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metal spheres found in 2 million year old rock???

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posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 08:21 PM
The interesting thing about a civilization is that when it falls, it is often scavenged for materials so that the survivors can continue on. As well, sites of ancient cities are often used by more modern societies. Archeological digs are constantly finding the remains of older societies under the sites they are excavating. The question is one of how far to dig and to whom do you atribute the artifacts. If when excavating the ancient city of Troy, you found a alloy steel knife blade beneath the city walls, the archeologist would atribute it to some more modern person who had dug a hole there by coincidence, not to an ancient culture. Aberations in a dig site are usually discarded as some sort of modern contamination. As well, dig sites that were found in the golden age of archeology are held as static museum peices of a set time in history. No one can disturb them to ascertain what, if anything is buried beneath them.
The modern city of Alexandria is built upon the remains of ancient Alexandria. Modern construction is regularly halted to give archeologists an oportunity to record the ancient structures that are unearthed. But then they are destroyed and covered over by modern buildings. There is no time to attempt a full scale dig to see if there is anything below them. Humanity tends to build on the same type of geological features no matter what era they come from, so the evidence of previous civilizations is easily and quickly erased.
Elizabethian and Victorian 'science' discovered a great deal of things but were quick to either discard as an oddity or catalog them in collections depending on whether or not they fit the guidelines of established science at the time. These were the same bunch that derided any ideas of air travel or electricity or any number of modern conveniences. Just because an area has been dug up in the past doesn't mean that there wasn't evidence of ancient cultures, it just means that it wasn't seen as evidence at the time. As well, the traffic in antiquities and ancient artifacts means that for every scientist digging there are many uneducated poachers tunelling through ancient sites. Many dig sites are found by interogating a poacher after the police intercept a shipment of antiquities. If they found a site that didn't contain the type of relics wanted by collectors, odds are that it would be abandoned and reclaimed by the jungle.
Absence of proof does not provide proof of absence. And any evidence that surfaces should be carefully looked at. In the case of civilizations, the older they are, the less you will find.

posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 09:47 PM

Originally posted by Terapin

I'd like to add, Where are these miracle spheres today? Why has no modern scientific study bene done on them? Could they be much like the spark plug found encased in a modern concretion, that was clamed to be a million year old artifact? I don't have the awnsers, and there is almost no data on these spheres. We can speculate all we want but for a lack of data, that is all it is... speculation. Bring them into the light of day, and then lets talk facts.

[edit on 29/7/07 by Terapin]

There have been two studies, whose results have been published in the "The South African Lapidary Magazine", of actual specimens of these "spheres". They are:

Cairncross, B., 1988, "Cosmic cannonballs" a rational explanation: The
South African Lapidary Magazine. v. 30, no. 1, pp. 4-6.

Heinrich, P. V., 2007, South African concretions of controversy: South
African Lapidary Magazine. vol. 39, no. 1, pp. 7-11.

What each of these studies found out about these billion-year old South African mystery "spheres" is summarized in a Wikipedia article, which titled "Klerksdorp Spheres". at:

I put "spheres" in quotes, because it is argued from direct observation that most of these objects are not spheres, ranging mostly in shape from disks to oval and subspherical in shape. Many of these objects, even ones, which are grooved, are also intergrown with each other. In addition, they argue, based upon the analysis of some of these "spheres", the claims that they are composed of metal are completely false.



posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 08:33 PM
Thank you Bill for pointing to this information.  

This thread started about mysterious spheres, and some chose to invent a background story totally lacking in scientific thought. It is always great to ponder the possibilities, but when such thought lacks any understanding of science, it clearly enters into the realm of fantasy. I had hoped that members would invest their time into discovering the amazing evidence we have of humankind's, and the worlds beginnings. Instead I encountered bias towards the fantastic. Whenever mysterious objects appear, it is incumbent upon us to investigate with the utmost care. As I stated earlier, extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 03:12 PM
I've heard of this, also that there was no chance of natural formation due to groves in the sphere that were perfectly aligned and seemed to be machined. I also seem to remember that they were found with dinosaur tracks millions of years before the earliest ancestors of humans.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 05:17 PM
We all know that posts that hold up piers and docks above water always seem to get life to grow on the outside.

We all know that copper turns green when in the weather (Statue Of Liberty).

What if you controlled the speed at which that happens? What if you could "speed up time", but actually you are "speeding up natural processes"?

What if you knew different energy frequencies, that when injected into a metal, they are "sling shot" right back out and create substances on the surface?

Your body grows from your bones, outward.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 06:02 PM
reply to post by Project_Silo

Unfortunately the response posted here gives fact no fiction, that people are linear in their beliefs whether they be religious or scientific. Fact is he was referring us re-inventing all that was lost after that last collapse of civilization. I do agree with his theory as it does make sense. Other than that theory you would have to be comfortable with the notion that millions of years ago other races or beings lived here perhaps along side us. Aside from that theres noway you can explain the 2 million year old hand and footprints in rocks and limestone that have been found over the years. OH BTW these are not close to or maybe hand prints and foot prints...they are identical to modern day human hands and feet. As far as evolution or being created by a single God or a pantheon of Gods....we may never know the truth we can only speculate whether or not these are true as there is data to support and debunk both theories.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 07:04 PM

And we would have found the remains of those civilisations anyway.

Don't forget that 70 % of the planet surface is water. What we haven't found till know can be still lying under hundreds of feet of water, at the bottom of the seas and oceans of the world.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 03:39 PM
hello, take a look at evolution in Australia.

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