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Eddy Pengelly from Australia

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 02:07 AM
Eddy Pengelly here.

I am a researcher from southern Australia who has spent the past eight years re-examing the claims and research by the Australian researcher, Ronald Pegg.

In doing so, I have confirmed many of his claims, and made extraordinary discoveries of my own.

I am currently presenting sections of Mr Pegg’s work to the public via my private study group called PPHC Study Group, and on-line, a preview of my ‘Computer Technology found in Egyptian Hieroglyphs’ study.

I am a member of many, many message boards, on which I present some of my findings.

Some of the topics investigated by myself include:

Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Book of the Dead
Seer Stones
Hebrew Oracle
Angelic Messengers
Heaven's Ladder
Tabernacle Contents
Brasen Serpent of Moses
Sepher Yetzirah
Creation Myth
Noah's Ark
Ezekiel's Wheels
Daniel's Four Beasts
Writing on the Wall
Book with 7 Seals
Daniel Time Lines
John's Four Beasts
Masters & Reincarnation
The Plates of Mormon
Nostradamus WTC 911
City at 45 Degrees
Codes in the Bible
Revelations Decoded
Time Travel
Fulfilled Prophecies

I also like dancing, woodwork, and watching motor racing.

I also run a community Hobby Club that incorporates Electronic Organ Music, Puppet Making, Embroidery, making Wooden Castle sets, and studying Ancient Mysteries.

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 12:06 AM
Hello Eddy and welcome.

Sounds like you keep real busy.

I hope you enjoy what fellow ATSers can share with you


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