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A Global Issue

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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 12:34 AM

Originally posted by Terran Blue
Grabbing your guns will not be the sole answer to your issues, and I commend those here who look also at political and science angles. I propose to you all that to win you need at least these three key weapons:


Well, I only have to agree with this, as it's all true.

The one thing I have an issue with here is the lack of suggestion when it comes to this topic. You bring up several good points, all of which have been discussed ad nauseum.

The one question we all should be asking, and have been asking for these past weeks, is what do we do about it? What are our actual options, should we decide that now is the time to set things right? We all can agree that it's time for change, but we cannot seem to come to any agreement on WHAT the mode of change should be.

That is the question that plagues us right now.

Like you said, grabbing our guns isn't the only solution, but it is A solution, should the need arise for such action. That was set before us by the Founders, and for anyone to try to take that right away from us would constitute a direct violation of this nation's very sovereignty.

However, I'm an advocate of leaving that as a last resort, since I'm more interested in the preservation of all life, and the betterment of the life that exists here; not for just one, but for ALL mankind. The elite few need to start thinking this way, or at least be made to see how this will improve their existence, as when they do, change will come fast.

Now, since I'm asking you for a possible peaceful solution, I will provide one of my own. I do apologize in advance, as this may be a lengthy read. So, find some popcorn, and get comfortable...

My solution starts out simply enough. What we need is the unified world goal of reaching for the stars. To get there though, we'll need to realize how close we are to being wiped out by an extraterrestrial force, whether it be an intelligent one, or a simple rock. The point here is to get everyone behind one proposal.

Once that happens, we can all focus on the main goal, getting man onto other worlds as fast as we can. Once we set out these goals, the world's current problems will become the world's most desired commodities.

For example, we will need as many people as we can possibly get on this already-crowded rock together, so that we can train them and ship them off to colonies on other worlds. Now tell me, if you will, who wouldn't be interested in a life like that, when the alternative would be to lay dying in a third-world country somewhere? Chances are that they'd take their chances on the new planet, knowing that they'd stand a better chance of survival there than if they remained here. This would solve the overcrowding issue that besets us right now, as is being discussed in this thread here.

Secondly, there would be an unending supply of job openings, as new positions would be needed daily. We'd need people to do all of the stuff, from manufacturing the parts, to growing the supplies that the travelers would use. This would end the unemployment issues that we're having, as there would be so many things that we'd need help getting prepared for.

Also, as a result of all of these new jobs, huge sums of money would be being put forth to make sure that this effort succeeded. The people being hired to do these jobs would be being paid adequately for their work, depending on the position in which they fill. Either way, it would have to be a livable one as otherwise, we wouldn't be able to count on them to come to work everyday. And in this venture, we'd need every single hand that we could get. This would, in my humble opinion, solve the economic problems facing every person in today's very capitalist world.

Once we reach the next planet(oid), we could begin to harvest materials that would be used to start up a fully-functional civilization there. There will be exploratory robots sent ahead of our going there though, so that we might get the basic survival structures set up in advance of our arrival. That way, once we get there, we can immediately begin settling in, and start production on all of the things that we'll need to continue our survival. Once we accomplish that, then we could begin to set up a commerce lane with Earth, which could be used to send supplies to and from whichever planet(oid) that we happen to be on.

And finally, this whole process will be in the hopes of preserving the rights and the very existence of humankind. Should we be able to stand up to all of these difficult challenges, I believe that we could come out on top, leading the way to a more evolved civilization as a whole. What we really need though is the people to stand up and declare their intentions when it comes to such things. Should we make that stand, we can accomplish anything that we put our minds to.

In my semi-educated opinion, this is the only single solution that will solve the majority of the problems that we as a planet, no, civilization, face. If we can surpass this hard time, we'll be boundless in what we can become.

Now, if there's anything in the above proposal that you find erroneous, please let me know. I tried to make it as brief as I could, but had a hard time, as you can tell. I hope that there's plenty of room for something like this in the near future, as the opportunities for growth on a galactic scale are limitless. All we need to do is to make that first step to a colony on another world, and we'll be set.

The major objective though always has been, and always will be, the preservation of our existence in the universe. It would be a true pity to lose such an intelligent creature to something so silly as fear of the unknown.

What say you?


posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 12:56 AM
How soon we forget.....The Clintons, Clinton's unwillingness to use force abroad: how it emboldened America's enemies,Clinton's kernel of lawlessness: how he admitted that any illegality -- even accepting money from the Chinese -- was justified by his belief in the self-evident goodness of his own re-election,The amazing story of Susan McDougal's refusal to testify about Whitewater ..What Clinton's efforts to dodge the Vietnam draft , Clinton's welfare reform bill: a substantive disaster, How the Slick One sold out U.S. national security to campaign contributors , The feminization of the military: why this could be Clinton's longest-lasting and most damaging legacy. Why September 11 is the unmistakable result of Clinton's misplaced priorities and lack of true vision as a leader,Clinton's scandals: why they were very real --so real that in fact he did deserve impeachment,the Lewinsky scandal Why Janet Reno failed
n and on and Hillary is the angry one, all the afraid be very afraid. Too much to name here..remember the soldier's body being draged down the street, now where was that? We have had a few bad presidents, yes...and everyone is about to put him back in there with Hillary at the helm...this is going to be the very dark years for America coming in your voting booth very soon. Some of the early casualties in the Engine Room include some fifty associates and bodyguards connected to Bill Clinton, who are now dead, mostly from highly suspicious, brutal "suicides"? James McDougal, Mary Mahoney, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, C. Victor Raiser II, Montgomery Raiser, Paul Tulley, Ed Willey, Jerry Parks, James Bunch, James Wilson, Kathy Ferguson, Bill Shelton, Gandy Baugh, Florence Martin, Suzanne Coleman, Paula Grober, Danny Casolaro, Paul Wilcher, Jon Parnell Walker, Barbara Wise, Charles Meissner, Dr. Stanley Heard, Barry Seal, Johnny Lawhorn Jr., Stanley Huggins, Hershell Friday, Kevin Ives, Don Henry, Keith Coney, Keith McMaskle, Gregory Collins, Jeff Rhodes, James Milan, Jordan Kettleson, Richard Winters, Major William S. Barkley Jr., Captain Scott J. Reynolds, Sgt. Brian Hanley, Sgt. Tim Sabel, Major General William Robertson, Col. William Densberger, Col. Robert Kelly, Spec. Gary Rhodes, Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Conway LeBleu, Todd McKeehan.

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 07:37 AM
I would like to thank you all for your comments and support, firstly, and to say I am pleased that there are people considering this issue at length.

I must point out though, that despite their good intentions in posting, some in this thread appear to have completely failed to grasp one of my key points, and indeed, the point that this thread is named after: this being a global issue. Please, you need to expand your scope to see as much of the big picture as possible.

Originally posted by newyorkee
The world is the battle ground, our country is our fair share of the fight, but eventually we'll need to look at the bigger picture. For since the dawn of what time we are told of ,they have been our kings, our profets, our saviors, and even our gods. We must end them and simultaniously restore ourselves. I wonder if one must preceed the other?

I am of the view that we can do what you say in tandem, newyorkee, though perhaps restoring ourselves will lag behind getting rid of Them. Educating people to the true nature of the world is key. Giving them sight, if you will, as they cannot stand up to what they dont see.

Originally posted by bassistchris
But back to this idea, I agree, But, what the heck can we do without organization? And with almost everything being monitored now, how could we organize?

There are a host of books you can find that will show you how to organize, but personally, I would recommend that you start by joining into small, political activist groups. Once there, seek out other like minded groups, and build a network, a Political Alliance. Other things will follow, which I will not go into here.

You must set security clearance style thinking in your head though when organizing a politically active group. Need to know basis, who have you known for years, who is this overzealous, obviously smarter than he makes out guy who has just turned up, desperate to join, etc etc. Create a ring of trusted people around you if you would be the leader, as one person cannot do it all, and a committee will be needed.

I will say this though: even though we are in the Net Age, do not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. I have buddies State-side who are helping out by simply telling people the truth regarding things like 9/11, The Fed, Halliburton, etc., and planting the seed of curiousity in the minds of the so-called 'sheep'. Often, a good tactic he uses is to imply something, then makes them go look for themselves. Sometimes, simply telling someone isnt good enough: they have to see it for themselves, which is another point to remember if you will seek to spread the word.

Evaluate your friends on their skills. Good communicators are invaluable to political organizations, for obvious reasons, and by that I dont just mean people who can talk well: I mean people who have experience in broadcasting or in marketing. BE AWARE though of giving any comms department too long a leash. If you are 'trated, and a worm gets into that barrel of apples, you are in deep crap. Well, you would be in general if one got anywhere, but you may be able to see what I am getting at.

Originally posted by Osyris
we should remember our reality is not everyones. Action and change follow information and education.

Precisely Osyris. I recently showed a friend of mine, a die hard Stars n Stripes Texan boy, the movie Zeitgeist. Now, I am aware that not all of us will agree with what Zeitgeist has to say, but personally, I think it is one of the best weapons I have recently been given in order to spread the message to people who are not seeing what we are seeing. The results were simply staggering. It shook him to his very core, and infuriated him. He never trusted Uncle Sam before, but now he knows to what extent he and his countrymen have been screwed over. He has no doubt gone away and has discussed this, or has at least tried, with others. Setting free the waters of knowledge, watching them flow out to other people, is absolutely vital. Obviously though, certain people will try and dam that stream, but we have options available to us.

Originally posted by TheBorg
The one question we all should be asking, and have been asking for these past weeks, is what do we do about it? What are our actual options, should we decide that now is the time to set things right? We all can agree that it's time for change, but we cannot seem to come to any agreement on WHAT the mode of change should be.

That is the question that plagues us right now.

There are things that can be done, but for now, I suggest most of us do as I suggest above, regarding political activism. Like I said, I have been doing this for years, and you cannot simply just turn up to the party without being prepped, or you fail outright. They have seen the majority of us coming, like I said.

Like you said, grabbing our guns isn't the only solution, but it is A solution, should the need arise for such action. That was set before us by the Founders, and for anyone to try to take that right away from us would constitute a direct violation of this nation's very sovereignty.

Agreed, it is an option, and I am fully aware that They will not listen to words alone. Some of us would be totally justified in predicting it will be inevitable, though obviously, we would like to keep violence to a minimum.

Regardiing your comment about 'this nation' though; would now be a good time to mention that I am not actually American?

My solution starts out simply enough. What we need is the unified world goal of reaching for the stars.

Ah Borg, it seems your thoughts are akin to mine. I am neotechnologist and pro space by nature, and what you describe is very much in line with my thinking, though with a few differences. But yes, we do need to strike out into space, and that will cause a different kind of thinking to develop in the minds of humans, I believe. But this is long term for me, as I cannot see it happening yet. I am pleased though that people are looking at the 'After' as well as the 'Now'.

I would like to point out though, that with Them in charge, your vision is unlikely to be realised, as they would eventually lose control. Keeping us on Earth serves them completely.

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 11:17 PM

Originally posted by Terran Blue
I would like to point out though, that with Them in charge, your vision is unlikely to be realised, as they would eventually lose control. Keeping us on Earth serves them completely.

Unless we can make them understand the impact that They could have on the growth of civilizations across the universe as a whole. The room from profit alone on a venture like this is unfathomable. If they know as much as we're giving Them credit for, then they know that this is an inevitable step that we must make. That being said, if we don't make the step soon, we may not be able to.

If They're so dead set on either all of us going or none of us going, then they need to be ousted as soon as possible, as They'd be only serving to hold Humankind back. They would be the Evil that we've all been trying to fight for several thousand years.

I hope that's not the case, because I have faith that all of humankind, at the core of their existence, wants the same kinds of things. If this weren't so, we wouldn't be squabbling over the mundane crap that we are right now, like some third-world country, and oil-rich land. Now, I know that the past sentence is a huge generalization, but that was intended to illustrate just how ridiculous all of this has become.

Time will tell though. I wish Them the best in whatever they try to do though, because they seem to be the only ones capable of anything at the moment. It's just too bad that they can't allow for evolution. Oh well, evolution will come, whether by nature or by force. Of one thing we can all be certain; when the People of Earth get tired of this, it will end. No sooner, and no later.


posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 07:55 PM
I guess the real deal is people knew 95% of the world would be destroyed if they did not do something, 100% of them would sit around and not give a crap.

have fun.

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 11:10 PM
This topic is great. I love it. Also, to add some questionable thought to the OP's statements about the internet. The internet is a source of information. They may fear that we use it to gain too much knowledge. But that's probably the easiest thing to deal with. It's called misleading people. And the internet is the best way to do so.

The info we may think we have may not be any real info at all. Hell, it may be real & terrible...but it may also be the distraction.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 05:24 AM
Everyone, great posts and interesting subject. One of the first threads I have seen that is all positive, has good discussions from members, sticks to the thread and tries to bring multiple angles together.

Life is one big puzzle and when you connect the right pieces the picture becomes more and more clear.

To throw another piece of the puzzle into this, and hopefully provide another angle (not action based, just information which may help one see things from another light, allowing for better decision making if one wants to take action), I would like to add something from the Mayan Calendar system and culture which may be relevant to this.

(ignore this part if the details do not interest you) Their calendar system (one of them) is constructed in nine step ladder, each step being smaller than the first and representing a smaller portion of time. To keep it simple, the first step goes from 4,5 billion years ago to say 230 million years ago, the last step (the one we are in now that finishes 2012) is only 13 years long. Every step is split into 6 days and 7 nights (or vice versa, I forgot sorry) but 13 in total anyway. On the 4th day good things happen to the planet, and on the 4th night bad things happen). Every step higher is also a higher level of human/planetary evolution so to say, having gone from individual, to family, to community, country etc.

Right now we are in the last 13 year step where apparently we go from being a global society to a galactic society. Up until now this calendar has been very accurate, and 2007/2008 will be crucial years (4th day & 4th night on the scale of 6 days & 7 nights).

For further info (9 hour documentary, sometimes boring but overall very informative) see the first link below:

I believe the part I mention about is also in this first part of three).

The question then being, if something is to happen during this time, what could it be (they suggest that as you go up a step, the level of desctruction is less than the previous step (eg, in step 4 of this calendar pyramid there was the comet explosion 65 million years ago, in step 7 of the pyramid calendar we had WWII, where considerably less damage was done to the planet) and how big could this event become?

My apologies for the horrible attempt at explaining how this calendar system works, which is why I have added the link to the Documentary so you can all hear it firsthand), but it has given me a different look at upcoming possible events than I had previously (watched this some 6 months ago).

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 01:54 AM
Just a bit burned out trying to get people to turn off "American Idol", put down the big mac and pay attention. I can no longer see any way to wake people up before it's too late, and all of our rights are gone. One of the last and finest rights just got trashed by proxy, the second ammendmant.
We can have arms, just not ammunition.
I am ready, for my family, and those that failed to learn from history are on their own.
I am lucky---far from cities, abundant wildlife, water if you know how to find it (I do), and lots of years lived in rustic conditions.
I can spend the rest of my life "under the radar" if necessary.

posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 12:00 PM
so heres an idea..lets face them now, before they impose theyre forced mass eugenics and genocidal madness on the populaces. Like I mean jailing, and striclty interogating all the worlds leadership. I mean what have they all been up to that its always war, selling, money control.

This world as it stands today never needed a violent wife beating system of repressed losers who like to taser people. Or stick them in dungeons and ruin theyre lives out of mere unsupported suspisions or political face saving.

The world is not yours ladies in gentlemen, it belongs to us now, and we should treat it like our later generations would want us to, not like our forbearers, but to make a sizable stride towards world peace, by using strict protectionism, not against just a psychoticly zealotous plague of religious throwbacks from a desert, but also from the throwbacks of jealousy, hatred and scheming bloodshed to get what they need sadistic behavour control drone masters in all our nations.

What i propose is we stamp out both the rebels and the warmongers. Using judgement and justice before its too late for us all.

posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by mastermind77
What i propose is we stamp out both the rebels and the warmongers. Using judgement and justice before its too late for us all.

Using Judgment and Justice won't get you anywhere. You know why? Because they shape for you (and I don't necessarily mean you specifically Mastermind) what you see as Judgement and Justice.

Amazing how many people accept Authority as Truth, rather than Truth as Authority. How many here, reading this now, once thought Justice would arrive on the back of a phony war in Iraq? The Judgement was CLEAR back then... Saddam, Al Qaeda, all in bed together, and they MUST be stopped!

The point is Mastermind, you say Judgement and Justice, and they laugh at you. They have repeatedly shown that both of those notions mean nothing to them. I, and people like myself, we don't laugh, we tend to pity. Because we know that while they are noble ideas, they won't get you anywhere fast. You say stamp out the rebels? The rebels will be the only thing stopping them. But then of course, there is also the distinct possibility that once all 'rebels' (political, spiritual, even thought rebels) have been removed, then they will go after Joe Public without anyone giving them Pause For Thought.

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 03:26 PM

However, what will happen when "they" are stopped.

It will never happen.

The "Elite" at the top have all the money they could possibly need already, theyve got their cars, Mansion complete with swimming pool, Private Jet & Company now they are only interested in making sure they stay there, Usually by buying out the competition for lump sums which in terms of expenditure/Profit is then made up very quickly and is a good sound long term investment, eg Coca-cola considering buying out BARR soft drinks (based in Scotland) which owns IRN BRU & Findlays the only soft drink to beat Coca Cola to #1 spot in any country anywhere in the world, Tesco buying out Safeway stores as well as other convenience stores.

the war in Iraq, any war for that matter involving countries like the US or UK guarantees money & contracts for companies like BAE, QinetiQ,Raytheon & Haliburton etc. The money the guys at the top of these companies make employ the workers they employ, sure they may pay decent enough wages but they will still be literally lightyears away from them & whilst Joe-Better-Than-Average might take in around $85,000 P.A. from his really good job the guys we're fighting against are raking in who knows? put a number on it if you will lets say they take a percentage of every contract received (a "Good" company will get loads) eg United Defense picked up an $8,000,000,000 contract yeah thats $8Billion, this was given after attacking Iraq "became" (in indents cause it was already a formality) a definite. lets say the owner of the company takes maybe lets say 0.01% of that contract thats a cool $80,000,000 not bad eh.

The size of the Companies nowadays means their is no way they will ever be rid of, if they get bad publicity (I mean real bad) they may begin to sink, but media advertising & sale prices etc is usually enough to get people back and steady the ship, if not they sink sell out or change their name.

They truly are here to stay, they got their claws in early on and they wont ever let go, and when they do its a sure fire winner that the only reason they done so is because they are ready to pass the mantel to another buisness "associate". (usually a relative or "good" friend)

As much as its unjust they made their empires through the years using dirty tricks & now their families will be the elite powers of the world till God decides hes had enough.

Legacies such as the Bush & Rothschild ones are the two most obvious and maybe the the most frequently used on the site but they really are the benchmark.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by Terran Blue

Terran Blue, I must say I agree with you to a large extent in what you say. There are however a lot more things to be said that I will point out, in this "Information War" if you will. Before I say anything more though, I'm going to link a few websites for informational purposes that everyone should read in order to both understand what I have to say on this subject as well as the thinking of the "THEY" that everyone seems to think they've got the guts to stand up to. I'm posting links for information, so that I do not need to slow down to explain it, and that you have a seperate link as well for a reference point, and you can add it to your favorites as well so you can reference it at your leisure.

Wikipedia -Chinese Whispers

Wikipedia - Bilderberger Group

Wikipedia - Continuty of Government

Wikipedia - False Flag Operation

Wikipedia - Political Tactics

Wikipedia - Big Brother/Authoritarian Personality

Wikipedia - OnStar

Wikipedia - Global Positioning System

Wikipedia - Genocide

Those few websites should give you some references in order to go to, through what I have to say on this. I used to be one of those people who would rail and complain of the New World Order this, the New World Order that, until I finally realized one day, there is no New World Order, never has been, never will be one. The "New World Order" was a "Straw Adversary" to begin with, mixed with a game of "Chinese Whispers", and the fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" in that whoever it was, I've not figured it out yet, somewhere at least probably around the invention of the telephone figured out that they could control the masses simpler, if they made the masses turn themselves in.

When I say turn yourselves in, I am not speaking in the traditional sense of going down to the Police Department and telling the Officer at the desk you've got unpaid parking tickets and you'd like to go to jail now, nor going down to the local I.R.S. office and admitting to cheating on your taxes, I am talking about the World Government's, all of them, in one sense or another, know that they can listen to your every word over the telephone, your ever instant messenger conversation, as well as your conspiracy theory post online, and make you admit just how you'd overthrow the very people who will come to get your guns.

Freedom of Speech has always worried the U.S. Government, as well as the Right to Bear Arms, not in the sense that they believed that you have those rights or that you will act upon them, but in the fact that you may actually some day wake up and use them, which threatens their very existence, in that you might storm their office, or rise up and throw off the shackles of their control through intelligence. Using your brain, is exactly what troubles the world government, the Bilderberger's, as well as whoever else you want to include in Terran Blue's "hydra" metaphor want you to continually forget that you alone, as an independant person, have free will. The Straw Adversary...a "terrorist" in our midst is a novel concept in Government that if you see shadows and or boogeymen where there are none, you will continually look for them.

Think of it this way if you will, in that if constant threat of being attacked is in the imminent threat of constant boogeymen attempting to hurt you, you will be scared, looking for Government to protect you, or you to protect yourself with a gun. I am an avid gun ethusiast in that I have several, and I see them as the defense I would use if someone were to attempt to take the life of a loved one of if I felt threatened to the point of the necessity of using it. Now, the Government, in its "infinite wisdom", note the sarcasm there, does not want you to be able to defend yourself with a weapon. A weapon, can actually harm the men they send to protect you, from you. They want you to instead, need them, in essence crippling you in the survival mode in that they are your protectors, not you.

Continuity of Government, is a program that was started many years ago, in order to insure the continuance of Government, just that, protect the survival of those within the Government, not the standard citizens, the John Q Public or Mary J Voter, but the selfish Government people that can sneak off into a hidey-hole if a world cataclysmic event were to happen. Can you honestly tell anyone that "Big Brother", being the World Government, wants to actually protect you from a threat? Oh sure, there are Police Officer's, Hospitals, and City Hall's as well as the Supreme Court to give you the illusion of protection, but when the proverbial poo-poo hits the fan in any real sense, it's protect the Politicians at any cost, even at the cost of Genocide through only ensuring the survival on a measely 1% of the populace, as they see the elite as the only ones worthy of survival.

If the Government can get you to get things like OnStar, which is in essence a high-end Global Positioning System, to utilize it like a Big Brother initiative in order to track you everywhere you go, using this like a False Flag Operation in giving you the false sense of security in that you can have someone come get you if you have a flat tire, or a traffic accident, but what most people do not see or think about, is that this also tells them exactly where you are, if they think you are a threat. What shocks one to see here, is that most people only see one side of the coin, so to speak in that devices like OnStar can unlock your car doors, it can also lock those same doors, locking you in your vehicle, or out of it, whatever they choose to do if it becomes necessary.

A "Cingular" mind...kind of like a "Singular" mind of the New World Order is exactly what they want you to see and think about. They, being whoever you choose to throw into the role of "they", want you to focus on you, and only you. Divide and Conquer, plain and simple. Only think of what your neighbors might do to you, not how you can help them, is your neighbor a terrorist, blah, blah, blah, you get the point.

The War on Terror...Stealing The US Constitution...Privacy Is The Last Refuge Of Revolution... and it is about just that, stealing you privacy in the name of "safety" while at the same time taking away that very safety by collecting information they can to keep you in their control. Plain and simple it is in essence "Political Tactics" in that they are using you against you, using your fears, against you, in order for you to be scared of your own shadow.

The thing about OnStar is, you can not pay for the service, sure, go ahead and call Customer Service and request for the service to be shut down, they will quit billing your credit card, but the machine imbedded in the ceiling or wherever in your car, truck, or van, can still track you. Go ahead and rip the machinery out, there'a fail-safe, a back-up secondary unit somewhere in the vehicle as well. That's called being prepared for the inevitable crash of one system and having backup.

Information is a tool or weapon... just like Terran Blue said, it is not in having it, but in how you use it.

I do not ask you to follow this humble poster, I would not want you to follow after the way I do things. Follow instead what you should be following, politics, the newspapers, online news pages, and as well follow it all to those leaders who are not acting in your best interests. Write them, harrass them, politely, with your thoughts on their actions, and if that does not work, well get yourself in shape politically speaking and enter the arena yourself. Commit to your views, do not back down, and do not be a "sell out" when it comes to power being offered over your campaign promises. Just remember though, these politicians, they care for only one thing, you as a citizen, sitting there watching the SuperBowl, eating your potato chips, or even posting in a blog, or on a conspiracy theory website.

Why is that? Because doing those things, you are easily distracted.

Why is that? Because doing those things, you are easily pacified.

Why is that? Because doing those things, you are not their adversary, but their ally, in pacifying your own intelligence, instead of wielding it against them.

Read books, make friends, start gaining an understanding of politics, and go for something real, being what you really want, someone to gainfully stand for you wants and desires in Government, and if that doesn't work, then you need to step up to the plate, or shut the Hell up. Your choice.

While I do not necessarily agree with everything Wikipedia has to say, it's a great start, and you should explore other mediums of information as well like the library in your local town, or Barnes and Noble, or whatever bookstore you can sit in for hours to read. Please also be patient if some of the private posts I reference within this go back and forth between there being a New World Order, and not believing in the New World Order, as I've written on ATS for three years, but the message is still that you should think 1st.

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 12:20 AM
Adding to all that I've previously said, like I need to say anything else
, is also what Terran Blue points out as obvious, that this is like a hydra head in that once you figure out one piece of the puzzle, they change it from being a chess match to being a Rubix Cube, with the complexities, the laws changing, the Politicians in office, whatever it is, is not the final agenda, only that the agenda is constantly flowing and changing, to quite simply, keep ahead of you.

Why on Earth would you think that these arrogant jerks in politics would want you to figure it out or know how to stop them. Once they see one man on the horizon, they move the goddamn horizon on you.

I've often wondered about things like the names of cell phone providers, and I'll use one of them as an analogy here since I referenced another in one the previous post.

Verizon Wireless, think about the word "verizon" for just a second, it seems if you consider it, it probably is a joining of two words, verticle and horizon, like a cross-hairs if you will, on your information. Who you talk to, how many times you call, how long you talk for, etc, ad naseum.

No Place to Hide is exactly what they want from you, no place to hide what you're doing in order to plan and or plot a revolution, or get pissed off at the Government.

Why hide it? No reason to do that. Go into politicis, and fight them on their battleground, being a political battleground.

The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty is what they want, they want you to be afraid of them, be afraid of challenges, be afraid of a political office, be afraid of your wife, your mom, your neighbor, whoever, does not matter. Question everyone else, as they might just be a terrorist. Do not trust, do not think, this is their message.

If you're listening to it, then you are submitting your will to them, without thought to your own free-will. Do no submit, but do not pick up a gun first either. Pick up a stack of papers, either to submit for political office, or to mail your Congressmen, or to write to your family your thoughts on how to change the world.

The "hydra-head" that Terran Blue uses as an analogy is like a giant cryptographic nightmare in that you have to constantly get the new key each day as things go by, or if you don't, you won't know how to decipher it, it's the same as the stock market, it's a giant hydra or algorithym, the frequency changes as the flow of information is directed as well as the channel it's on.

It is a global issue in that each independant Government is acting in public as if they hate each other, while behind closed doors they shake hands with each other like this last weekends Official 2008 Bilderberg Participant List shows the world leaders who were hiding in Virginia in some pompous and posh hotel, where there was a total media blackout. You will see if you follow those links there, that Condoleeza Rice as well as David Rockefeler, Henry Kissinger all met with the Queen of Spain and the Queen of the Netherlands all met in a private meeting as well as other notable figureheads of World Government, in secret mind you, in order to plot how to divide up the world and smash down the borders of countries as well as who to put into office next to screw us over.

Secret Bilderberg Agenda To Microchip Americans Leaked as well as Bilderberger : The Global Agenda, Eugenics, Global Warming, And Biochiping Sheeple is what they are up to.

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 07:19 PM
if the uprising is soley armed, then be prepared to be out smarted and out gunned. You don't have helicopter gunships, they do.

If its with passive resistance alone, expect to get thrown into camps and mowed like a lawn.

If you combine the two, then you may get a little further, but they will just mow the lawn and take out the trash.

What you need to do is combine the two above with a third approach. Go into the Lions den, and change the system from inside. have your people doing the passive resistance support you, back it up with an armed militia to protect yourself, but most importantly of all, take your message nation wide and into the law books and offices of power.

Then you can win.

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