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How can you honestly believe in God.

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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 08:53 PM
I most definitely believe in an all powerful God. I grew up with evolution and all the other bunk being taught in public schools being taught as fact. It wasn't until my late 30's that I had a road to Damascus type conversion. From that time forward I have an unwavering belief in God and it is the God of the bible. Just ask Christ into your life and believe with all your heart, and he will reveal himself to you. I don't believe aliens modified our DNA even if that were the case then we are back to the question of who created the aliens. There has to be a beginning. Since God transcends both time and space he doesn't have to have a creator because there is no time or cause and effect in his realm. That was created when he created our known universe.

If there was a so called big bang then all information and I do mean all info must have existed in that compressed matter. That includes everything that was and will be. You, I intelligence everything was there in that moment. Then look at all the order from the atom to the universe, the eco system and the whole shebang. What holds us together? why don't our atoms just fly off into space? What is conscience? How are we able to fathom eternity?

Just far to many questions that science cant explain and evolution just doent make any sense at all. I lived on a farm, when cows had baby's that had a genetic flaw the parent detected it and refused to nurse it. If small genetic flaws took place back in the day then they would have died off because the parents would let it die.

Besides man and woman would have to have evolved simultaneously. If one evolved with out the other then poof death of the species.

Many claim the bible has no scientific fact but those who make such claims obviously haven't read the book. It has been proven to be both historically correct and archeology correct and thats not even the core of the bible.

For the naysayers I challenge you to take a objective look at the bible and read it through with an open mind rather than regurgitate the crap that you have heard from others.

When the dead sea scrolls were found there was less than 3% error from those written 3 thousand years ago and our present book. To me that takes away the whole bible has been changed over the years argument.

Again for those of you who truly seek the truth and want to deny ignorance then I challenge you to get on your knees and admit we are all sinners and ask Christ into your life, let him be made manifest in your life and I will garuntee he will and you will never be the same again.

It worked for me and Im the worst sinner of all or atleast I was. God bless you all believers or not, I pray that Christ will be made known in your lifes before it is too late..

BTW the commandment that says thou shall not kill should have read thou shall not commit murder. There is a difference. Peace to all my brothers and sisters here on ATS, keep searching, knock and it shall be opened up to you.

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 09:09 PM
My biggest problem with this type of thinking is that people always say in one way or another, we must have been created by god, how else did we get here, how does this miricle happen without a God...Fine and dandy! But I ask yo at this moment. Is God sitting down at the dinner table right now saying There must be a God, How else did I get here? You say there must have been a beginning and POOF! There was God! You see in my way of seeing things there can not ever have been a beginning because there must always have been something before that. It would be like ariving at the end of the universe and finding a wall with a sign on it stating "This is the end of the universe" There must be something on the other side of that wall!

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 09:24 PM

Originally posted by tator3
So you believe in God for fear of burning for eternity. First of all, HELL is just a scare tactic.
GOD- "If you don't believe in me and do not do what I say, you will burn in a pit of fire over and over again for all eternity...btw, did I mention I love you"

I definitely do NOT believe in a god like that. I do personally believe in a higher power, whether that be one being or many I do not know. I find it easier to believe in a higher power because so many questions cannot be answered.

LOOK, most religions are ways to control the people, take away their freedoms and their money. Step out of the box and turn off the tunnel vision. Start thinking for yourself.

All I can say is best of luck to you and all the non believers!!

You have a one in two chance, that their is no god.

What do you win if you beat those odds??? I'll tell ya what you win, death is finall!!


posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 09:29 PM
Haven't gone through all this thread, did any one catch this?

Originally posted by Hexidecimal
Machines have been created, with very intelligent designs. Everything, is created, with intelligent designs.

Why not humans?

(edit: looks like you've watch the Matrix too many times btw, lol)

[edit on 1-8-2007 by ThatsJustWeird]

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 09:42 PM

Originally posted by Hexidecimal
Why do you, those that do, believe in God?

You cannot prove he exists.

I think he does. That doesn't mean i believe he's exactly the God of the bible or any other religion. Though if you have read the bible? You would find a lot of coincidental link ups between revelations and today. Yes it is a lot of what-ifs and extrapolations, but your computer does that to figure out its next process at times.

I know there's going to be people that say, "Well, you can't prove he dosn't either". So? I guess then I'll worship Bigfoot, The Easter Bunny, The Loch Ness monster, or any other mythical beast. You can't prove they dont exist either. "Theres no proof it does or doesn't, so it exists." I guess Wizards, Giants, heck, even Lygars exist.
lochness, wierd at first, hes a good guitarist!
well people do that stuff. wizardry. We are all connected together by existence, and the ether of time and space. Telepathy, Telekenisis, UFO encounters, all kinds of crazy stuff in the world. what the heck is a lygar?

Perhap's we live in a Simulated Universe.

perhaps your right..

It's highly possible. With the way technology is advancing, Perhaps the real year is the year 3000, and technology is so advanced, that we cannot tell it's virtual, and we beleive we are in the year 2007. You can't tell me I'm wrong, and I can't say im right. There's no evidence for either.

i saw a video i cant remember the name that stated many U.S officials believe in the ancient belief its actually the year 6007 or 6009 or something. sorry its only hear say until i find that link.

As with my discussion on Shelley yates, I'm going to state the same point. Religion Sells.

Just because many humans, not gods or proper representations, choose to impose their false beliefs for greed, and go to any potential hell that may be waiting. DOes not represent the biblical commands of God. Maybe because all those traditions got old, and werent created by God but by man in psychelic confusion of his own place in the universe? Many drugs were taken in those days.

someone, perhaps not even 100's of years ago, wrote the bible.

wow thats funny.. even though for the last 1500 years the bible has been the center of controversy. And is why it prophecies itself to be oppressed near the end times, as it is with china, and why God curses them with unrest, and a complacent fallen and happily comfortable enslaved by fear and represtion populace, not that all chinese are bad. not all americans are bad, or europians, or russians etc.. i mean to direct my thoughts towards evil censors of free thought and liars of a delusional state of thinking. God is everywhere seen by the ears and eyes in story, coincidence and metaphore for prophecy. he's the light in a time of darkness. the peace inside us, when the world is at war. yes its possible its only our connection to earth and a electro chemical reaction in us, but then maybe not.

[qoute]They sold it to make money, as it was a good story, and people, either intentional or not, took it as a religion.

Your forgetting all the good, like homeless shelters, hospitals, basic infrastructure today, was build and handed down by good people, who so if they believe in god or not, were still good people mostly. THey were like you though, human. unless your a lizard?

There is no proof it was written when it says it was.

either historical evidences elude you or you really dont want to believe something greater and in control of you no matter what exists. I think?

The Bible says it was written then, but that dosn't make it right. "Scriptures written back then say it was written then." So someone primitive wrote down some ideas, and someone later in time make a book out of them. Doesn't mean it was.

The bible is much more that stories to make racist ignorants claim it as a cause for slaughter like ne-nazis or right wing corporate whores to exploit people in there seeking, when they are ignorant like big big stage preachers or healers. There is much being ignored by secular athiests and others who dont care about christianity within the faith, its not the people of the religion, its the mouth pieces of the day and sytems they promote. And how they interpret things for a niave crowd of seekers.

All of what I tell you by the way is from my interpretation of the books of wisdom and some of the prophets, my memory verbatim isnt great, but i have a knack for figuring things out in the bible, whether Im right in the end doesnt matter, because its all meaningless.

Prove to me, your god. Why do you believe.

Prayer, silent, alone, and dont forget to have jesus deliver it, hes the only true bridge between our world and heaven..

I think its a super dimensional craft hes on. If hes real...???
its all in your level of faith.

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 09:46 PM
"All I can say is best of luck to you and all the non believers!!

You have a one in two chance, that their is no god.

What do you win if you beat those odds??? I'll tell ya what you win, death is finall!!


I will stick to my mustard seed grain of faith, and you can live in fear if it floats your boat

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 10:19 PM
What the Bleep Do We Know??" Watched it..."What the Bleep Don't We Know" should be the next film. No one knows for one. We know not what, about anything, God was put there for us to believe in something bigger than ourselves, something to answer all our question, without really saying a word. God is all ...What does God want from us, aside from all the religious books, rules and stories set down to paper by man...I don't believe God wants anything from us. If there is a one really knows for sure, its a way for people to explain their world is the truth of it. To judge and be do kind deeds or not. God explains their world and who they are and what they do, anyone who knows a little about science knows the earth was not made in a week. So...Religion or not...most people need to explain"Why" and God does that for most people.

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 10:38 PM
Good question Samnx, It's not about what we KNOW, but rather what we believe and that is handed to us for the most part by those who believed before us. Even science had some really silly notions not just that long ago. When I think that one day we may know all there is to know if that could be possible, it occurs to me that we may be on page one of the thickest book ever written!

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 01:53 AM
oh a god debate thread, I love theese.

First, I dont understand how anyone can ask someone to prove God does NOT exist? I mean how can you prove that, please tell me!

However when I ask someone to prove God DOES exist I tell em exactly what kind of proof I need to believe it. But just so happen to be that everything I want as proof God can't do because that's not "allowed" ?

Look, I dont have the slightest problem with religion. People can pray to whatever they want. It's when people try to impose their beliefs onto others I get mad. This goes for non-believers aswell mind you.

When I grow up they tought both science, biology AND religion. This is the way it should be! Then I can choose whatever I want to believe or study further when I grow up.
When people indirectly force children to believe a particular way by feeding them a one-sided story I get mad.

Oh! And if God can do ANYTHING can God make a stone so heavy he can't lift it?

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 04:02 AM
I'm just going to make it short and simple.

If you confuse logic with religion, you're already not able to understand why we Atheists don't believe in such travesties of nature.

Good luck with the discussion.

[edit on 2-8-2007 by Donoso]

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 04:13 AM

Just far to many questions that science cant explain and evolution just doent make any sense at all. I

1. That is no reason to say there's a god.

2. Science theories are constantly getting improved, and new things are discovered everyday.

Renember, it's not like god explains everything either. My opinion anyways.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 04:19 AM
Ok, so this thread is total BS considering that people have been argueing this for ages, but I have to put in my little bit which heaps of people have probibly said already.

Im a Christian, it works for me, I know God is there because I have seen evidence that he is there, I dont have any physical proof, apart from me being here but thats not the point. He has healed me, my family and my friends in situations that make it pointless to assume that its all in my head. Ive seen things happen, Ive felt his presence and he has spoken to me through his word (the Bible) and through others.

If you dont believe in him stop making a fuss about it all and get on with your life. It works for me and all the other believers and if you want to go and find happyness and peace through other means (apart from God) go ahead and we will see you on the otherside.

Sorry for not reading the whole thread, I just had to get that out lol.


posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 06:39 AM

Originally posted by redseal
All I can say is best of luck to you and all the non believers!!

You have a one in two chance, that their is no god.

What do you win if you beat those odds??? I'll tell ya what you win, death is finall!!


You honestly believe that the god who supposedly created the universe and all life in it, who performs miracles, protects and looks out for his creation, will condemn someone to eternal damnation just because that someone doesn't believe in his existence?

That's absurd in my opinion.. but oh well I can understand how someone who takes the bible seriously will believe in that, since such act is really nothing compared to the child sacrifices ordered by god, just to test the faith of men.

Originally posted by funky monk
Ok, so this thread is total BS considering that people have been argueing this for ages[...]

If you dont believe in him stop making a fuss about it all and get on with your life.

What is it with this objection of 'believers' to talk about religion and god with non-believers?

Dialogue is an important aspect of our society, it helps us to advance and understand each other.

It's through dialogue and reflection that Man defines it's laws, principles and morals. It's not through the 'word of god'.

If the 'word of god' ruled the world we'd still be burning women for adultery, among other 'fun' things.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 07:44 AM

Originally posted by Trauma
LOOK, existence itself is a paradox. According to our knowledge, nothing should exist because WHATEVER it may be that created us, has to have a creator, and so on.

who says that exactly?

sorry, but here I may come again, bible scriptures tell us about God, that He was(is) the First. no anything cameth before Him.

just a bible scripture.. I'm pondering too, in fact we should take it on in our belief, that He is the first! Maybe we shall come to the essence of that.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 07:49 AM

Originally posted by pai mei
The void is no mere emptiness, but is real, free and existing. It is the source from which all things arise and return. It cannot be seen, touched or known, yet it exists and is freely used. It has no shape, size, colour or form, and yet all that we see, hear, feel and touch is "it". It is beyond intellectual knowing and cannot be grasped by the ordinary mind. When we suddenly awake to the realization that there is no barrier, and has never been seen, one realizes that one is all things, mountains, rivers, grasses, trees, sun, moon, stars, universe are all oneself. There is no longer a division or barrier between myself and others, no longer any feeling of alienation or fear. Realizing this, results in true compassion. Other people and things are not seen as apart from oneself, on the contrary, as one's own body

- Bruce Lee

This, in essence I find to be very real and true, and greatly said. this Bruce Lee had insight mate. was open minded! and true!

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 07:52 AM
I think most of the people try to have a belief of what God is, but it is to reach the true essence of that which is which resembles God. One should not take any vision of God on him; like a man in the clouds or something, then again , in the years of childhood this may be a helpfull tool of some sorts but as the child is raised and reaches the essence of that which is the man is saturated by God within himself.

a thought, one I'd go with.

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 09:06 AM
i infact only half believe some of the stuff they say is total crap but some maybe true but intill they can prove all of it god is a fake

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 09:16 AM
God holds you together, don't take a place within him and everything will be shattered. All connectivity will be lost without!

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 10:28 AM
my 2 cents about this god crap.

Correct me if im wrong...

Science says we never experience matter directly.

We see, hear, touch, taste ect with our brains not with our eyes, mouth, nose ect

Science will tell you that your 5 senses can only capture a small fraction of the color, sound ect spectrum...

Do you experience reality or your perception of reality within the limitation of your nervous system?

Could we be living in a holographic universe?

Science says we are 3rd dimensional beings.

Science says time is the 4th dimension among 11 or 12.

What if time doesnt apply to every counscious life forms in our universe?

Now what if you are a 5th dimensional being; does that mean your living outside of time?

what if laws of biology, physics ect dont apply to life in higher dimensions than our own.

last time i checked science claims to have "universal" answers about life yet they never found any outside this planet.

If time doesnt apply to every counscious life forms in our universe, what then?

Eternity? a dimension of eternal life, knowledge and bliss?

Is there a possibility that the quest for the origin of life is futile since it could have originated outside of time?

Did counsciousness evolve out of matter or is it the other way around?

Does an absolute(god) exists?

if so it is free of any influence including time wich traps the knowledge inside your mind.

Does that mean you cannot think your way to god?

Can we even grasp such a concept...

Maybe you can feel the truth?

Maybe God is just the shared counsciousness of the combined life forms in this universe.

Both The best of us and the worst of us.

Asking god to save you is like asking yourself if you should take a # when you feel like taking one.

Stop asking and do it yourself.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 01:59 PM
I think you have to define what god is before you go making statements or assumptions. I tend to lean more towards the eastern beliefs of consciousness spirit etc rather than the common big man with beard in the sky we see from religions in the west. Is god a big man in the sky? or is god the complete collusion of all energy in the universe desribed in a single word. Indeed is the idea of God simply the shared consciousness of all living beings in the universe as the previous poster to me stated? Who knows?

What I would say is though is that arguing about the existence of god is kind of pointless, let people believe what they want to believe. None of us are going to prove either way anytime soon and if peoples beliefs result in them being better people, then who can complain. Religion itself is not the problem, people are, we always have been and always will be. We are all different and seem unable to find a common ground or purpose as a species. God or no god we would still kill each other. If everyone was an atheist, the world would be a much worse place, if your actions in life mean nothing in the long run, why bother being a good person? The sense of resposibilitywould kind of seem pointless, may as well just have a good time and make the most of it.

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