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Hezbollah's Miracles

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posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 10:51 PM
The first miracles stories officially began when Al Manar posted news about the UN asking the Hezb to withdraw their white man on white horses from the borders (in year 2000 or before it I don't remember)
It continued with June 2006 war when Al Jazira Channel posted the admission of Israeli soldiers who saw bodies without heads on horses fighting with the Hezbs . One Israeli soldier said that he cut his hand with his soar ...
Tens of the "miracles" stories were spread between the public : A fighter with no bullets found his machine gun reloaded . Israeli soldiers seeing flying man fighting them ... and others.

It seems that the Hezb is trying to give every incident a miraculous dimension .For example in an interview with Nasrallah ,he said that the hit of the Israeli warship Sa'er is a miracle , because the hezb's rocket was used for the first time by peoples with no experience , and it hit the target successfully ."Some will call it a good luck while I view it as a miracle from God " ,he continued .

The latest knot in the miracles chains , a two years painted and varnished dead trunk give birth to 43 leafs on the number of martyrs whose names are hanged on it :

Translation and Summary from Al Manar News

From two years , a man from Bint Jbeil brought a tree branch with its daughter branches , polished it with paint and varnish , and hanged on it the country's martyrs' names that have reached 43 . The branch was taken from a ceremony to another , then it returns to the Martyr's Cabinet near the Resistance and Liberation Square , until the last wednesday when he saw that the dead branch (which have been cut from 2 years) gave birth to new green veins with 43 leaf that penetrated the hard varnish coating . The trunk was split in longitude and gave musk odors .
Since the news was spread the place became a sanctuary visited by the young and the adult , the martyr's families and peoples from everywhere .
Human waves are coming now to Bint Jbeil , and many have came from USA , Australia , Canada , Africa , Gulf states and other countries .
Bint Jbeil have added to its previous titles "Capital of Resistance and Liberation , The Mother of Martyrs , The City of revolutionists" a new name "The city of Divine Miracles" .

The Pictures (and article in arabic) : The Miracle Tree ... Miracle for Bint Jbeil Martyrs

According to a NGC documentary about paranormals and their "normal" physical causes , a magnetic filed ,vibrations ,deficiency in oxygen or an increase in CO2 levels are examples of various physical reasons of hallucinations and what can be interpreted as paranormals ,thus by religious guys as miracles .
The battlefields are better candidates for such cases ,for what it represents from psychological stress , nutritional deprivation ,high toxicity and pollution from explosives ,high and shocking sounds... and in the Israeli soldiers's case there were reports that they took drugs which have hallucinations effects .

Considering the sufi heritage of the Iranian regime ,I don't disqualify the probability of a special squad in the Hezb responsible on such effects .
In their attempts to impress their deceived followers , the sufis developed various tricking techniques .Among them was Al Hallaj ,a figure that Khomeini wished to be hanged like him ,he used to bury food and water in his traveling path some days before his travel ,so when his companions are hungry he prays and extract the food .Tens of similar tricks can be found about the sufis and their miracles .It's not a strange probability that the sufi regime in Iran would resort to tricks and develops them according to its needs to further its agenda ,which is brainwashing the shia population to believe in the Divine intervention for Hezbullah .

Scientifically can that trunk returns to life without Human or God's direct intervention ?

[edit on 3-8-2007 by AnarShia]

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