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NB grants feasibilty study to AECL

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 03:17 PM
In an attempt to revive our political forum, I'm going to try and post a political related topic each day. Some will be Federal, some will be Provincial with a bias towards the East coast( I'm a Cape Bretoner living in Saint John therefore it is what I have more knowledge about., anybody want to help with central and western stories please feel free). First up is yesterday's announcement from NB.

It was announced yesterday by the Liberal Graham Government of New Brunswick that they have awarded the feasibility study on the economic benefits of a second nuclear reactor at Point Lepreau to the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. and a group of private nuclear companies, known as Team Candu.


This is another addition to the "energy hub" that is being built here in southern NB. They are calling it a feasibility study but the other rhetoric from the provincial Liberals make it sound like it is a done deal. The study is more to decide how much the government want to be involved in the investing of the project.

More on the announcement


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