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EXCLUSIVE! How Democrats Back Terrorism!

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posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 12:24 AM
We keep being told the Democrats are ready to tackle the war on terror. Read the following:


It almost seems impossible. Not even the most conspiracy minded kook could ever come up with a scenario like this.

Once a year the City of Chicago gives gangbangers the chance to turn in guns used in crimes for a $100 pay out. This year it's a credit card the gangs can use to purchase goods.

This has gone on for years, and Chicagoans are so used to it, they rarely if ever ask any questions.

Neither does the press.

Yet this guns-used-in-crimes turn in this year - may have been used to fund Al Qaeda.

For those of you not from Chicago, this is the story from the press, please pay attention:

Chicago,July 1, 2007

Chicago's third gun buy-back will be held today in a number of neighborhood locations. A "reward" will be offered in exchange for every gun turned in. Being sought in the penalty-free weapons surrender are a cross section of rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, B.B. guns and air rifles. The gun exchange will be "no questions asked".

Guns DO Kill People
The event is a project of Chicago's Alternative Policing Strategy, better known as CAPS.

The ambitious effort's organizers are shooting for even more than the 4,500 weapons turned in during past efforts. The who, what and where are all important to this effort, but why is a good place to begin.

Posters in public places proclaim the theme of the event: "Don't Kill A Dream, Save A Life Again/Turn In A Gun." The "turn in" will run from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Six hours on a summer Saturday dedicated to preserving life by reducing the number of guns in our midst. Participants will be more than thanked. Each will be rewarded.

Weapons brought to the designated drop-off spots must be unloaded. Each weapon volunteered will earn the contributor a $100 prepaid MasterCard. That's a $100 reward for each weapon. If you have several to turn in, you'll receive a prepaid MasterCard for each. No questions will be asked. All weapons will be destroyed. The purpose of this CAPS program is to reduce the number of guns, not make arrests.

The program's purpose is reducing the number of weapons in our communities, and thus no contributor will be asked for identification or anything about the origin or use of the weapon.

Where do I take the weapon I'm turning in? Twenty-three drop-offs have been designated.

Here's a list of drop-off locations in the Southland:

Chicago Islamic Center,

3357 W. 63rd St.

Now- the Chicago Islamic Center is the first place on all the lists.


Now, prepare yourself for the shock of how Democrats do business:

Illinois: ex-leader of mosque linked to terrorism pleads guilty to drug distribution charges
Was this a means to finance the jihad? "Ex-Mosque leader pleads guilty to meth chemical distribution," from Daily Southtown, with thanks to Ruth King:

A former leader of a Southwest Side mosque where other leaders have been linked to international terrorism pleaded guilty Friday to federal charges he tried to distribute massive quantities of a chemical used to make methamphetimine.
Tariq Isa of Cicero admitted he conspired to buy more than 1.7 million tablets of pseudoephedrine. In his guilty plea, the 57-year-old Palestinian-American admitted he knew the substance would be used to manufacture a narcotic.

Isa is the former treasurer of the Chicago Islamic Center, also known as the Mosque of the Martyr Izzedine Al-Qassam, at 3358 W. 63th St. Two other former leaders at the mosque — Ghassan Ballut and Hatem Fariz — are currently on trial in Tampa, Fla., on federal terrorism charges they supported the militant group Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The charges against Isa do not mention terrorism. But at a hearing last summer, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisa Noller noted Isa's ties to the other two mosque leaders and said he had been photographed with the international head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Noller added that at one point Ballut, Fariz and Isa were the only three men who controlled the mosque's bank account.

According to the charges, Isa arranged with a confidential government informant and a co-conspirator to buy hundreds of cases of psuedoephedrine, dubbed "medicine" by the men. Isa was arrested when he tried to pay for part of the shipment with $66,000 in cash stuffed in a shoe box.

Pseudoephedrine, a common ingrediant in cold medications, is legal to buy in small quantities. But the chemical is heavily regulated because of its necessary use in the making of meth.

Court records show that Isa also was investigated by agents of the U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents for suspicion of cigarette smuggling. A search of his home in 2002 turned up equipment used to make counterfeit stamps indicating local cigarette sales taxes had been paid.


posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 05:50 AM
1.) The gun Buy back program in Chicago is a bipartisan effort supported by BOTH Republicans and Democrats. This type of program has been used with success in several other cities.

2,) At the gun drop off locations, Police officers man the program and are in control of all turned in weapons. At no time are the weapons managed by Mosque personnel. The Mosque location, like other church locations, is sometimes used as they are well known community centers, Guns are NOT being given to members of the Mosque in any manner and all guns are ultimately destroyed.

You are making many false assumptions and making connections where none exists. While it is true that some members of the US Islamic community are up to no good, the same can be said about the Christian community. Remember those pedophile priests that had the whole church covering up their misdeeds? In any sector of society, there are always bad apples. You have made the mistake of blaming Democrats, when the program is bipartisan, and of further clouding the issue, by making the claim that the guns are going to terrorists, when in fact the police collect the guns.

Deny Ignorance. It is a good idea not to place false blame as it only shows a clear bias on your part. Rather than being divisive, which only serves to undermine society, it is far better to find common ground and to work for positive change. Terrorists want us to be divisive, and to be against our fellow man, You have only succeeded in following their desires.

(Just so you know, I am neither Democrat, nor Muslim)

posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 06:55 AM
Do you have a Link?


posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 12:37 PM
That's nothing, you should see what some of these neocons do to support terrorism...

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