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Dreams and the possible link to global consciousness

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posted on Jan, 13 2004 @ 06:56 AM
Granted, dreams are common enough in everyones' lives to make it a not-so-paranormal experience, but the fact that they are so mysterious and random makes them worthy of this being posted here. My question is simple:

Over the last two years, I have been having an emotionally annoying recurrence in my dreams that have helped to reinforce an old theory of mine: that is, dreams, or some of them, may be attempts of the human mind to reach out to the astral plane or a global consciousness of other humans sleeping or perhaps awake at the time. I say it is emotionally annoying because one of the main features of these kinds of dreams is that it is almost always with someone I don't immediately recognize, but seems familiar, or I have those that feature people I have known in the past tha are presently long gone from my day-to-day survival.

the actions taking place are usually mundane; I remember some where I would just be walking around a city, or within a park, or sitting inside of a classroom, or even one where we were doing a play together. But a few minutes/hours ago (eternity can be confusing in terms of time) I had this dream of this same person that has been reappearing in my dreams enough for a memory-imprint to happen over and over again. This time, the events featured a drive to the location, which is a common theme with this person, ( it was a local baseball or a softball game), and a brief overview of a Nuclear Powerplant in Alaska or something and the public was having a small demonstration against this due to the increasing levels of radiation in the animal populous. There also appeared to be some kind of demonstration about George H W Bush, and it had something to do with the animals dying, but I can't remember what it was now. Some of the protestors were Inuit, as well, I believe. Unfortunately, it ended when I walked away from the two people I came to the game with, as one of them stopped to answer their phone and their companion stopped and waited as well. Not liking to follow a group, even the one I was with, I refused to wait around like a dope and walked ahead of them. The very last event was right when I was about to light a cigarette behind the guy at bat. As I lit the cig, I look behind me at a sign posted in front of the batting cage: "No Smoking (inside)" and with relief and a spark, he hits the ball pitched to him with that resounding "crack" you hear upon successful contact between the bat and the ball.

Now that I have established a disconnection towards the psychological, here comes the part which would normally reek of psychological hints, but I am almost sure it doesn't in this case.

Now, for skeptics, I'll include this. I am well aware of the psychological prospects of dreaming. I am well aware that most dreaming is a reflection of the subconscious mind, as are the projections made within that dream. However, I have to say that there are just some times when "a cigar is just a cigar". What I mean by this is that not always is an event taking place in the dream a direct extension of what is mentally going on inside someones head.

Admittedly, I was good friends with the person in question. I will go even further by admitting that there were emotions rooted within love for this person in the past, as in many years ago. But, chances are, had this been a psychological case, the person would have come alone with me and not a companion, correct? The fact that the person came with a companion helps to reinforce the astral aspect of the dream, as opposed to my intimate desires which may feature different circumstances.

Anyway, nothing ever happens between myself and this person outside of the ordinary. Both of us pretty much act the same way we do in reality, and I even have the same kinds of thoughts I have when around this person in physical reality. In fact, that's how I can tell these variety of dreams from others that seem rooted within my mind alone. The details and events taking place are too insignificant and too "real"... much like it was happening in a parallel dimension or something to that extent. No, not like bizarro world.

bottom line is this:
Because of all this, could it be possible, especially because of the recurrence aspects, that we both could be dreaming of each other at the same times? Expanding on this idea, would it be possible for the person to have dreams featuring myself and perhaps other primary people (not the extras like the crowd, per se) that are also found in one of my particular dreams, with differences only in the perspective of the dreamer's proceedings? (i.e. while I imagined going to a ball game, the person may have imagined driving to a movie or something different).

Please share your experiences and/or analyses on the matter, and thank you for your time.

[Edited on 1/13/2004 by AlnilamOmega]

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