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The conscious slide - Did we put ourselves in this position?

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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 05:44 PM
A brief theory on collective consciousness and it's effect on our place in the world.

I'd like to preface this as a simple theory, and not one I neccesarily subscribe to myself. I have had many ideas for books and the like over the years, and one horror type story in particular I created an idea for why most humans do not see or experience the odd and unbelieveable. Recently however I wondered if it wasn't simply an interesting possibility ofr hte reality we live in ourselves. Thats the vague explination over with, onto the idea itself:

If you look back into our history, you'll find belief in the supernatural far more rife, if you look into the roots of various fairytails you will find that back when they originated, people truely believed that the beings that these stories were about co-existed with them. These days most people tend to consider such things as myths with no real basis, or basis merely in people misunderstanding events.

The theory that I would offer is based on the conectedness of humans. Various people believe that at some fundamental level humans are psychic and conedted to each other, prehaps throuhg some form of matrix (apologies if i'm confusing a couple of beliefs into one there, please correct me).

What if with the evolution of societies belief in religion and science the collective 'conscious' of humanity resolved to push the things that society nolonger wished to believe in, out of their sphere of understanding (or themselves out of that sphere). What if mankind itself pushed itself into a new 'reality' or 'phase' or whatever you'd like to call it, one in which humanity could no longer percieve these things it no longer wnated to accept.

This would fit in nicely with people 'sensitive' being able to see beyond the general perception of man, and the more willing to believe being more liekly to have an encounter with those things which we all are trying so unconsciously to ignore.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this idea and if you think it could possibly have any merit as a theory of mankinds existence in this world. I'll try to expand as best I can from what i;ve developed for this idea if anyone has any questions on it. I would really love to hear your opinions.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 06:56 PM
So, basically you're saying that as a conglomerated concious entity, we literally create our own environmental reality. Does that sound about right?

If so, I'd say you've got a very interesting theory here. I'm not even sure what to say in reply to it, as I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it, but it seems like very logical theory, in my opinion, and even goes along somewhat with my own belief that we each individually create our own reality. If all of our conciouses worked together it could be theorized that the reality of our entire environment could shift. Probably not dramatically, but in small ways over long periods of time. Hmmmm, I'm quite intrigued by your theory and will contemplate more on the subject and get back to you if I have anything further to input.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 07:53 PM
I don't like the "you can only see it if you truely believe in it" idea, because it rules out any real way of proving it. I believe that if any or all of these phenomenon truely exist, they should be provable (although not necessarily "tangible", or currently provable with our current scientific advancement.)

I don't think that the human conciousness could will away something that truely exists either.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 07:57 PM

Originally posted by Yarcofin
I don't think that the human conciousness could will away something that truely exists either.

Perhaps it is not literally willed away, just simply relocated out of our reality, or even just our *perceived* reality. Like a cousin once removed: not really in our linear blood-line, but still family. (Horrible analogy, I just wanted to say the phrase "once removed" because I never have before.)

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 08:07 PM
Im just going to give a short answer;

Yes, we did put ourselves in this position, but not from the human perspective. Civilization, and consciousness, both rise and fall with the motion of the cosmos. We are once again at a point where we begin the ascent, although this time it may be a little different. How was this all set in motion? It was all set in motion by the very first movements of spirit, it was always destined to happen this way.

Im not saying that we don't have free will, because we do, but we also have a destiny at the same time. And our time is up. Nothing to be afraid of really, despite all the doom and gloom, just know that everything will be taken care of, because thats the way it was intended.

Things have gotten "bad" only from our perspective..

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 08:26 PM
I believe an3rkist has helped describe my theory nicely, thank you. It is not so much a question of removing something from a world, rather than putting it somehwere in the world that we do not normally percieve, or else moving ourselves to a similar point.

Shrunkensimon, thank you for your reply, that is quite interesting. Could you please elucidate a little more on how we have 'put ourselves in this position, but not from the human perspective'? I am not sure that I take your meaning.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 08:35 PM
I'm afraid the idea that a large portion of the population doesn't believe in the paranormal is simply not true.

Here are some statistics for the UK:

"According to a MORI survey made in 1998 more than nine out of ten people- an astonishing 92 per cent of the population- believe in the paranormal yet only 64 per cent believe in God. The pollsters also discovered that four out of ten believe in ghosts and one in seven claim to have been spooked by one. Six in ten believe in premonitions, 30 per cent are convinced dreams can tell the future and 54 per cent say telepathy works. Over half of the UK population have experienced deja-vu. Also, just over ten percent have been to a fortune teller, the same number who have been to a medium. Eight per cent say the future has been predicted to them in a dream and eight per cent have visited a faith healer. I believe that the figures for America are even higher than these from the UK."

-Craig Hamilton-Parker

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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 09:50 PM
I guess we could in theory be somehow connected and some or even all of us with training could be in theory able to sense others through some sort of "matrix". There has been plenty of compelling evidence of such people through our history with this "special" ability. I really dont have any idea how to do this myself and I am not sure if I even would want to do so if able. As for the end of time "nonsense"... I really dont see how people can keep on coming with the same story of imminent doom. The story has been preached throughout the history of man and yes its always possible something bad is going to happen. I have no compelling evidence for or against this theory of imminent doom for mankind. I personally think there is no point in living in fear or preaching this stuff without some solid evidence to back it with, which I have not been able to find yet.

Yes Ive read about planet X/Nibiru/whatever and the galactic plane we are crossing in the next few years. Theres a possibility something will happen but honestly I cant be too worried about it. If the predictions are even remotely accurate it doesnt really matter one way or the other what ever I do it will be out of my hands depending on which doomsday picture I would decide to run with. Sure there is potentially scary climate change going on already and depending on who you want to listen to theres something you can do or there isnt. I personally dont really understand why change must be bad but thats just me. I was always under the impression change was always a good thing in the long run even though it might not come easily at the time.

Is it just another way for some people to try and understand or manage the continuously changing world we live in or is there really something magical and/or paranormal out there? Maybe I am among the unfortunate ones because I have no experiences of paranormal nature I can recall of or maybe its the other way around? All I know is I honestly dont understand how anyone could be responsible for his own personal reality with so many things wrong in the world and only "matrix" I have managed to connect myself into is this artificial one I am typing for right now.

I am not claiming I have all the answers by far and I hope there is something beyond the story of the universe we are being told we live in. Theres plenty of things out there that in my mind doesnt always make sense but I guess I would be even more worried if I had all the answers and everything would make perfect sense. Not that I dont want to try and find as much information on stuff that makes no sense to me but my main problem is I try and look outside the box if the inside makes no sense. That usually means I am left hanging between a theory that makes sense to me and 2 other people in the whole wide world or without anything to go with besides the inside of the box which still makes no sense to me.

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