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NASA: JSC Astronaut Health Study/Sabotage News Conference 070727 1:00PM EDT

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 11:09 AM
I think this is the news conference NASA may prefer you not watch the optics are "not-so-good-ish". Got a ticket? Here, it's on me... NASA-TV Windows MediaPlayer, RealPlayer and Quictime are supported.

This news conference may be "difficult". Those with an interest in either story as listed in a scurry most scurrilously by Pravda "NASA employs drunkards and saboteurs" may wish to watch this news conference originating at Johnson Space Center. Pravda, now who says what gets written there? Two guesses, you'll only need one... Charade hint: Sounds like, a french candian blend of chips and cheese... mine mine with beef gravy and a Laurentide! Low-Renn-Teed. Poo-Teen.

Depending what happens and is disclosed at this "news" conference... Oh, my.

What occurs, and perhaps more important what doesn't occur will set the stage for what then happens next, which may be fireworks rivalling Bob Lazar's ANFO desert exploits.

The situation is potentially explosive and may be as unpredictable as a drunk saboteur. Some are saying,"Bye-bye Griff", but I think that is wishful thinking. They should be careful what they wish for, it may come true" and that could mean Shana Dale gets the top job. She will at some point anyway, she has friends with the "right" stuff. Wink, wink.

Several old-guard Astros and managers are weighing in... the term "congressional hearings" is used liberally. This would change NASA and likely herald yet another "purge". Big trouble, anyway one looks at it.


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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 12:01 PM
This is a meme-bump-nmemonic! News conference graphic on now! No drones on the radar! T-Munus 1 minute and counting, the count is proceding nominally. Comin' up on the sound check in 30 seconds.

I hope "this" turns out as well as possible. God-Speed NASA - "GO-FLIGHT"


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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 12:44 PM
Oh my God. The study was voluntary. Reapeat: Voluntary. No names. Anonymous.

Prepared text read and phoned in.

Sabotage not mentioned in prepared statements. Asked about by BBC! Too-right! Side-stepped, hmmm "Foxtrot".

Dale is a talented "fact-dancer". CBC's (Allison Smith) asks, "about risky behaviours and culture and structure that produced this situation" - the answer? A survey, a voluntary survey, "problems of the previous administration".

Fox News, "Why no specifics?" and "why another internal review?", I'm impressed. CNN, "alcohol policy - long-term - booze in crews quarters, historically". Splittin' hairs between "flight" and "space-flight". Policy enforcement? The honour system. Yikes! I mean, "YIKES!"

NBC, "What type of spacecraft involved?" Not craft specific - WTH?

Aviation Week, "more than two incidents" - "Is the Astronaut Office structurally sound". Dale, "We're an open-culture." OK. Ma'am, if you say...

More in a bit!


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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 01:08 PM
I'm with ya ( on NASA TV ), Vic. (finally dumped the dial up)

Thanks for the heads up.

Still trying to process all this, but Wow!

Seems like a lot of deflection and diversion going on, tho, eh?

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 01:19 PM
The incidents:

One: 1 incident with Shuttle and a T-38 - BOTH PLATFORMS: one incident.

Two: 1 incident with Soyuz/ISS! Soyuz? So, there tippin' at Korolev too.

The Geico Caveman says, "WHAT?!!". Hmmm. I smell liquor and intrigue! Ellen Ochoa "will speak to the Russians.", Uh, you mean you don't already? BS. Oh, man "Flame-out" and "hydraulics out"... Comin' in hot. Wheels-up. Call the Crash Trucks and my Missus'... SPLAT!

Dale, on penalties, "recommend corrective action or punishment". "We take this seriously now" How about before Ms, Dale? Eh? Huh? Eh? "We don't engage in speculation" OK. Ma'am, your the boss.

On STS flight suspensions: Dale, "allegations not proven". "No need to have a flight operations suspension that's what the Flight Readiness Reviews are for". OK, did it stop the "Astro-Booze Cruise" before Ma'am? Vic says, "NOT".

"Booze-Gate" is just getting started. This is the longest news conference since STS-107. They awoke the MSM media leviathans... trouble. It's still going on... the questions are getting tougher. They'll, "Stop The Madness!" shortly?



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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 01:38 PM
Oh J', there's so much going on it's hard to tell. Next news cycle should tell the tale. No mention of Invocon! My scoop, no ATS's scoop. Take that MSM!

Like most stuff, "I capped it"; this conference - history "live". Oh shoot now we got the Russkies involved - booze - S&M - attempt murder.

Multiple space platforms - sabotage - a dozen "OMG's" on STS-118 prep. It's all a bit much...

Someone tell me what just happened? Please? I watched and I saw so many troubles I don't know where to start. Crap. I wanted to go Drone-huntin'. LOL.

This issue/issues needs some analysis - I'm just a manned spaceflight fan. This needs US political experience. I can't help that way. Any tech or leg work tho' and "I'm there."

What did we just witness?

I'm all confused,


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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 02:42 PM
did they mention anything about the shooting back in March was it?


posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 02:44 PM
I'm still goin' over the 'reports'. (pdf's)

Hard to tell if it's 'good ol' boy' behaviour, or a pervasive deep seated problem, at this point.

From "NASA Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee"
Feb-June '07
Report to the Administrator -

2. b. Finding "...episodes of heavy use of alcohol by astronauts in the immediate preflight period...'
and .............."Alcohol is freely used in crew quarters."

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