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Trouble with my Romanian Drum Magazine

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posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 04:44 PM
I know that there was a thread on ak-47 drum magazines in this forum, but it did not remedy the problem I have, so I started this thread in hopes that someone on this forum would be able to help me.

Recently, I purchased a 75rd. Romanian ak-47 drum magazine, loading it was fine, but when I tried to feed the rounds through my ak-47 was where I had my problem. after about 3 to 5 rounds, the bullets would stop feeding and just sit there.

I'm pretty sure the problem is with the spring, because after the first 3 rounds or so, there wouldn't be enough tension to push the following rounds up. I've tried to think up everything I possibly can, but have so far been unsuccessful in figuring out what to do. If anyone can help me out with this, please post something and let me know.

If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize.


posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 09:55 PM

It is very likely that the spring is the problem. If you can get the ammo out try using a different brand. Every AK that I own generally feeds the Mil-Spec ammo (such as wolf) better than the brass type. If that doesn't work I would suggest returning it.

Hope this helps.

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 11:27 AM
I've got a couple of these bad boys and never have problems with them unless:

1. The spring is too tight. You know that you've got to wind the magazine (I'm assuming you do know that as you're a gun owner and probably slightly mechanically inclined) If you wind the drum too tight it won't feed and you'll get rounds stuck. The pressure the spring is exerting, trying to spin the little windmill inside your magazine is very strong when overwound. It will jam up on rounds when too tight.

2. Load the magazine *BEFORE* you wind it. What might be happening is that you're loading the last cartridge chamber in your drum. If it's wound tight and against the stop before you start loading it you can only load th elast one. Just press the button in the middle of the drum to release spring tension and load it again, then wind it.

3. I'm assuming it's feeding (meaning it's wound) as you're saying that you can get three or four rounds out before it hangs on you. Is your drum indexed correctly before you start loading it? By loading rounds into it you're actually winding it a little. Make sure you're getting them into the first place rounds are supposed to go when you start. I like to give my RomAK drum a tiny bit of tension as I load it.

Try these and let us know if it works...

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 03:42 PM
That would be very helpful advice if I had a Chinese drum magazine. However, my drum is Romanian

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by SneakySquirrel

this is an old thread but let me shed some light on this topic.

first off, you can take the back plate off on the romanian drums too. just take a large flathead, insert it into the slot on the nut (the metal peice filling the slot will be pushed down by the screwdriver) and turn 1/4 turn in either direction. the nut will come off and the back plate can then be removed. there is then a lever similar to the lever that holds the front handguard on - push the same peice of metal down that the screwdriver was used on, and this will flip up easily. then the pinwheel assemble slides up and off. take note of the 3 ridges on the central axle, and the folds and notches on the pinwheel. with a bit of trial and error you will find the right tension. also, the follower looks like 3 bullets, it must be in place for the drum to operate. there is a metal tab on one, this should be the innermost one while reassembling. your drum not feeding all the way may be due to debris inside, thats what was wrong with mine. good luck!

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Hi, I bought one of these AK drum magazines for 75 rounds at a gun show and when someone else looked at it, they said, "Hey, the dummy lead-in bullets are not in the top of the mechanism." Do these attach by some hinge? how to I get a replacement of those (I think they come in a lineup of 3s as a space saver). Is mine broken?



posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 11:55 PM
old post, had to reply

dissassembly instructions were correct but to pretension the drum you have to set it properly

follow the above instructions but when you replace the center "spider" set it so that one of the legs is facing straight up towards the shot tower.

rotate teh spider 3 FULL turns clockwise turn the spider 2 more legs farther along then slip the follower rounds in.

lock the spider down then replace the back and lock it in place with the cap

to load, insert one round in the top and work the front lever raising it upwards

repeat 74 more times.

if you have difficulty loading remove 5 rounds then retry

you will have problems starting at around 60 so load 60 take out 5 load to 65 repeat to the full 75.

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