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silver ufo

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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 10:56 AM
hello everybody.

i hope you are all fine. i have some little news for you.
no photographic evidence. but it also was impossible to capture what i see, because it happened so fast.

as usual, i would watch out for ufos, maybe 15 minutes long.

no stars visible, weather was overcast, it did rain a lot before and it was maybe 2:30 am or something. i got disappointent and just when i wanted to turn around to go inside something was shooting in out of nowhere from the right, behind or above a forest, where other ufos were spotted yet. it was a silver light. after stopping with an immediate halt, it then maneuvered smoothly back to the right, while descending a little. it looked like it moved inside the forest or behind it, i dont know. when it had descended its lights went off.

this all happened maybe in 3 - 5 secs, very short. some seconds later another small orange / red light would appear over the forest, but very small.

the silver craft appeared so fast, it looked so unreal.

and before all that, i saw something else, it was orange and looked like a disc and it hovered near those power lines in my hometown, i think. but i thought it would be something inside the forest, it was too hard to tell because of the darkness and the distance. and it disappeared after glowing up some times.

i hope you liked the story, best regards.

ps: i just saw an orb or something hovering for some minutes pretty high in the sky. i called someone to watch it, too, but then it faded away.

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