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Poems from the Plutonian night.

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posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 05:33 AM
A thread to post your darkest thoughts. Within the T&C of course.

I am the King of Pain

I am the King of Pain.
You dont see it but i wear it like an invisible cloak.
It is my protection, my resolve.
It feeds the anger and hatred within my soul.

I am the King of Pain.
My skin bubbles corrosively with calcified tracks.
They are my brand, and my skill.
They are the axle that turns the wheel.

I am the King of Pain.
Upon this razors edge my thoughts twist and bend.
My avarice bound by the darkness.
And to her alabaster throat i must confess.

I am the King of Pain.
Vicariously i feed at lifes tainted, mutilated breast.
With corpulent frenzy the skin i rend.
And with my deeds you must contend.

I am the King of Pain.

Feel free to add to mine or add your own poems, odes, lyrics, thoughts or words of a darker nature. Criticism or encouragement also welcome.

Thanks badmojo.

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 12:42 PM
I am the King of Pain,
not quite civil, not quite sane,
trapped for eons within my head,
escaping now to make you dead.

Did you really think I'd forget about you?

I have survived only to administer ten-fold the pain you wreaked,
on you, for you, a horribly delicious treat,
I'll gouge your eyes, whip your skin,
You'll scream in darkness from the sin.

I am the new King of Pain,
allegiance to none, nothing to gain.
mutilations, decapitations, for sure to come,
and screams of terror as you run.

Did you really think I'd forget about you?

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