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UFO Pics/ Videos are now meaningless and worthless

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posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 04:34 AM
Would i be right to assume that any UFO picture or video these days is absoluteley worthless and possibly damaging the truth? I mean.. Anything can be faked with the editing software that we have and the internet is flooded with hoaxes. Im tired of seeing UFO sightings here which are just blurs or things that could be anything at all.

I think now as a race we are ready for the next step.. we should only believe what we are seeing when it is obviously extra-terrestrial in origin ie a close encounter of the third kind.

I really do believe that they exist but the amount of images we see on a daily basis just add fuel to the skeptics to call the whole idea BS.

I hope that we do have contact during my lifetime or we all have contact when we die! fingers crosssed.

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posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 04:47 AM
People have been saying this for years and they are most likely correct.

Once in awhile I show some of my "normal" friends a UFO-related video or photo. They almost always yell "fake!" immediately no matter what I show them. I could know for a fact that the video is real and they would still say fake.

The only way a video will not be considered fake is when someone actually gets some footage of the outside of a spaceship, goes inside and films the aliens in there, maybe film out the window while flying around, etc etc. When we finally get some footage like that I think it will be pretty difficult to call it fake. The fact that we don't have any footage like that yet makes you wonder...

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posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 05:12 AM
@ Diplomat:
Then it would be a really complicated Hoax!
And if "the Aliens would Land on the front lawn of the White House and go and visit the President" then it would be a show to put NWO in place, can you prove that it's ET?
I didn't think so, it was all Hightec from Area 51 etc.!

If it were only seen through the Massmedia, then it would be the biggest hoax in history!
Even if the originals were put online, then someone would 'find' proof of CGI usage...
And if one of the normal UFO-Fans would promote it on his Website?
Then it would definately be a hoax: If he's got it on his Website...

@ fiftyfifty, very good thread!

@ All: What are we looking for? What are YOU looking for? When will YOU be happy; if you see a UFO with your own eyes? (Could be Operation Bluebeam/Blackknight...)

Just a few annoying thoughts...


posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 05:18 AM
Thanks for your replies guys,

This is exactly what concerns me, I have seen things i can't explain on occasions and the most recent had my friend as a witness - He wanted to believe it was a plane and laughed at me for thinking differently. I know it wasn't a plane - ET... i dunno.

The fact is that any video could be faked, even if it showed a craft land, aliens walk out and the camera went and took a look inside... would be complex but not necessarily real.

At the endof the day i think the only way it could be proved if lots of them came and we had direct contact, even then many would question it. This is perhaps why we havent had contact yet.. we're not ready to accept it.


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