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I have solved the puzzle of g-forces

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posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 10:54 AM
Generally people ask how can a living being survive in UFOs which are accelerating at high speed and taking 90 degrees turns.

I think it is possible to have a space craft which can accelerate in any direction without pressing any(zero) g-forces on pilots inside.

Lets see what exactly are these g-forces.

Assume that we are in free space.
Consider a spring with two balls attached at it's ends. There are two methods to accelerate it.

Method 1 (Rocket based propulsion)
Push ball 1 along the direction of spring with a constant force.
In this case the spring will remain compressed during the time of application of force. This compressive force is the g-force which is expereinced by pilots.This is caused by the relative acceleration b/w particles of the body. It's due this relative accleration the spring gets compressed.

Method 2 (Field based propulsion/Antigravity)
Apply a force field to the whole system in which each part/particle of the system is accelerated by the same amount. In this case the spring won't get compressed because there is not relative motion b/w any of the particles of the sytem. Hence no g-forces. So we are able to accelerate the particles of the system by same amount the pilots inside would not notice anything. In fact they will feel weight less in the craft.This is the reason why astronouts feel weight less and accelerated towards the earth at the same time. The earth is pulling all the particles of their body with constant acceleration.

So if we want to take a sharp 90 degree turn take the vector addition of the following forces and apply on the craft.
1. Force required to stop the craft to 0 velociy.
2. Force perpendicular to the original veclocity vector of the craft.

You will take a 90 degree without even noticing when exactly it happened.

Some people may ask 'what about centrifual forces, wouldn't they press when you are taking the 90 degree turn'

Answer: We have moved 90 degree wihtout taking a turn

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 01:47 AM
Don't you think it a great discovery

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