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A Day At The Beach

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posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 02:41 PM
So I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin'................So I says to myself, Self? Like what's the big deal about the beach and stuff? I hate sand, salt water, the sun, heat, and crowds. Don't get me started on those Seagulls.

Like one time I was walkin' on the beach and there was this Seagull. I had like this really cool tasty donut and stuff in my hand. That seagull was lookin' at my really cool tasty donut. I never trusted that seagull. That seagull thought he was so cool. Flyin' around, walkin' on the beach, eatin' fish and garbage and stuff. That seagull came flyin' over and snatched my really cool tasty donut. Then he was makin' that seagull laughin' sound. I know he was laughin' at me and stuff. I hate that seagull.

And like those crabs pinchin' your toes and stuff. And like those crabs are always givin' me dirty looks and stuff. I hate crabs.

And like I always seem to have the fat guy with more body hair than Sasquatch, and the real tiny bathin' suit settin' up his towel next to mine. Yeah it's real nice watchin' him eat the entire time, and like when he's pickin' the crumbs out of his chest hair and eatin' those crumbs, I wish that a tsunami would come. And his wife is screamin' the entire time at the kids. Yep rather than go down to the kids she sits on her towel and yells at them...."Frankie! Stop doin' that to your sister!"
or "Annie! ANNIE! Listen to me! ANNIE!"
or "Frankie! Go get your father another hot dog! Just do it! Don't give me that look!"
Yeah! Now that's relaxin'.......

And you have those guys who are like surf fishin' and stuff. They have like these really big fishin' rods and stuff stickin' out of the sand with that fishin' line goin' into the water and stuff. One time I was runnin' on the beach and like I ran into one of those fishin' lines and almost decapitated myself! I hate surf fishin'! Now like I go into the water with a pair of fancy pliers and stuff. And like I'll sneak over to those fishin' lines in the water, and grab those fishin' lines with those fancy pliers and pull real hard. Those fisherman think they have somethin' really big and stuff. Then when those fishin' guys pull on their really big fishin' poles real hard I let go of those fishin' lines, and those fishin' guys fall on their butts. I bet they're so surprised!

And like when you're swimmin' you get those jellyfish. Jellyfish think they're so cool. Swimmin' around, stingin' people, bein' all soft and stuff. I hate jelly fish.

Hmmmm................. I'd rather go snow skiin' and stuff! Yeah!

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 02:45 PM
I was completely entertained by this story. Keep up the good work.

Did you notice the fat chicks in tiny swimsuits too? The bigger they are the smaller the suit. Life can be so unfair.

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 04:37 PM
Oh man Lombozo I have plans to go to the beach tomorrow to. Now I'm gonna be laughing the whole time.As for dbates, damn near fell off my chair laughing.Good thing I'm a little chick in a little suit or you would be in trouble.


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