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A bundle of random questions...(long time truther) Clip analysis

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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 01:13 AM
: Enter my brain of random questions and thoughts...
This audio is from the Recordings from Flight 11

Quite a few times this flight attendant Betty says that the passengers are having trouble breathing...and that some type of mace or gas was being used and that they could not get into the cockpit.

Betty: "[unintelligible] the back, um, the cokpit is not answering, somebody's stabbed in business class- and I,um, think there's mace-that we can't breathe-I dont know. I think we're getting hijacked."

Then later say that they cant even get into that area of the plane BECAUSE of the gas/mace stuff that was sprayed.

Can mace do this and be this strong and potent? or do you think maybe it WAS a gas that was release (by who ever)???

If the hijackers were just setup drones and thought they were just par taking in drills...then how come they stabbed people on these flights, FOR REAL, and not just act it out like in a practice drill???

In this clip: Rumsfeld mistakenly says flight 93 was shot down
Newcast showing the crash site of United 93 [Live on 9/11]
As for wreckage, officals have found "NOTHING larger then a phone book"

*GOTO around 1:25
-Notice the crater in the ground is directly in front of this houses garage door drive way? you can see a house(?) or farm shack(?) Does anybody know what this house was or whose is was?

-and notice the size of this crater/hole in the ground compared to the farm house behind it...that really was a very small crater.

There is no way a plane can crash into an open field like that and and not leave a BIGGER crash site...with NO large plane parts everywhere....with no luggage or passengers...not catching any of the house or surounding property to set on fire...that house seriously looks like its a couple hundred feet away from the 'hole' and its completely untouched.
Flight 93 was safetly landed? I've heard of this in many other clips. A plane with a supposed bomb on-board had been evacuated...

"This is the captain, please remain seated, ah, there is bomb aboard , we are going to make [unknown] and...[?], remain quiet..." says supposed hijacker
Clip on this from loose change.
Here: flight 93 crashes near camp david?

Q: wtf is up with all the various reports of 93?
Testimony that the vice president knew of the flight path of Flight 77.

How is it that no interceptions were made of Flight 77 if even the vice president was monitoring this flight? if they were tracking it, why didnt they DO something? This is the plane that was supposed to hit the pentagon. How does this testimoney fit with the theory that a plane DID NOT hit the pentagon, but more likely a missle or a global hawk drone plane?

They DID lie about the flight path of Flight 77 and the pentagon attack because the gov't records show errors, such as how did the lightpoles get knocked down near the pentagon, even though these supposed lightpoles are out of the reach of the 'official stories' flight path???

and whats with the reports of the white bomb van exploding in DC and other places
truck bomb FOUND! 2 men arrested!?
confirmed truck bomb reports...or just a call made to the media to add more confusion?

I just wanted your guys' comments on my rambles

[edit on 1-8-2007 by ready4truth]

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 02:21 AM
First ill talk about flight 93. After looking at the hearings regarding the
" order" this could be looked at in a different way, Let me explain.

The plane that he is refering to may be a fighter jet, and the order may be to shoot a missile into the pentagon. Like the guy said, he didnt know the specifics of the order. And he then says that fighters where deployed out of virginia then he say's to him self " my god, i think there going to shoot that plane down( refering to the plane being tracked in virginia).

Now regarding the recordings from flight 11, Listen to the first recording of what you say is the terrorist saying they have a bomb on board. What i heard is "They have a bomb on board" The terrorist would not say they, He would have said we. And betty ong says they dont know who is in the cockpit with the pilots. Then she tells the person on the other end when asked what seat these highjackers where in exactly where they where seated. I find that whole taped call highly suspicious. If we had the whole tape then we could figure it all out. assuming that the tapes where not faked. If you want links to any of these claims ive made, look in 9/11 forum and i have posted a lot in there about this event. I dont want to double post a link that ive already posted. You will have to look and find my replies to other persons post's. One is called lets speculate on what happened to the passengers of flight 11. And the other one is why the molten steel argument must stop. Im looking for the answers like most of us, but i lean towards it being something that our goverment did and not an act of international terror. You say your a truther, But i see you are even asking questions because somethings just dont make sense. Also i must say that when a body is cremated, It takes a temperature of 1500 degrees to 1900 degrees f. and atleast 3 hours. So anyone who says those bodys burned up in the crash in that field should look at the facts. I have been arguing that point for a long time. There should have been body parts and large pieces of that plane all over the ground. and the fire would not be isolated to that small hole. There wasn't even any burnt grass around the hole, Just inside of it. Totally impossible. Thanks for listening to my arguments.

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 10:36 AM
Listen VERY carefully: Betty Ong is reading from a script handed to her by some black ops guy no doubt...I have NO doubts that the war games being carried out that day were used on board with the affected flights to involve the passengers and crew in an " exercise ' that they were told would help them in the future; a role playing game of sorts.

How else to account for the totally odd things that they ' callers ' said on the phones? Todd Beamer has to ask him Mom over and over is she believes him? What?? And gives her his last name as if the woman had ten sons named Todd and they all had last names? What?? And Betty Ong sounds exactly like a person trying to sound concerned while sounding absolutely NON frightened..she sounds almost casual in the way she speaks, does she not?

It makes NO SENSE to talk about Mace unless the spray was on someone or within a few feet. Mace sticks to a person; it is not an areosol but a fast drying liquid that cannot spread more than a few feet even when sprayed randomly. No, there was no tear gas and no knives and no bombs and no gas masks for the highjackers to use; it is all a staged play in many parts pulled off well but with many problems.

Pilots do NOT give up the cockpits to highjackers, never. Not without a fight and a big one in cramped spaces. NOT ONE plane managed to get off a HIGHJACK CODE even tho it takes only a second to do. That alone is proof positive that the planes were highjacked remotely. NO WAY that those nutjobs allegedly on the flight ( A-rabs ) could have flown those planes without the training and ability to plot courses.

Listen to Betty Ong, her voice, her words, and imagine some Fed standing there with a script and urging her to continue the game. It is beyond the odds that the official story could be true, no way.

this was just the part of the plan meant to clear up any doubts in the minds of the sheep who accept the governments wordss as gospel. those of us with critical thinking abilities see right thru it.

Betty, like Todd and the rest were bit players in a game of ' provide answers " that the people who set this up had to have as a way of explaining some of the other ' anomalies '. It is just later upon layer of deception; that is the way they pull off these things.

Some day the truth will come out; hopefully before the Bush / Cheney cabal is able to slip away to some fortified palace in a land that does not extradite( hmm, why are the Bushies buying all that land in Paraguay and such?)..Cheney was the front man in the plan that kept the missles coming into the Pentagon to kill the accountants that were trying to unravel the 3 TRILLION dollars missing from the Pentagon; just coincidence, right? Suuure.

There are TOO many loose ends that the perp's just could not account for; any plan has things happen that mess things up; having the media complacent and dumb is a help, as is the nature of the people to trust. THAT will be our downfall if we do not find a way to get the truth out to all the people. We have been highjacked all right, by the NeoCons and the Israeli's and the Pakistanis and Saudi Arabians; qui bono? Who profits?

The answer to that is the answer to who pulled the strings.

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 12:40 PM

Originally posted by ready4truth
If the hijackers were just setup drones and thought they were just par taking in drills...then how come they stabbed people on these flights, FOR REAL, and not just act it out like in a practice drill???

Who's ever said that any hijacker thought he was just going through a drill?

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 12:45 PM
i would rather believe that the voice heard was of a already pre-recorded drill. wouldnt that be easiar...that would be more efficent, wouldnt you say?

So, do you guys support the theory that the planes were switched? or do you believe the hijackers really flew that same planes that hit the trade center towers?

Alex jones speculates that the passengers were gased and the planes were remote controlled, and flown into the towers...but im sure mostly all commecial airliners, if not all, are not equipped with the programming and equipment to do this switch from manual flight -into- remote control override, right?

This technology does exsist...but they would have had to gone in while the plane was under maintenance and install all this jazz. doesnt sound very probable.

The fact that the pilots were told to turn off their transponders (their flight ID) is suspicous but fitting in with this drill excersise on that day. if the pilots were told by...American Airlines Communications to do so?or...who? and if so...did they land somewhere else...all the planes? some of them?

Yes sir, someday, someone will spill the beans! that days is hopefully coming sometime VERRRRY SOON?!

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