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Go on Strike, It works for work, why not a whole country?

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 11:26 PM
I was just thinking.

When employees feel they are getting shafted and want more, they gather up and walk out.

Its easy to do it in a company because everyone is close and it is just easier to communicate that everyone will not be going to work.

What America needs is one big walk out. It would be pretty hard to accomplish but if you could get everyone to stop going to work until the government is rebuilt you would see results and fast.

Its really too bad everyone cant just get along. because then you could just start a new government. Ignore the one in place and start forming a new one haha..

Its seems like all congress does is get paid to sit and not do jack.

Something has to be done. everyone has to get angry.

just a rant.

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 11:47 PM
Most people have weekly/monthly bills to pay. They can't afford the possibility of being fired.

They are afraid. Simply put.

We are locked into a system where life is based on a supply and demand factor...We are cattle to be bought and sold.

A nationwide strike would rattle some cages, but most Americans would not dare to go on strike ever (unfortunately).

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 11:59 PM

Originally posted by biggie smalls
Most people have weekly/monthly bills to pay. They can't afford the possibility of being fired.

They are afraid. Simply put.

We are locked into a system where life is based on a supply and demand factor...We are cattle to be bought and sold.

A nationwide strike would rattle some cages, but most Americans would not dare to go on strike ever (unfortunately).

You know, your right.

And i believe this slave structure would end when free energy is given to the public in a pdf file spamed to millions of people.

But until then, oil gets depleated auto plants will come out with a car that is more efficient, say 100 mpg.

my thought is simple

oil + car manufactures = give take relationship.

oil gows down, mpg goes up, oil companies make money and so do car manufactures.

everyone wins , except us.
the proof of this is the fact that we still don't have electric cars just to boot around the city.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 12:14 AM
The 'conspiracy' goes deeper than just auto manufacturers and oil companies though.

We could live much longer and healthier lives if we weren't fed bull# from the pharmaceuticals, eat crappy food, inhale poison, drink poison (there's freaking cyanide in my tap water, what the #?), etc etc.

We are constantly barraged from birth with toxins. The only viable alternative I see to maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves moving to the country. But there isn't a whole lot of work out there unless one wants to be a farmer...which is a vast minority.


I don't see many people picking up and leaving as they can't afford the lifestyle nor want to.

We're in for a big change, I can feel it. Good or bad, we need it. Too much stagnation and no progress whatsoever.

Wake up time!

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 12:56 AM
A good idea on paper, but it never works as intended.

Coming from the UK, we've had our fair share of strikes. Some of them almost national, general strikes. The 1970's spring to mind.The Government sat up and took notice, to an extent, but it never brought the wholesale changes wanted by the strikers and in the end, the system never changed much.

General strikes do happen, mainly in the developing world. They too never "bring down the system", but usually just hamper the economy and bring disorder. Some concessions are made and everyone goes back to what they did in the first place with a bit of a better pay.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 01:35 AM
We wouldnt have to leave our jobs to accomplish this task!

We can call it "Wake Up Day"

Set a specific date and time where everyone can make plans to attend a designated location for your city. Say a weekend perhaps? Make information about this event available to the public by means of flyers or radio ads. Eventually mainstream media would have to cover it if the majority of the public responds, gathering even more steam.

There could be sponsers for this event as well, constructing huge projector screens to show the best evidence of coverups perpetrated by the US government. Even if 1/4 of the population attends this would IMO be enough to portray a powerful messege of WE WONT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

Just a thought....

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 02:31 AM
Note: Sorry for the lengthy post. This was supposed to be in response to the nationwide strike, but as will be seen here, it got a little deeper than that. More towards the WHY of things, rather than the what do we do about it. Please give it a read though, as all of it relates...

A strike will never work, in the sense that we'd have no where to go really. Where would we go, Canada? Mexico? I'm sure Mexico wouldn't have us, after all of the complaining that we're doing about the borders being so unprotected, and how their own are crossing over here illegally. I think this goes a bit deeper than that.
***End Edit****

To try to put things into a bit of a perspective is going to be difficult, but I'm going to give it a go. Please bear with me...

When this country was founded, the Founders knew that the only way to get enough people here fast enough to mount any sort of resistance to the English was to open the borders to any and all that would come here. We offered them shelter and freedom, in exchange for their services in protecting the "homeland" from outside influences that meant us harm. This worked out for them much better than they ever could have imagined.

In theory, the whole "melting pot" concept is a great one; give any and every group of people a fair shot at a new life, but make sure that they all know that to live here, they must get along with those that they live with. Well, that's the way it was supposed to be, from what studies I've done.

I believe that somewhere along the way in these past 230 years, we've somehow been led astray by a group of people hell bent on our destruction from the inside out. That's made obvious by simply looking at society around us, and seeing the secularism that seems to permeate every corner of it. We've been split into groups of quarreling separatists, for lack of a better term, and we've been pitted against each other, intentionally I believe, to keep all of us from seeing the truth.

The hope was that we would all learn to live with one another, and be better able to deal with others around the world, since our society would be composed partially of each of them. Also, we each have a strength that none of the others has, which makes each individual group of people a valuable asset to this society. The problems came when people started to segregate themselves out based on ridiculous ideas of superiority. If we all could have simply learned to work together, we might have been able to stop this sooner than later.

But did we? No. We allowed ourselves to be led astray by these people for whatever reasons, and have became the very thing that we were trying not to become, slaves to a system.

Now, most would say that this is vastly off-topic, but I think it fits well here. I believe the Civil War was actually about these very things, and helped to lead us to where we are now. I think it was partially about slavery, moderately about taxation, and mostly about control of the population.

Just think about it for a minute...

A group of wealthy people (The North) were trying to oppress the farmers (The South) into a position of subservience, and the South wouldn't have it. They told the North what they felt that they needed, and that if they couldn't reach an agreement, that they would secede from the Union. Now that's not to say that there weren't wealthy men in the South, just that they had very little power in the political arena, as the politics were already being dictated by the corporate interests, which all just so happened to be stationed in the North.

The North felt that they had all of the power and right to make unreasonable demands on the South, and the South fought back. Now, was this dispute all over corporate interest? No, I don't think so. I believe that it was a matter of the Powers That Be, at that time, were fighting amongst themselves to see who would lead this nation into a new direction. If we take a look at the history that's evolved since the Civil War, we've been in almost a constant state of war since the end of it in 1865 at Appomattox. This is due to the fact that the North won, and therefore, we took a more industrialized approach to our futures. The question naturally comes to mind now: what would have happened to the nation had the South won? There's no way to know that, as we never got to see it.

This kind of reminds me of The Farmer's Revolt. Perhaps these were the events that began the problems that we are finding ourselves in right now. It was a shining example of what can happen, and will happen again, when the People get angry enough to act. If you read just the first few paragraphs of that essay, you can almost see these same words being uttered right now, and they'd make complete sense. Everything mentioned is relevant to today, and we have the very same complaints, as can be seen by vast numbers of threads currently floating around ATS and PTS about these very issues.

Back up above, I mentioned something about the Powers That Be keeping us from seeing the truth. This truth is that WE, as a UNIFIED People, can accomplish anything that we want. We are not all so different that we cannot get along. For proof of this, look at your fellow man/woman. We all seem to get along under normal circumstances, when we're not being told how bad the other is.

Peace can be achieved simply; by just accepting you're fellow man for who and what they are, without malice. If you choose to listen to those that claim to know what's right, then you've denied yourself the truth, and will continue to live a lie until you wake up. You must listen to yourself, and what you know to be true about people in general. We are all the same inside; flesh and bone. We all break at some point. We shouldn't be looking for that breaking point. Instead, we should be looking at the best things in one another, so that we can better ourselves as a whole.

If, however, you realize that this is so, and act on it, then the world could be changed forever. So, what will it be? Do we continue to complain about what bothers us, or do we begin the long road of acting upon these complaints? I ask these questions to each and every person that will hear me, in the hopes that someone, somewhere will hear me and understand...

For Humanity,


[Edited for clarity and context. Oh, and punctuation as well.

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