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Hoaxing as an art form?

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posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 10:23 PM
It is quite eye opening to read this latest blog by dreamsend. And while that is part five, I think it will help you understand where I'm coming from when I say there is a cabal of govt and mil intel involved in dark esoteric beliefs and practices - meme-making for the fun of it it would seem.

And I strongly encourage reading the first four parts as well - including all of the links. For it is truly amazing what even the main-stream-media will do with a 'story' once they get their hands on it.

To whet your interest:

This group of what I will call “hoax magicians” is a community for whom disinformation, false identity, plagiarism and a whole host of other mind games is the primary expression of their art and beliefs. They justify this behavior, when they bother to justify it at all, by suggesting that we are all stuck in this consensus reality..whether that is in terms of our interpretation and expression of art or capital “R” Reality. Their disinfo-magic is their attempt to liberate us from these ideological prison.

Problem of course is that there’s not much liberating going on. They simply offer new belief systems to step into. Long after they may have abandoned a particular hoax, followers and true-believers carry on.

This bothers me. It especially bothers me because the subjects they touch on affect people in the real world who are searching for answers. And, as will become clear, the terrain of “mind control” and the “illuminati” (made famous, let us not forget, by the master and guru of so much of this ideology of chaos, Robert Anton Wilson) is prime real estate for these folks. You’ll find them elsewhere too, of course. They like the UFO world as well. And, evidently, the music world.

And another tidbit

A group. Using a real name. Creating media hoaxes. Hoaxes ARE the artform. There were a couple of spinoff groups. Here’s a hoax that sounds like loads of fun:

Luther Blissett’s most complex prank was played by dozens of people in Latium, central Italy, in 1997. It lasted a year, involving black masses, satanism, Christian witch-hunters in the backwoods of Viterbo and so on. The local and national media bought everything with no fact-checking at all, politicians jumped on the bandwagon of moral panic, there was even video footage of a (rather clumsy) satanic ritual abuse being broadcast on national tv, until Luther Blissett claimed responsibility for the whole racket and produced a huge mass of evidence. Blissett activists called this “homoepathic counter-information”: by injecting a calculated dose of falsehood in the media, they meant to show the unprofessionality of most reporters and the groundlessness of moral panic. The hoax was praised and analyzed by scholars and media experts, and became a case study in several scientific texts.

As you can see, while the general idea of this kind of hoaxing could appeal to the adolescent in all of us, obviously darker “storylines” are fair game, if you’ll pardon the pun.

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 07:50 PM
I think that it is a great idea. The government and corporations have been doing it to us for years, so let's turn the tables. If nothing else, it would keep the journalists honest if they had to actually back up every story they reported with verification and facts. The trick is to have a kind of hoaxers code of conduct, where it is only run for a set amount of time and then exposed with evidence that it was a hoax. Luther Blissett seems to have set the example of a properly run hoax. Set it up, let the stuffed shirts buy into it and start preaching, and them shut it down with a thump.
After a few well chosen and properly timed hoaxes, maybe the government boys won't be able to get away with it so easily.

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