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Pseudo magnetism?

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posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 08:22 PM
I am slightly hesitant about posting this in the paranormal studies forum, but I am not sure about where else it may fit.

Basically a year or so back, the plastic handle on my light pull cord in my bathroom, which hangs parallel to the right hand edge of my metallic towel holder/radiator, got stuck to the right hand edge of the radiator. It was as if it was somehow suspended magnetically.

I thought it was weird, so I poked it. It fell and swung freely. Despite my efforts it would not get stuck again. I thought nothing more.

We now have a different pull handle, which is heavy and made of metal. When I got out of my shower tonight I was messing around with the condensation on the right hand side of the shower with a towel, wiping it. Suddenly, without me touching it, the pull handle swung and stuck to the radiator. I suddenly recalled the time before.

I dried and went and got my camera. I will not be posting the video right now, because my aim is not to prove this happened, but to see if any of you guys know what might have caused this. I poked the pull handle and it just wobbled (as a curved magnet against a curved magnet/piece of metal might do). I poked it slight harder and the same thing happened.

I eventually decided to pull it away from the radiator, and it came away easily and started to swing. It swung for a while without seeming to slow down.

I then took the handle and tried to stick it back to the radiator again, I did not expect to succeed, as I hadn't before. But it did.

After sticking and unsticking this several time, the handle no longer stuck.

As far as I am aware, the house is level. The cord hangs parallel to the radiator, as previously stated.

I'm sure that this is not due to magnetic forces, because it occurred before with a plastic pull cord handle.

It seems to be due to some kind of pseudo magnetic force...

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 08:28 PM
Something similar to static cling maybe? A difference in electrostatic charge? What about Coanda effect?

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 04:41 AM
I also forgot to mention that the handle did not stick when I used the cord to touch it against the radiator. I had to actually touch the metal handle with my fingers.

I am not suggesting that this is some kind of mystic force coming from within me, simply that perhaps it is related to electricity and the fact that I would act as an earth.

This morning I tested both the radiator and the handle for magnetism. The radiator is very magnetic, and the handle very subtly. Neither are magnets. But this would not explain why this happened with the plastic before - it was completely plastic and there was no metal inside.

The Coandă effect is an interesting idea, but I'm sure this isn't the cause. It is the middle of the Summer, so there is no flow within the radiator, and the condensation had dried when the handle was sticking.

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