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Dr Jan Pajak? UFO Engineering.

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 07:56 AM
Hi all, i stumbled across this guy yesterday while searching for F-19 concept art and i believe some of you are into the engineering/physics side of ufo propulsion.

I've done a search here and find no mention of him which seems odd as apparently he's been about for a while, if you read his biography he suggests that the idea's for propulsion are his own but then goes right off tangent about being stalked by invisible ufo's and the existence of God, anyway he is definitely an interesting fellow, have a read.

If he is old news or a confirmed nut job then i apologise for a wasted thread

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 08:21 AM
this is all very amusing, but even taking his biographical claims at face value, I see no real C.V. there, and no list of publications. As far as I can tell, he has no peer-reviewed publications anywhere in any language, and yet he boasts of his "scientific accomplishments."

I think he's very likely a clever fellow, but so was Paul Bennewitz. I see no evidence at the website that he's on to anything objective, but instead is cleverly and elaborately constructing a fantasy world. I call this "disappearing down the rabbit hole." Anyone can be deluded (and not just about a member of the opposite sex), no matter how intelligent.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 01:08 AM
It all has to do with scalar physics, Nazis, end of WWII, what Nazis were working on, and Nikola Tesla and magnetics or eletromagnetics or electrostatics or electrogravitics. Basically it is there is not energy you pull out of things but energy all around in the aether.

The best I can do is that Stan Zurek is a real physicist and that since most of it is in the Polish Language, some people have been looking into it just recently. He has papers on file at the science place but whether it is all about any of this I can not be sure. and since it seems to go by last name I did not look at any of the papers when I searched. Currently I am reading a book about this debate about the aether universe, and how (from other sci-forums on Google) the US physicists do not believe in a aether universe. The closest I could come which is speculative to say the least but in a sense real (but where does it really lead to for the physics is the current book I am reading that is similiar but still not what those Polish people have been doing for quite some time yet but in a fashion similiar but maybe only theory. There is another writer also (Witkoski - something like that mentioned in the link for the book I am reading now) that can also be looked up on the Internet as he as got his own website, but as yet, that is the only place to get his book. I think this all has to do with electromagnetics and Telsa in the end.

Stan Zurek
Interview with Jerome Eden (mentions Dr. Jan Pajak there from the Past)
just below middle of webpage
The book I am reading now.
I am not sure if Stan Zurek really has anything to do with this but one link did give both names.
Of course, if an organization subdued the knowledge after WWII (like perhaps the Government did) then those files still are in the CIA and not accessible from that time on till present day according this this "SS Brotherhood of the Bell" book I am reading now. Dr. Jan Pajak's book seems to be about a weapon of war only - the book I am reading is about a decisive weapon like a secret black project perhaps the Nazis were working on and what happened if some were allowed to continue working on this knowledge while it was hidden (?) from other people perhaps working on it. All I know is that US Physicists do not believe or think that there is an aether universe and go on from there. Perhaps, it needed more work and is only coming into thinking nowadays. Hard to say which is which here for theories.

Nikola Tesla

It could also be dangerous technology if there is anything to the aether universe, but anytime anyone will get into a discussion with other physicists it has been put-down essentially as the wrong theory.

Whether there is anything to any of this, remains a task for perhaps some others to find out. But Sandia Labs do use some amount of huge electricity to do the things they do there, but I think it is AC current and not DC current like earlier when attempting to do anything with it. Sandia Labs can be looked up on the Internet.

I did not proof read this, as I am tired of spending time on this as of now, but hope it somehow makes some sort of sense, being tired right now, but again, most of anything to look up would be in the Polish Language, and I only type some sort of the English Language. I think though that Dr. Jan Pajak is actually a computer programmer and that field, but may look into the UFO field or dug up some research like the others about this type of technology being closer to documents that maybe were reseached about the Nazis.

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