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Medical...conspiracy? idk.... BUt?

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posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 05:25 PM

Originally posted by ATSGUY
maybe they have tapes of the never know

I was going to suggest that. These days they frequently tape the operation, though it might take a malpractice suit to obtain them.

I'd be concerned that during transport they dropped the patient and had to explore the area - thus the goose-bump swelling.

However without further sequelae, I don't know if it would be possible to get a lawyer interested in the case.

I think the time to ask for the tape would have been at the first return visit to the MD, possibly bringing your lawyer along as a witness. Unfortunately there was probably no way to know if it was a serious issue at the time.

Good luck to the OP.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 09:05 PM
Thanks for the reply! In terms of Rife's work it's true what you said. It's the same with Tesla's work. Do you believe in U.F.O's? Apparently they had developed U.F.O's Since before the 1950's that could levitate, travel at speeds up to something like M4, they could appear & disappear. This was the result of Tesla's brain. Through his work the theory could be put to use, not put to the use Tesla intended because there was no way for the Illuminati to get rich! Tesla wanted to help the world's people, he developed a way of generating electricity for public use without the need for the installation of huge ugly towers & wires, it also meant that electricity would be free because using his system of electricity generation there would have been now way for them (illuminati to charge us for use, now imagine how much money that could have save the world not to mention the environmental benefits. Instead he was systematically harassed & his ideas were driven out of science, only to be adopted by the greedy & corrupt who don't care about any of us & they used it in the development of high tech secret underground bases & high tech killing machines! Have you ever heard of the Black Budget? it's the Governments secret budget, it means we are paying for all this cool stuff but the common tax payer doesn't get to use or even see it! There are underground military bases located around the world where if any of us were to step in there it would be like traveling into the future. The truth is we (Humans) are way more advanced than we think that we are, but these advancements are only being employed & enjoyed by the elite! They hide the truth from us so that they can play with the best of the best. I have this feeling that many of the major disease & illnesses such HIV AIDS Chronic fatigue MS Cancer etc arose due to the development of man made viruses! Rife allowed the world to discover the existence of Viruses & bacteria. He proved they existed! the Illuminati used this knowledge to understand viruses more, not to help humans but so they could use it against us. they weaponised it! Again the same concept the Knowledge that could be used to cure is used for military purposes. World powers have always been invested in the development of Biological warfare agents (Mycoplasmas). If you haven't heard of MORGELLONS, it's the new one. The truth is the more people that get sick the more revenue they get & they rely on this to build their Black Budget. If you want to be a rich Doctor you need a lot of sick patients don't you. Don't take that the wrong way as if 'I hate all doctors' a lot don't realize what's going on themselves, they are just doing there job, but it is the system that needs to be changed. Doctors need to be more knowledgeable in terms of Nutrition & how Diet & lifestyle contribute to a patients diseased states, therefore effectively identifying the cause & treating the patient as a whole unique individual. Unlike the old days, it's all protocols now! They need to put more effort into getting to know the patient more intimately & should always advise the best options, not the one that gives the most profit!


Thanks for reading,

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 09:19 PM
One thing I thought of after posting before is the lenght of time that you were under anesthesia. I think your previous post said 7 hours.

Isn't that a really long time for hysterectomy done by laparoscopic procedure??

I had my gall bladder out years ago and that was about two hours and a tubal done about two years ago and that was about one and a half hours.

How long does a standard hysterectomy take?


posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by Jazzerman

Originally posted by Aquarmis
Yes there is a medical conspiracy going on & it is totally tied into the NWO & the alien agenda.

If anyone has questions about particular ideas on that website, just do the research for yourself and you will come to your own conclusions. However, I will say to anyone...just look at the resources used by this website, but to name a few:

Not exactly the bastions of well documented and well researched material, and most certainly not places to find peer reviewed medical literature.

I have little to no respect for peer reviewed Medical literature! the truth is research in the medical field is all about marketing. They (Illuminati) learned that a long time ago! The whole purpose of conducting research is (good marketing) to promote a product, they develop a product & the design a study that delivers an outcome that suits their needs (profit it's what they are all about MONEY!!) How about take the time & look into the way such research is conducted! you can design a research experiment to conclude whatever you want. Do you realize how many dangerous drugs have been approved, even though the proofs needed were not true, plus to begin conducting research you need a lot of money a prerequisite required by the FDA. Before trials can even begin it needs to be reviewed & approved by the FDA. The FDA was set up for the sole purpose of protecting the interest of Pharmaceutical Cartels PERIOD! They lie a lot! & it's all to make huge profits! I believe in what I see & experience, then i apply my God given common sense to figure if what i see is the truth. I am not a SHEEP that will only learn what I am told. I have the courage to ask the tough question in order to find the truth! You have given the best example of the problem with Medicine today. Now days you can only say what has been approved before hand or said before, no wonder we are still adopting such stupid methods like Radiation Therapy & no wonder there is a medical crisis going on. Talk about a field that is outdated! In terms of any advancements it hasn't budged despite the fact that everything else has improved exponentially in our recent history, i mean seriously how much better can a car get? seen those new Plasma Tv's? and the cancer industry is still tied down with the same old theory. In terms of finances we should have seen the most in terms of advancements from this field! It is funny how Nixon's War on Cancer began right after Rife began sharing his work! The only thing that has changed is the appearance & introduction of huge expensive machines & equipment linked to computers, they don't do anything new they just look good & are a bit more user friendly. It is the same paradigm & it is wrong!

'If anyone has questions about particular ideas on that website, just do the research for yourself and you will come to your own conclusions.'

That was the whole point of making the website. I don't know everything, I can only offer the best from what I do know, so please do the research for yourselves & come to your own conclusions!!

posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 02:37 PM
So funny! My fiance wants me to go to the Vets office to be scanned now for the microchip they are planting in animals! OMG! These things are just creeping me out....
I'll go for a scan I guess. Won't hurt. Just make me look like a loon to the vet most likely......unless of course... they are in on it all too?!??!?

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