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Fearful Prediction ??? Fear Feeling

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 08:33 AM
Ok I just typed this out once already and I lost it so I will type it again...

Last night I dreamt about a terrible accident involving cars, trucks and buses. Then I wake up and see the news on Minneapolis.

Thing is, straight after that accident, I dreamt there was another one even worse than the first.

I am just sharing my fears here. I hope its not the case but I have a fear feeling and the last time that happened I dreamt of a tunnel and fire coming out of it. Everytime I would drive through a tunnel where I live, I would be really wary. As soon as I saw the news about the Burnleigh Tunnel accident, the feeling went away. So, I am worried because I have the same awful feeling.

I am absolutely fearful of trains carrying hazardous materials. I definitely feel the second accident has something to do with a train and busy freeway/highway.
Of course, I sincerely hope that its not so.

Perhaps its just a fear. But, I have that feeling again and so I am really concerned.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 02:59 PM
well, if there is a pattern to the feelings then you might be just afraid. The last feeling you had came true the next day, today would be the next day, but nothing has happened. Of course there's no gurantee that it is a pattern. It may be just fear. I think it could go both ways here: it could come true, or just fear.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 04:02 PM
Interesting that you mention trains and hazardous materials... I had a dream of something happening on a train/subway in Chicago, possibly coinciding with something in Manhattan. Sept. 8 was the day... but hey it was just a dream.

Had a dream about "explosions over subverted land" a few months prior to 9/11 and the US bombing Pakistan. Turned out to be right, though the vision was so vague at the time and I had no idea that Pakistan resembled the scenery in my dream till after the fact. I didn't even know what "subverted" meant.

Course I only attribute such visions as the possible future, not the probable. No use letting fear get in the way. Whatever happens, happens. Life is a story, full of drama. Characters are set up, conflict happens, then the resolution. Guess it doesn't hurt being prepared though, at least emotionally, if such a thing were to happen.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 10:03 PM
well, I was frightened because I saw a train in my dream and I just read today that a freight train was also involved in Minn so now I feel quite relieved.

The fact is, I saw one, then another straight after. Perhaps the train hit the bridge and that is what caused the bridge to collapse?

I feel quite relieved since reading about the freight train.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 03:57 AM
ok now i believe every word you say!

the Mississippi bridge collapsed on top of a train carrying toxic chemicals, I think it was carrying them any way.

picture of the train No. 22.

regardless I'm never going to doubt you again.

I'm getting worried about the 11/11/07 now.


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