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Ultima Online - Europa 2 Freeshard

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 08:27 AM
Well, I'm sure some of you people remember Ultima Online. For my part I've always been looking for free or pay to play mmorpgs, but none of them can beat the quality of UO. Not a WoW, no Guildwars, no Star Wars Galaxies.

I recently got back in the mood to play UO again. As always the quest to find a satisfying mmorpg is useless.
This Freeshard is based in the UK, and it has recently lost many of it's players due to the server being down for 2 weeks. It is the most Osilike server I was able to find up to now. Which means that this Freeshard has the same Ruleset and Appearance than the official EA pay to play Shards. Hence, "Europa 2".

There are few players. But the Operators seem to be very skilled. As they implement the newest changes from OSI Servers quite quickly, despite of being only 3-5 Operators.

If you look for a true MMORPG. And are willing to give a community with alot of potential the chance to grow. Which also gives you a chance to witness the growth of an awesome UO Economy/Society from the beginning.

Then give this Shard a try. Check out their Website and visit our IRC Channel. If there are any questions about getting onto the Shard I will gladly help.

IRC Server:
Port: 6667
Channel: #Europe2

See you in the world of Ultima Online.


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