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Magic ? what do you guys think ?

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posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 08:09 PM
Well by let me start of by defining magic. When I say magic I am not talking about the power to bend a spoon or to levitate blah blah blah. I am talking about magic strong enough to split a husband and a wife apart.

Over the years I have heared alot about magic and equally about ghosts, spirits etc... Here are some stories starting off from most reliable to least.

Story from my parents (100% real):

Knowing my parents, I know that they don't lie and do not have a reason to lie towards me so that is why I trust their story 110%
So they were on a trip to Mecca (an islamic city in Saudi Arabia). One night they were sitting outisde a camp with a couple of friends when all of a sudden they saw two men carrying a woman inside a tent next to theirs. This woman once inside suddenly started screaming, screaming in fear, not a haunted house fear. But one that you would believe just by hearing her voice.

A couple of seconds later she went quite and the same woman changed her voice, to a very deep tone. A tone that echoed in the back of your head and sent a shiver down your spine at the end of each word. This did not sound like a man's tone or a woman's it was closer to a mans' though due to the deepness of the voice. It sounded "Otherwordly".

The voice then kept saying "If you prayer 1000 times, If you take me to Mecca a 100 times, if you fast for a 1000 days I will not leave this body".

That's all my parents said.

My friend's dad: (99% real)

My best friend told me one day that his dad had this weird power. His dad had the ability to concentrate his power to feel the insides of a humans' body and check for any diseases or natural problems inside him/her. This ment he would go through the lungs, heart, liver, kidneys etc... and check each one. However, in order to do this the patient has to be infront of him and should be thinking of the father infront of them.
This power came in stages though. At first the father had to know the person well, as in he had to have known him for a while.
In the next stage, he developed it enough so that he could do it as long as the person was in the same room as him. Without having to knowing them for a long time.

My best friend told me this story and I do not see him as a liar. therefore, this is why I trust this story a lot, and no I did not tell the father to carry out his power on me because whatever I have I would rather keep it a mystery rather than know what I have or don't have.

These are really the only two stories that I know that I can say for sure are very very down to earth and realistic. All the other stories that I have heared came from either rumors or people that I have not known for a long time. therefore, I cannot judge their stories and say wether they are true or "an imagined rumor".

Based on these two stories however it does show that there are some pretty creepy stuff in this world that are kept hidden from us.

What do you guys think about all of this ? I assure you that the stories I mentioned above are word for word the truth.

posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 08:19 PM
All those stories show is that there is something going on that there isn't an explanation for -- yet. The supernatural is not the default position when there is an ambiguity.

I do not believe in magic. The woman in the tent could have been psychotic -- a woman in an Islamic country, having no outlet for emotions and no rights as an equal human being, develop a mental condition? Is that so hard to conceive of?

When I lived on the streets I knew a guy who claimed he couldn't sleep because he was possessed and the demon spoke when he was asleep.

One night after about two weeks of staying up, he passed out in a friend's trailer. I heard him thrashing around and screaming in a voice much like a parrot how much he hated this and damn all the other to hell.

I started mocking him and saying stuff like, C'mon then, come get me, I'm right here. He cursed more, and thrashed a bit more, but nothing happened.

Why? Because it was all in his head, with some sort of sleep disorder coupled with drug abuse.

The supernatural should never be looked to for an explanation until and unless ALL rational, real-world possibilities are exhausted. Personally, I don't even think we should look for the supernatural then, because it just means we don't have a scientific answer for something yet.

This is the 21st century. Magic belongs to the uneducated masses of times past.

posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 08:25 PM
so what I got from this is that the story your parents told was of possession, correct. Well I don't beleive in 'demons' persay but i do beleive in spirits.

Also I wouldn't call it magic but something on the spiritual level. I also do not beleive in magic.

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