Yasue Norihiro (安江 仙弘) and industrialist Aikawa Yoshisuke (鮎川 義介), came to believe that Jewish economic and political power could be harnessed by Japan through controlled immigration, and that such a policy would also ensure favor from the United States through the influence of American Jewry. Although efforts were made to attract Jewish investment and immigrants, the plan was limited by the government's desire not to interfere with its alliance with Nazi Germany. Ultimately it was left up to the world Jewish community to fund the settlements and to supply settlers, and the plan failed to attract a significant long-term population or create the strategic benefits for Japan that had been expected by its originators. Ironically, during World War II, Japan was regarded as a safe refuge from the Holocaust, despite being a part of the Axis and an ally of Germany. During World War II, Jews trying to escape Poland could not pass the blockades near the Soviet Union and the Mediterranean Sea and were forced to go through the neutral country of Lithuania (which was occupied by belligerents in June 1940, starting with the Soviet Union, then Germany, and then the Soviet Union again). Of those who arrived, many (around 5,000) were sent to the Dutch West Indies with Japanese visas issued by Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese consul to Lithuania. Sugihara ignored his orders and gave thousands of Jews entry visas to Japan, risking his career and saving more than 6,000 lives. Sugihara is said to have cooperated with Polish intelligence, as a part of bigger Japanese-Polish cooperative plan.[2] They managed to flee across the vast territory of Russia by train to Vladivostok and then by boat to Kobe in Japan. The refugees in number of 2,185 arrived in Japan from August 1940 to June 1941. Tadeusz Romer, the Polish ambassador in Tokyo, had managed to get transit visas in Japan, asylum visas to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, immigration certificates to Palestine, and immigrant visas to the United States and some Latin American countries. Most Jews were permitted and encouraged to move on from Japan to the Shanghai Ghetto, China, under Japanese occupation for the duration of World War II. Finally, Tadeusz Romer arrived in Shanghai on November 1, 1941, to continue the action for Jewish refugees.[3] Among those saved in the Shanghai Ghetto were leaders and students of Mir yeshiva, the only European yeshiva to survive the Holocaust. They, some 400 in number, fled from Mir to Vilna with the outbreak of World War II in 1939, and then to Keidan, Lithuania. In late 1940, they obtained visas from Chiune Sugihara, to travel from Keidan, then Lithuanian SSR, via Siberia and Vladivostok to Kobe, Japan.[4] By November 1941 the Japanese moved this group and most of others on to the Shanghai Ghetto in order to consolidate the Jews under their control.[5] Throughout the war, the Japanese government continually rejected requests from the German government to establish anti-Semitic policies. Towards the end, Nazi representatives pressured the Japanese army to devise a plan to exterminate Shanghai's Jewish population, and this pressure eventually became known to the Jewish community's leadership. However, the Japanese had no intention of further provoking the anger of the Allies, and thus delayed the German request for a time, eventually rejecting it entirely. One famous Orthodox Jewish institution that was saved this way was the Lithuanian Haredi Mir yeshiva. The Japanese government and people offered the Jews temporary shelter, medical services, food, transportation, and gifts, but preferred that they move on to reside in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. Throughout the war, the Japanese government continually rejected requests from the German government to establish anti-Semitic policies. At war's end, about half these Jews later moved on to the Western hemisphere (such as the United States and Canada) and the remainder moved to other parts of the world, many to Israel.

It has not been a genetic influence in much of a discernible way, but there has been legitimate cultural influence.

Jews traveled all over the world as merchant and there is a record by a traveler in the 2nd centry BC, who said that there were Jewish colonies wherever he went, including China. #oism is strongly influenced by Cabala and Shintoist cabalism "Onmyodou" is also called "迦波羅(Kabala)". Onmyodou"陰陽道" was governed by Hata tribe(秦氏), who is recorded to have come from the West and has governed also Japanese Emperor's liturgical system, so there are many many common signs between Imperial and Jewish symbolisms, which you will see here in Japan, including circumcision, David and Solomon stars. A Japanese shrine has even the ritual of dedication of Isaac. Read Marvin Tokayer(Jewish Rabbi)'s books. Regarding circumcision, average Japanese have no such custom now, but the imperial family is said to keep this tradition. According to a pastor, who is a grandson of Meiji Emperor, he himself was circumcised and the present Prince too. In the Imperial family, they call foods "Mana", which word average Japanese don't use except for the plate on which we cut foods, "Mana-ita(food-plate)". Columbus started his voyage with a Jew "Luis de Torres" who can speak Hebrew, because Columbus thought that there were lost tribes in the Far East speaking Hebrew. And when he came to the river mouth of the Orinoco, he thought that this was a river from Eden, which means he thought there was an Edenic place in the Far East, where lost tribes lived peacefully, because he thought that he had arrived the Far East then. According to Rabbi Tokayer, the silk trade on the Silk Road was exclusively controlled by Jews, who traveled between Rome and China. Tokayer's ancestor was a rabbi who traveled around Asia to visit the synagogues. A Japanese oldest shrine "Kono" shows that its god came from the west and imported silk technology to Japan. And the priest of Kono shrine says that this shrine's god is Jewish god and his ancestor was a Jew. Ise Shrine, which is Emperor's shrine, came form Kono. So Ise Shrine's god is Jewish, whose name 'YHWH' is inscribed in the back side of the "Yata Mirror" of central building of Ise. Because various technologies, such as manufacturing steel, cloths, agricultural products, were imported into Japan by Jewish technicians, no wonder there are signs of Jewish symbolism here. You will be able to understand what I say if you see the structure of the Japanese shrine. There are many many common things between Jewish tabernacle and shrine, which both have Holy place, Holy of Holy, laver, red gate, lion gatekeepers, etc. Japanese oldest creation story "Kojiki" says that Japanese creator god is the triune god, who is one god with three persons. If you see Hata tribe's shrines, you will find many symbolism of trinity. And you will see the central god of Japanese "Amaterasu" died and resurrected from the cave of the dead. Emperor's inauguration ceremony consists of three points: baptism(go into water and come from it wearing new clothes), communion(dinner with Amaterasu) and dedication(lying on a slanting bed). Japanese shrines often have characteristics of water coming from the broken rocks. Almost every shrine is built beside a river, which is the same symbolism as Jewish temple. Ise shrine's central building 'Naikuu' has a T-shaped cross wrapped in a silk cloth in the Holy of Holy as a symbol of the god. And the head part of the cross lies in the detached building 'Izawanomiya', whose symbol is David's star. Another building of Ise shrine "Gekuu" has a T-shaped cross with a snake on it in the Holy of Holy. Japanese shrine has many symbols of Tree of Life, which is also the symbol of Onmyodou (Japanese cabalism). Japanese families have a celebration for their children at the ages of 7, 5 and 3 in the shrine. 7,5,3 is the central numbers of numerical square, which represents the tree of life. In the Japanese tradition, people release the human-shaped paper on river, on which they put their disease, misfortune or something bad for them. Some people release goats in the mountain for the same purpose.

I'd have had to post a whole thread myself to back this up... but it's not nearly as ridiculous as it sounds

For additional stuff of interest watch some anime... start with an end times (although slightly adult piece) called urotsukidoji and others from the early days of anime, you will see the Jewish Star, star of David shown in symbolism on Universities, hospitals and other places of importance

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posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 06:11 AM
reply to post by darkheartrising

I'm not surprised if the Jews had influence other lifestyle, culture or religion. Cause I know it's true.

The best example is Islam. As we know this religion has two major factions Sunni and Shi'ite. There is also a sub-faction called Sufi.

Sufi was founded by a Greek Jewish who converted to Muslim. It is very well known for its energetic holy dance / chanting and sense of mysticism.

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 06:14 AM
Thats another point - what would the japenese look like if their ancestors hadnt bread with aliens, cos thats what we are talking about here folks the japanese are not aliens they are human. but their ancestors that had 100% human genes were most likely enslaved and made to breed with aliens, were probably raped which is a pretty horrible thing. or at least subjected without choice. i reckon since their skin is white or yellow they were probably very similar looking to caucasians before the aliens came.

the jewish idea is just white americans lumping in all other races with the jewish race because they dont like the jews or other races.

posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 06:02 PM
My wife is japanese. She certainly isnt a alien or jewish. lol. And their language really isnt that weird and its easy to learn.

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posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 06:05 PM
This is probably one of the least intelligent theories that I have ever heard.
Japanese people are more likely descended from the same relatives that all Asian peoples are descended from.

It makes a damn sight more sense than "Japanese are Jews!!"

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 05:38 AM
So what's going on here? And what is this going to achieve anyway? It's like your trying to solve the 'mysteries' (loosely executed there by Ramadwarf) of how different races came about by putting your hand into the most 'imaginative' section of your head to retrieve something at random.

Saying the Japanese are Jews and not Aliens is like saying There's Lester prancing around the water fountain, but really he's a Jester giving juggling lessons to a clown in the light of the full moon! Just what is it you wish to prove with this? I've read the majority of the posts and there's no foreseable outcome that I can see.

I mean I'm entertained so thankyou for that!
Cheerio and I wish all the best of luck to you!

Ramadwarf on being perplexed

[sorry about any spelling mistakes]

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 12:00 PM
I have studied Japanese and spent some time in Japan and also have a little familiarity with Hebrew. They are entirely different languages: No similarity at all as I can see. Nor can I see any similarity between Shinto and Judaism. And Jewish culture and Japanese culture are entirely different. Once I read a book that proposed the theory that the Ainu are really the Ten Lost Tribes. It did not make any sense either.

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