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Minor offences could land you on DNA Database

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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 10:40 PM

Drivers stopped for speeding - or even for failing to wear a seatbelt - could soon be placed on the 'Big Brother' DNA database for life.

The most trivial offences, such as dropping litter, would also lead to samples being taken under sweeping new powers which police are demanding.

The samples would stay on the database, alongside those of murderers and rapists, even if the people involved were later cleared of any wrongdoing.

Here we go again!

The latest push by the U.K. government to expand the rapidly growing database of personal information.

Even if enough people kick up a fuss about this, it will still creep in. Slowly and incrimentally.

It's funny how people (U.K.) seem quite accepting of new schemes and most, have no idea where they could lead.

I said goodbye to the U.K. some years ago and think it's a pretty messed up place to be honest.

They argue that, just because a person initially commits a low-level misdemeanour such as dog fouling, it does not mean they will not progress to the gravest crimes.

are they serious? My dog poops so now I'm gonna mug a granny!

Full Daily Mail Article

Big brother better not knock on my door.....My Body is private and I ain't no suspect!

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