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Is the NWO headed for self-collapse?

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posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 11:37 PM
I just wanted to give some simply observations and see where people go with it.

Ok, so for those of us who suspect the existence of a New World Order of some sorts, you probably believe the following

-they are manipulating the US gov to create a North American Union (NAU for short)
and adopt the Amero

-They are using corporations to try and enslave the middle east for oil to drive the economies of the EU and NAU.

-They MAY be driving a conflict between the West and a possible future "Asian Union" of sorts to gain money from arms deals.

-They are trying to steel you rights

So, now that that's down, let me show you what I think could drive this NWO into self destruction, or separation and civil war.

In some cases, the NWO seems to want to drive the dollar upward so that Americans buy gas and make them rich so that they can enslave the Middle East and drive the economy for war, or at least lower the dollar temporarily to justify Iraq.

In other cases, however, they seem to be wanting the Dollar to collapse entirely so that in an economic depression, they can justify the NAU and the adoption of the Amero.

They seem to want an oximoron. If either side allows the other their way, they lose their profits. The only way is either there are 2 NWOs or the NWO is dividing up between pro-oil, pro-dollar, and pro-war and pro-NAU, pro-amero, and pro-war also. If this is true, I would like to pose the question:

Is the NWO heeded toward self-destruction or civil war due to it's own stupidity and faulty planning? Or do I have it wrong somehow?

I guess I would like to see the debate from this to try and clear my mind and gather more facts.

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