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Messanger - Objects Spotted

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 12:38 AM
A little background information on myself before this thread is reviewed.

I am a Multimedia Technologist (Multimedia Technology Degree... the previous term is a fun way to say it). I have experience in Cameras, both stills and motion- as well as traditional and digital. Photo manipulation (Adobe Photo shop, Coral Draw, etc.). As well as programs for media (compression, video edit, audio, so forth).

Now, onto the subject.

Messenger has just left Venus, 50 images were compiled to show Messenger leaving Venus. It can be seen here
Notice almost 40% / nearly half way through the strip? A white dot appeared bottom right.

Being highly critical of video, and an interest in unknowns... I decided to investigate.

First thought: Video Compression error. If this is a error then all pixels should NOT be connected to the white spot. A majority would need to be randomized away from it. Not in a square-like grid with variations within (unless the image is full of said square grids, then that can be compression error trying to resolve lots of light). Spread out wildly around an object is indications of compression error.

The one on the RIGHT is in the upper area of that same frame, it is NOT the object of interest. It is, in fact, a compression error... so now that we have one to compare to, lets look at the left image, which IS the object in question from that same frame.

It does NOT have that same configuration. If you zoom onto Venus, you will see similar patterns. Thus, the object was on the photo BEFORE compression.

Second Thought: Photo error? Could possibly be said error. We have seen them before, however, if it was an error... the photo processing systems would have caught it. The area around Venus is majority black, a white speck sticks out in both the coding/data/visual of the image. Thus, if it is, then someone was lazy. If thats the case, we should not see any more of these.

Third Thought: Star? No, as you move away it is now gone. Another probe or Sat? Unless we have not been told... no. The object is far, but bright, a probe might stick out that bad if in the sun light. Again, no way to tell the exact distances with just a few pixels.

Fourth Thought: If it was indeed a UStO(Unidentified Stellar Object)... it was not a moon. Venus has no moons. If it even had a small one, we would have to of seen it move across image. The probe is moving fast, but images were not successive in seconds, rather, more time than that. If something was trailing it, or in orbit of Venus. It either disappeared or moved out of camera sight in the time it took between three frames (nothing, seen, nothing).

Fith: Are there others? Perhaps it was a chance. Or could it of seen other things. REMEMBER: All images have intervals of time between them, even video. Anything that pops in and pops out does not necessarily mean it is cloaking or teleporting. It was just in the field of view at the time the image was taken. If it was a Star, then it WOULD be in the SAME spot. If it was a moon or rock at a distance, then it WOULD be in the picture but moved some.

The next is from the same mission, same job. Stills this time.
View them Here, last image, lower right. ANOTHER white object seen. Lets look up close at this one too.

Seems it is like the other, however, in a totally different location. This is not compressed for video either, but rather web viewing. Different programs (potentially, not necessarily). However, it is indeed a light reflecting object that the probe tried to resolve or fooled into resolving somehow.

This is the probe's departure footage of Earth. Notice the difference between Venus and Earth in this one. 10x more objects moving on screen. Some are red, some are blue. One, towards the end, seems to be red, and Earth's curvature appears to block it out. Potentially corruption... however, theres TWO versions of the video, both of them compressed separately (for date time to be on bottom of one and not other. File sizes differ as well.). So the mathematics did change in extrapolation. Anything seen on both footage were in the original image.
First - With Date/Time
Second - Without Date and Time

I can not guarantee that any of their original images did or did not photo 'alien' UStOs. However, they did pick up something. Be it random rocks, stars, probes, satellites, or alien craft. You can choose what you think of this, but this is just my input on what I have noticed.


[edit on 27-7-2007 by Foxe]

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