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dreaming up an alien invasion

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posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 11:54 PM
I just wanted to post as much of a dream as I still remember from this morning. It was like a sci fi thriller to me. Perhaps because I was in it.

I believe the time was the future and I thought the planet was the Earth but now I'm not totally certain of that. I only remember humans in the city I lived in so I thought it was the Earth. Anyway I've forgotten most of the story already. It was an ordinary day. Suddenly to our surprise aliens descended one day and other than their advanced technology, they were able to assume the form of ordinary humans. However they were either robotic in origin or possibly some type of cyborg. In appearance, they looked perfectly human. Their intentions were clear. They were taking over.

They quickly took over the whole planet. Our technology and defenses were quickly defeated. Many humans died. Small pockets of human resistors remained. I apparently was in one of them. I don't remember how but we developed something that could spread with a sneeze and infect the alien robots. I believe what we developed was something like a combination of living and robotic tissue mixed together to form a cyborg like nanobot. Humans who already lived on Earth were immune. However the new alien cities and human appearing aliens were not. The aliens had built cities entirely of nanomaterial. The aliens themselves appeared human but also consisted of this nanomaterial. Even though the nanomaterial itself seemed somewhat intelligent as a building source, when made to resemble us humans, they functioned more like a human and didn't have any sort of super ability to communicate that we could tell. I remember this since at one time, I had been discovered as I was exploring a building. I believe I was on a mission but don't remember what it was. The other alien humans appeared as if nothing unusual was underway when they saw me walk by but they expected me to continue on my way. I remember feeling relieved they didn't sound the alarms. Everyone had to walk through some type of electromagnetic scanner.

It was a short distance ahead of me. I felt like I had to walk through it. I actually made it past the first one. Then it's possible some alarms went off detecting a human that has not been programmed with the alien nanobots or alien dna on the deeper scan. I don't remember the aliens transforming any humans. I thought they killed all resistors. Anyway I had the virus material already within me. The first group of aliens ran at me. I forced a sneeze on them to spread the virus. They died within seconds. The building also started spreading the virus and started disintegrating shortly after dying. The virus quickly spread into the building.

The pocket of human resistance I was working with had found a way to send a virus wave out from a broadcast. They sent the wave out and all the alien buildings and human looking aliens died and disintegrated. This broadcast had limited range but it worked great. Quickly the information was relayed to friends we had on board one of the alien ships in orbit. A much larger or group of waves bombarded all the aliens in space and on the planet. They all died and dissolved. The humans won the war.

I guess this is what I get for drinking a bit more than normal and then going to sleep.

Don't you just hate it when you dream about aliens taking over and you're busy fighting them the whole time you're sleeping? At least my dream had a happy ending. Even though most of the Earth was destroyed, we won the battle.


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