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We Miss You Mechanic 32 :(

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posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 04:30 PM
Oh gosh Benevolent Heretic, that poem was beautiful!

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 04:49 PM
We miss you Mech!

Come back soon, I want your opinion on my avatar!

We'll be here waitin......:w::w:

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 06:39 PM
Get that computer working and come back! They are already coming up with conspiracies about what happened to you!

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 05:34 PM
Mechanic, I'm confident you'll be able to find an old computer out there that someone will give you for free. Heck, I've got one I could give you that's been gathering dust for a couple of years now since I got my new one. It crashes a lot if you overload the hard drive but it works fine if you pamper it -- just needs some tweaking. If you can't find anyone in your local area to give you one of their old computers then let me know and I'll box up what I have and will send it to you with a brand new keyboard and set of volume controlled speakers with a boom box that are also brand new except that one of speakers does not work for some reason but I'm sure you might be able to fix that. All I did what order a new set from Dell and they never requested that I send the other set back to them.


posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 05:40 PM
Mechanic is such a cool dude BTS needs him. If you see this man then don't be shy to ask for help.

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 06:09 PM
Maybe we could set up a donation fund for him. I'd like to see him back however we can get him here!

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 06:24 PM
Guys it's not just a computer problem it's just real life.I know he is in Chicago, that's all I know.Somebody put an add in the Chicago paper please- Desperately Seeking Mechanic 32!

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 02:46 AM

Didn't you guys know? This is Top Secret, but I'll let you in just a wee bit. Mech is on a super secret trip on the Mars Shuttle. (I had to give up my seat for him, you know!). The crew on board is none other than pilots John and Sleeper, with Ron (Zorgon) and Matt (Matyas) as navigators. Undo, I mean Beth, is the cute hostess. Darn! That's one of the reasons I'm missing that Mars trip!!

Now they've zoomed off on a TAW-50, an anti grav craft having back engineerd alien technology and assembled at the Lockheed Skunk Works.

So why take Mech? Well there was a massive computer glitch on Mars Base M-2 just on the North Eastern edge of Cydonia. Mech being best in the business was roped in to sort it all out.

And then those Mars critters wanted some Avatars too, since they expressed the desire to join ATS soon!!

So now you know where Mech's disappeared!! But don't worry. He'll be back soon. There's nothing wrong with that warp drive! Thank the Lord! But he should be careful with those electrical conduits on board. I got zapped on my last trip and now see my avatar!! That's meeee!! Oh woe!


[edit on 10-8-2007 by mikesingh]

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 05:32 AM
Ten days now on mech 32 watch!!

That's some serious cold turkey right there. Addiction is a hard thing to live with, but I think he's broken the camels back.

Well done Mech 32 wherever you are!

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 12:38 PM
Mech in my opinion is one of the coolest, helpful posters here. Loook forward to seeing you on again Mech

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 11:25 PM

Miss you guy!!!

U2U me when you can...


posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 12:45 AM
to mech when you see this (and you will im U2Uing it to you

dont forget man your loveed here and we all miss you. like many others have said dont hesitate to ask for help you will always have help here with your friends.

best of luck my friend


posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 12:57 PM
I want to thank everyone who has posted here for Mech32.I see on his profile that he has many friends over his time spent here and I hope you all post him a greeting either here or on his profile.WE MISS YOU MECH! Special thanks to Adam for continuing to bump this and Mech's avatar thread.

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 07:16 PM
Mech gone missing? Our Mech32
? I hope it wont take long until his return.

C'mon Mech, give as at least sign... we're already getting worried. ATS can never by the same without you

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 12:55 AM
Mech is GONE/!?!

I love that guy. Come back Larry!

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 03:48 AM
ok well ive decided since im a total dork and i cant sing im going to make a video of me singing one final farewell to mech because as of september 15 i will no longer be able to post for awhile because we are moving and our internet goes out on the 15 now i may be able to post some time after that at my friends but not very often so yeah i'll make a thread about it in the general chitchat section

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 07:20 PM
Whoops, bumped into this thread sorry.

Where are ya' mech!!

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 09:27 PM
Come back!!! I need you to make a banner for me!!! Joking... LOL... We miss you mechanic! It's not the same without you!

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 12:14 PM
Just wanted to say hi and tell you to come back we love you!:w:

posted on Oct, 27 2007 @ 01:18 PM


I guess this thread will get active again.

Thanks to each and every one of you. For those that wish to know, I am going through some financial difficulties, am still work, but it is only temporary work -- Not making quite enough just yet to afford a decent computer and internet connection, etc., etc... BUT - I should be able to get on here at least once a week at the internet cafe where I am at this moment.

It is really good to know that I have been missed, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Thanks again to all!!

I also see some great new avatars out there. Good job guys!

Mechanic 32

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