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9/11 Rare-New Evidence Of Controlled Demo?

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 05:07 PM
Clearly the iron workers did something like this.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 05:09 PM
Unbelievably the best evidence for controlled demo, Actual flashes.... shocking.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 05:24 PM

Originally posted by CaptainObvious

Please point out a post I made that may have digraced anyone. Please point out a post that I have lied. Have I been wrong on some numbers? yes... have I admitted it.. yes.

You will be unable to point out anything. If indeed you are searching for the truth, you would not be upseet about my postings as thats what they are... TRUTH.

angry at you

watch this...

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 06:00 PM
I was pointing out that corner 'squib' back in Jan.

I did some deep analysis of it, and was going to do a video around it, and then i got diverted into something else like i always do. Here's some images I had rendered and was posting in some various threads a while back:

These images are way scaled down from what I have. The one above is 3000x3000 for example, but I'm limited with what I can provide here.

The matching color lines coincide with each event, what they show is the demowave location at the time of the respective event. The green wire frame around the building (but NOT other the markerlines) are as they are built inside my video project so you can see the building frame as you watch it collapse).

At the time my focus was on the timing involved, in conjunction with the fact that NIST debunked the pancake collapse, which therefore makes the odds -of the floors on the inside being able to internally collapse ahead of the exterior demowave- that much more incredible.

Part of my argument was, assuming the air ducts from the mechanical floors disperse downwards from the mechanical floors, why were the 'jet plumes of dust' that far below the mechanical floor that wasn't yet consumed by the blast wave??

The demowave was 32 floors above the 1st 'blast' event.

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 06:30 PM

Originally posted by CaptainObvious

Originally posted by RandomThought
Nobody was in that section of the building when it happened and that was the only section of the pentagon under construction at the time. coincidence? i think not.

WHAT????? NObody was in that section???? This is the kind of post that not only proves that some in here are NOT in it for the truth, but makes me ill.

RandomThought.. would you like a link to the Mousoui Trial exhibits that show charred bodies from the Pentagon??

Stop derailing the thread you guys. There's a pentagon thread with some 4000+ posts you guys can take it to.

Originally posted by ZGhorus
oh and one further thing...look at the support beam, sliced diagonally, thats another tell tale sign that its a demo job...

The cropped image:

The complete image:

Makes a world of difference. Whoever originally cropped it engaged in intentional disinfo. They were cut by torches. Give it a rest.

And now, back to the topic...

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 06:37 PM

Originally posted by darkbluesky
Can any of the controlled demolition theorists explain why there is no immediate structural failure at the levels where we can see the "squib" explosions?

The upper floors are clearly falling in a cascade effect. When the biggest "squibs" appear, the transition zone between competent structure and crumbling concrete is approximately 20 stories above the "squib" explosions.

Why does the initial cascading failure continue to progress downward with no new cascades originating at the "squib" points?

Few would argue that the 'squibs' were meant to collapse the building themselves, it's rather to ensure that the structure falls to pieces as it goes, ensuring a total collapse for maximum psyop effect. This view would then give credence to the bombs explaination for why they fell down so fast.

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 06:49 PM
Hey dude Captainnotsoobvious

Let me tell you to whom you are disrespectful to and I will show it with a picture of a small part of them. Why don't you post your face and the faces of the ppl you are defending at least we can get a good look at it and we can have a good laugh.
By the way I am so glad the Jersey girls are back they will be ignored by mainstream media but that is not the point.
The point is ppl like you (reality barbarian denier) are simply faceless human beings.

First a little nice article. Did you know?

Than check the faces of the evil truthers:

They want the truth as we do.
What do you want?
Where is your face?
Who are you?
Before asking for answers make your point of who you are because I cant see anything just smoke and mirrors and not very clean if I might add.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 07:06 PM
This has prbably been discussed before, i think every theory possible has been discussed about 911.

before posting i would like to state i believe 911 was an inside job.

However Is it not posible that... lets for one minute take the governments version ..of events. (lol)

but gonna play devils advocate.

Couldn't Terrorist's have planted charges all over the building to guarantee colapse.. i mean a bomb was reported by the firemen on the ground floor.. terroist being ultra sick and making sure people couldn't get out?

or is it that because of the nature of the fall the 'bad guys' would have to have specialist demolitions knowledge to achieve this type of fall?.

because if i was a corrupt government planning this type of operation the first thing i'd say is .. hey people are shrewd, there gonna see the explosions , lets make sure we got our, terrorists rigged the charges up a few days before excuse ready?this would deflect all of these theories.

To be clever enough to pull this off surely that woulda cropped up .

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 07:40 PM
At about 3:20 you can see the shockwaves.

Also, what is the stationary white ball like object just
below and to the left of the squib?

It dosnt look like anything that should be there.

And before anyone starts about 'air pressure leaving the windows'
theres got to be thousands of windows, and air will find the quickest
way out and go out there. it wouldent just pick four select windows
where the prime explosive points would be.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 07:54 PM

Originally posted by ZGhorus

what kind of building collapse can turn 3 buildings standing over 3000ft tall in total(thats a combined height when you add the heights of more than one thing together) taking up 6 acres of land, made of concrete,aluminium and steel...into dust?

firemen on the scene reported no debris larger that half of a telephone computers...just...dust! do you still doubt?

[edit] i forgot to mention [/edit]

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Is this dust?

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 08:10 PM
he is refering to that brothers video where the fire fighters talk about how they didn't see anything much bigger than a telephone pad.

Dont yell at him thats what was said by people who were there.

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 08:52 PM
Controlled demolition charges can easily be seen in this video

this vide they dont want you to see.

They will try to hijack the topic thread and make it about orbs, squibs, paper, air, pentagon, missiles or any other stupid, debunkable, misleading crap brought forth from a "truth seeker".

View this then

Pentagon thread is elsewhere.

remember that is the topic.

Not one debunk, i am awesome.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by Drjack

I cant believe my eyes, that was the most compelling evidence for controlled demo ever

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 10:28 PM

Originally posted by an0maly33
first of all, i want to say that i'm no debunker. i actually tink our government had a hand in this one way or another. while watching the video i couldn't help but wonder if these "squibs" could be explained by the pressure building up under the collapsing floors. that air has to go somewhere and it seems logical that if somone left their office door open, the air could make an easy escape out their window. again, i'm not here to discredit anything - just adding some food for thought.

Dude, look in the video again - you can see one of those squibs over 50 floors below the demolition wave. And it's full of dust/smoke ..... how does the smoke/dust travel downward to 50 floors down and gets pushed out of a single window? If the air pressure was high enough to blow out a window 50 floors below it would be able to blow 100's of windows in between that window and the demolition wave.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 10:37 PM
I'm sorry, I just hard to point this out.

Quick math here. Someone keeps saying that the building fell in 10.5 seconds and that is "free fall speed."

Gravity Acceleration (Recall from high school physics) = 9.8 meters per second squared
Height of WTC = 1362 feet (Tower 2) = 415.1372 meters

How fast would it fall?
square root( 415.1376 meters / 9.8 meters per second^2 ) = 6.5085 seconds.

If it did fall in 10.5 seconds, that is HARDLY a free fall as some in this thread have claimed.

I won't touch some of the other ridiculous things said in this thread, but I just couldn't pass up the obvious math mistakes here.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 12:10 AM

Originally posted by OutoftheSky
In this video, 2 things are happening. Either the outer building is being controlled demo'd and or the core columns completely collapsed 50 floors below without fire.

Flashes and charges can be seen all over.

9/11: Controlled Demo Video

The video title is "Demolition Clearly Seen". After reading most of the
posts in this thread, and viewing the clip several times, I still don't see
anything other than glass/debris being blown out the windows of
lower flowers by the internal air compression coming down from above
during this horrific collapse.

But one thing that has always given me shivers is how quickly and
easily those towers came down. It's almost as if they were built with
no internal support. If there are more skycrapers on this planet
built with the same materials as the World Trade Center, I'd stay
clear of them and certainly wouldn't work there day-to-day. Age
alone will bring them down at some point. That is, unless there
were actual explosives involved with the WTC. That would explain
a lot, but I just don't see them in the vid and there is no narration
explaining anything. So each of us is left with interpreting what
we see based on our own education and intuition.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 12:15 AM

Originally posted by carewemust
After reading most of the
posts in this thread, and viewing the clip several times, I still don't see
anything other than glass/debris being blown out the windows of
lower flowers by the internal air compression coming down from above
during this horrific collapse.

See here:

Please challenge, by more than just whipsing it away...

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 12:54 AM
OK.. so you're saying that these explosions of concrete are not caused
by the huge amount of stress and pressure coming down from above?
Fine. I don't know enough to debate either way. Just stating my opinion,
based on observation. ATS allows this. Good luck in your quest, IIB!

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 01:06 AM
About the theory on the compressed air, There is no compression happening, for air to compress it has to be in a sealed environment, considering the constant falling hole with cascading debris and dust there is and never will be compressed air. The thing was a CD Believe it or don't, you can build a tower out of Spaghetti and hot glue if you want, make it 1:32 the size and then project something 1:32 the size,mass,and velocity of a 747 at the top of it. If it is properly secured and the tower does crumble theres no possible way other than a professionally placed demolition to deconstruct to recreate the freefall implosion collapse. The odds of this happening are 10,000,000,000,000,000,000/1 that this would result from a airplane less than 1:33 the size of the building.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 01:07 AM
Exactly what concrete are you talking about? The exterior of the buildings exo-skeleton was steel wrapped with aluminum (and glass).

Quest for truth, yes, but it almost sounds as if you're suggesting my quest is to prove it was blown...

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