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Getting To The Bottom Of The Federal Reserve?

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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 02:58 PM
Evening fellow nuts.

This is my first post, so I'll just give a short introduction so you see where I'm coming from.

Like many of you I got to know the conspiracy world through the 911 controversy, Loose Change 1 being my first experience. From there it has gone hand in hand. From Russo to Maxwell, Rothschild to Illuminati, Jones to Watt. I've seen alot and I've read alot in many different areas covering possible conspiracies. So like most of you I'm at the point where you know somethings definitely going on, but the specifics of the plan(s) are still pretty much unknown.

That's why I decided to focus my efforts and try to uncover iron clad proof in one area after the other. The FED seemed like a proper place to start.

We know the FED is the tool in which the elite excersise their power through the worlds most powerfull nation. We know this because so many persons with insider knowledge has told us so, and because many of them later died untimely deaths. We know this because the institution is unconstitutional. We know this because it's always the same people benefitting from economic crashes instigated by the nature of money supply.

So I tried to find out exactly how this is done. I learned about dividends, shareholder information, public vs. private, the 5% rule, the member banks and the board of directors. I cross referenced names and owners, I looked at the structure and history of the most plausible companies, and I read alot of sites dedicated to the FED scam. I tried and I tried, and although I saw a ton of circumstantial evidence, in the end the same question remained: How do they actually do this?

By accident I saw an article by Dr. Edward Flaherty, and with the most intelligent breakdown I've yet seen he gave me a real challenge in proving that the FED operates merely as a tool for hidden interests.

So since I'm now tired of reading page up and down with irrelevant and tiresome information, and have recently engaged in debates with people who know alot more about economics than me (and I can't penetrate their sjargon), I turn to the experts of this community:

How does the Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc. exactly excersise their power in this system? What is the step by step process here? How are the orders passed down? How are their insiders put into place?

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