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Re I found God/ How can you honeslty beleive in god

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posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 04:53 PM
well herin lies my personal struggle. i grew up with god but it was a very difficult subject to wrap science around as i quickly discovered, then i discovered things like prophecy which to me made no sense, and the apocalypse which i found very frightening. but i came to the realization that you cant stand around waiting for the sky to fall, because the bible was actually written as a possibility of what may happen, not what would it was misreferenced. so then i began to learn about tk and how it works, i researched the global consciousness project and pieced them together, then thought about qi chi ki chakra etc. and how they may not have been far from the truth. my realization was that...

1. we all share consciousness through a central force that can alter the universe, though it is not composed of "energy" in the classical sense that it cannot be measured quantified or externally manipulated

2. we can use it to manipulate things like position, temperature, and shape and even affect prabability, so things like telepathy and empathy are merely reading "ourselves" if that makes any sense

3. so in a way we are "god" because we all share the same consciousness that has the power to alter the universe

so take this any way you like, i am not trying to bash religions in any way but yeah i just read those other two threads and was like hmmm maybe i should speak up.

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 07:22 AM
well, yea

I'd say this consciousness is not the energy, but affects it. It's the prescription literally, of how this energy should act. hm, this trancends.

The Word is the verb. the Word put things in action!

this Word is the consciousness. And first there was the Word and out of the word all things were created??

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