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CARET/Drones Debunked? – A “viral” fantasy

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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 11:35 AM
Good News..Try try again they say..and remarkably it works..after paying of course!

no more u2us with adresses will be necessary!
15 minutes ago I succeeded was fast too!

its 45.1 mbs..

so when you open up..close other programs, i mean everything too..except and leave taskmanager
on in case you may take a little while to open up in photoshop but at least that has a a progress bar..or open in photo image by same people.

start at 1300 then adjust accordingly

Merry xmas!

ps the name of file is make sure you dont overwrite any existing files by that name.!

Kaminski Doc and Schuyler..These people at Escher..there is something about them..I will post the head honchos resume up later


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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 02:16 PM
delethird duplicate

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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 08:19 PM
Well, looky at what I found. Apparently the author Whitley Streiber saw a drone in Santa Monica a few days ago! Yes: OUR DRONE! He documented it here:

He also had some strange dreams and was reading a book called 'The Key...' Its some kind of a self-help or self-actualization tome. Egad, I like Streiber's novels and such, but he really has gone off the deep end I fear.

I am willing to keep an open mind but I'm not really a New Ager at heart.

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 09:36 PM
Hey all...

Hope you all are staying warm and safe in your investigations. Nice recent finds, but I wonder if we are chasing tail. I just posted a news thread about objects larger than the space station in orbit with video and photos.

I was about to log off of here for a bit, and realized when I closed the Rense link that the images there almost look like our beloved drone, but 'shakey' and far, far away. Maybe it was the way it looked out of the corner of my eye as it closed. I don't know. You know I am a big proponent of 'viral/hoax', which brought me here.

Here is a link:
Big Machines Parked In Orbit - Black Ops, Star Wars Or ET?

There is also another thread getting the rounds today here:
Recovered Piece Of UFO! Is This Irrefutable Evidence Of Alien Presence?

Now these two threads are not "Drone/Caret", they are similar 'memes' don't you think.
I wonder if the Summertime fun was actually some trial run.


posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 10:33 PM
Hi guys!! yes Klatuu but he he syas he is not sure whether dream, wake state dream, lucid drea, or what..and what he described i much bigger, and at same time ..he is getting hammered for that too..we can not get into a persons head to verify..But what he can do is this..
Get LMH to release info and come clean
Get Arthur Reyes to look at diagrams to match up with the work he and a gazillion other people he knows like Janos and Scmidt, at Escher and the chess program at berkley are by the same guy Janos. Ie advanced hybrid and embedded systems, uml, desert, Tao, Cia, prism, etc..these all tie into extremely advanced uav surveillance and combat, ground, and space systems platform what Doc mentioned..Like the "kids" satellitite Iris..and the new babble google program gathering info That Doc mentioned also.
Perhaps Isaac was trying more to alert us to this, thus the Graffitii in the diagrams...Remmber that Microsoft has a stake in do the linux doing a little side line viral is no big thing for them as long as it diverts attention from the projects.
As I said to a young friend..we know its coming ..but we havent a clue what to do when it gets here..
Arthur can tell us.yes this is basd on this type of programming like agile, or its just art..That would be a big boost and Whitley would come out a lot more credible . Arthur admires whitley..and whitley I am sure admires Arthur..he probably recommended him to Linda to begin with!

Thanx Guys and I hope you all have fun with the spraypaint in the diagrams.

Say whatever happened to that strange object on that nasa flick a while ago..I think Schuyler had it in his signature..It really was a wow odd..
I had better get out there...I am missing a lot by sticking with this..

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:53 PM
Whitleys revelation has opened the door for us to continue query in one of his favorite forums and , rekindle interest in Arthur Reyes ,to bring him back to the fore and recomment on the Drone.
At the same time as I love artwork as most of you do I ran across an alien control panel belonging to one of the most if not THE most dread species here in the Alpha quadrant. I dare not type their name to Boldly ..The Borg

Again the idea of data visualization as in the diagram is not original..which means it is mostt likely in practice on actual devices..
some even used on gui and desktops such as this earthquake detection program

I ran across a slew of such data types at and it had some very remarkable data representations ..

my intent of course is to reduce the "wow" factor and put the isaac diagrams in line with what we have the meantime as I mentioned I and others are arguing for (friendly way of course) on whitley supporters and even agents to help bring compare the diagrams to his existing UTA Texas and EscherInstitute Tenn..and Chess at Berley in CA. If I can find what I find then He has run across the same..and understands it more inticately. It is in the best interest of all and getting to the truth without embarrasement for anyone.B but to leave things ,as is. will hurt everyone.

I hope ALL our good friends at Ovnis-Usa, ATS, OM UFC ACC RU and Posthumanblues, the Chronicles, Rense, and all the others who make up our great community to close ranks ..and Write or call or post even ageneral call to Whitley to Join us ..yes Join is and help by Calling on Arthur to Help us all again..despite all that has been said Mr. Streiber..understand that you are loved and respected for all you have done..But now is when we need you and especially Arthur the most

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:14 PM
I have gotten a boost by a close colleague Droneonline at OM , who also was the first to bring to my attention the anagrams..which also mentioned (shield and badges later on that)..and who was moved by this whole episode to produce a an audio mix that is on his myspace account droneonlne who saw my post above and came across this..
I think we have something here because I saw evidence of authorship within the diagrams colorized version and I mentioned it here several times. I will reveal later..I have emailed the Okuda family and await a response.
Frankly I am very excited! Kudos to Startrek for a great galactic mystery if this is the case..Kudos to Droneonline for a magnificent find!

note the alien lettering behind him as well
Mr. never looked better! If it is you..Please feel free to take us for a ride anytime..!

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:38 PM
Very interesting stuff you have been finding lately.

Here is a link to a product called the "JazzMutant Lemur" and it is a multi touch control surface for making computer aided music.

Also, I am not sure if you have seen the new Wacom tablets either, the Cintiq line.

It seems like we are getting close to Star Trek:TNG technology for their control systems. It is ironic to watch the Original Star Trek and see how large their communicators are, and today we have cell phones that are smaller, and can communicate more information. We have mastered many of the technologies seen as scifi 30 years ago, but we can't produce an energy source that at all modern.

We have automobiles that are essentially computer controlled model Ts. We have advanced technology for making the bodies of the automobile stronger and more stylish, but no where near the nuclear powered cars from auto shows past.

Why are we able to fool ourselves that we are technologically advanced, when its really style over substance? I don't know. Maybe I mean to say that we fool ourselves that the level of technological advancement that society has excelled to is across the board. We have made tremendous advancements in certain areas, but not at the same levels for all industries, but we pretend that we have.

Maybe I am just being bitter right now...
check out the links, and maybe disregard my rant.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 05:40 PM
Hi folks!,

Hope all is well in your searches, Sys i downloaded your colour image and was wondering if you could give me some background. I'm sure it has been explained before but i don't want to go trawling through threads. I can view it fairly easily on my pc.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 08:39 PM
I got my kick in the teeth just now folx
From : | Save to Address Book | Block Sender

To : edited

Subject : Re: A message about your page Graphics by Michael Okuda

Date : Sun, Dec 16, 2007 10:25 PM

Thanks for the note, but I have nothing to do with Isaac Caret.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 5:22 pm
Subject: A message about your page Graphics by Michael Okuda

It means I have to continue dealing with LMH Strieber Arthur Escher and other characters.

As CBS owns the entire franchise trademarks and all..then has our Isaac used something he shouln't have and thats why he remains hidden. that would not apply to the craft however as I have not seen it in any of the startrek episodes.

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 08:39 PM
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posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

...[X] owns the entire franchise trademarks and all..then has our Isaac used something he shouln't have and thats why he remains hidden. that would not apply to the craft however as I have not seen it in any of the startrek episodes.

Hmmm... now there's a thought. How very intriguing indeed. Haven't considered that angle before. What a wonderful potential meme-fly in the ointment: Isaac is being "forced" into the closet and the door remains closed because by exposing himself and claiming even a part ownership in the intellectual property of the drones/CARET he/she/they/it would be acknowledging complicity in the intellectual theft of another. Touche Isaac!

As for the drones themselves appearing on any of the many Trekster serials, movies, or merchandising outlets - why limit yourself to them? We've beaten up on Transformers, Halo, and a bunch of others as well. Why stop there? If your premise is valid (Isaac biting on his Catch22 tongue) then it could be any number and all manner of trademarked/copyrighted content that would be unfair game, eh?

p.s. thanks to Doc, Sys, Vic, and all others who refuse to give up and continue to provide the rest of us with periodic progress of your findings. What a great collaborative effort this is - your contributions are immeasurably valued and appreciated...

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 03:00 PM
Thank you outrageo
I agree with you and most especially myself, you will never find a more candid, courageous,thoughtful, persistant, charming, witty, insightful, spiritual, worldly..and lets not in any forum on the net

and in the meantime..fellow members..take your time. with the file not look for a thing..acclimate your sight..things will fall into place..the creator Venerable WOY before he took down the the file..commented this one line below in the last section of this post....I think tells it all..Its why and how I discovered what I did..

It being Christmas..also I will paypal 25.00 dollars (US)to the person who finds ISS with the smiley underneath (without the circle around a smudge just 2 dots and a smile) and pinpoints the spot..(otherwise I would have a slew of of them..) then again..Only I know what it looked like. .U2U when you do..Please note 1st come 1st must cut it and paste ..marvelous..

I already know about that silly atom. there is more all over..again take your time..Think how good you'll feel not having count the "loose change" in your pocket when you walk into a Ryans and go straight to the buffett..
you deserve it..

Forum Peer-Group Member

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Joined: Sept 2007
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Re: can you handle the truth? how about a 45mb jpg
« Reply #5 on Oct 8, 2007, 3:01pm »

please post pictures of people playing twister on it if anyone can get it printed big :
right hand octal junction, left foot HST
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at omf

Also No time for Pity Party for me..
I sent the following :

Dear Mr. Sternbach,
I have been conducting research on a project called Isaac Caret , an alleged reverse engineering proram. In examining the diagrams and photos [ ] I noted an eerie similarity to some of your work and that of Michael Odaku, so much so I was wondering if someone had plagiarized your works. The drawings are quite beautiful, recalling to mind much very early even Borg sketches done in Germany, and control panels in later movies. Even an illustration cover done back in 1978 bares remarkable another of the devices as in the story of Shipright by Donald kingsbury, which you illustrated, and one of my favorites also.

Hear is what Syd Mead had to say in response ,as he himself used the graphics at a recent Sigg Conference.

Silly sys (edited by me)
…I was cruising the net when I ran across some interesting graphics that were purportedly a part of a reverse engineering program run by a government agency. The patterns are beautiful, arabesque, intricately geometric. I combined three of them into one graphic and used that pattern as a graphical background between segments of my presentation...


To continue
Initially, I thought the whole thing was fantastic viral for an upcoming Star Trek movie but , suddenly, everything stopped. I say star Trek because within the diagram under high resolution (1600) was an Inscription ISS then a smiley underneath, much like one of Michael Odakus’ cards at his mac site. But Mr. Michael has disavowed his connection.

My question is it your opinion that there is someone passing or using your designs as theirs, or used them without your permission?

I know how sensitive this is Mr. Sternbach. If it is not your handiwork or with your “ blessing”..are then these people in violation of your copyrights? Some people think if they don’t charge money they are not in violation..I have had warm debates telling them(my little Sci fi readers club)they are incorrect.

Any comment you can give will mean a lot to my research and me personally, and help allay others curiosity expressed to me on this matter. As a Librarian I like to have the answers.. I hope you can help me .

Again my utmost admiration for your work in art, film, science, and especially our collective dreams for the future.

Warmest Regards,

Silly Sys (edited by me)
Asst. Librarian
xxxxxxxxxxxx Library System
South Carolina

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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 08:36 AM

I will only be sharing with you drone and reader here and posting on ats

quote from Sternbach..I got this AM......

Looks like someone's had some fun with making models and graphics.
There may be some similarities to stuff done for Star Trek and other science fiction shows, but that happens a lot. Nothing much I can say beyond that.

Thanks for the look.


On Dec 17, 2007, at 4:28 PM, Vega, Manuel wrote:

> Dear Mr. Sternbach,
> I have been conducting research on a project called Isaac Caret , an
> alleged reverse engineering proram.

I trust their (Syd,Okadu,Sternbach)word more than LMH and c2c seems to keep going back to close to them ..It was always strange how c2c gave it Linda..without an explanation to us from either of them or even Isaac. I rule out cia/doa/darpa simply because it would not have made it past c2c if the original package was dropped off there..if it was Cia then the info really is not that important. Any engineer would have said by now this will work! especially AS Sternbach said similar work and info is already out in the public sphere, whether or not copyrighted.

So that leaves a social language/pattern recognition experiment which would explain the little games in the text and the number of schools or "institutions" connected like georgia tech/gerorge mason/washington u/vandebuilt/berkley that have collective partnerships.

or individuals hoaxing with collusion of radio/LMH and lord knows even the emails were suppressed accidently or intentionally some time ago.and we could be at where we are now over 3 months ago. someone was stretching it.

or a writer who was or wasnt supposed to write/ and the work is being contained and the situation is being monitored notwithstanding its lack of significance to see if there was a network deliberate leak..

take your pick or add..I think I am going home now..At least for the holiday..Perhaps we can renew ops when holiday over..and target lmh/c2c..The carbon based units..for disinfection.

but somehow..I dont think they are worth it..we must use or own heads to evaluate things from now on..the ufo church and dime store ufology appear dying for business and now they know its inevitable , they must hand the reigns over to US..ATS and Other websites in this matter.

What do we do with this new found freedom? Continue the search for truth..share the truth as one would bread to a hungry man. For oddly enough..if we don't..its we who shall starve in the long run.

Merry Christmas to you and Yours..

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All

************subspace transmission complete*********

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 03:41 PM
Some Dear friends of mine Reader, Murnut ,and Sidhartha and PeeJay at ufc oM and ( all over the place we are actually) and most fondly here at ATS happened to bring up an old game from ID , which by chance I happened to be fond of among many others.(also by them) and who license much of their stuff to others thruout the years ..(take several wild guesses) but here is my favorite
Commanderkeen , So delightful I am purchasing it along with Day of the tentacles as well.
Being a retro-romantic at heart,the nostalgia was overwhelming , and I went to CK sight and I found it being the season for sharing ,
I just in one of those touching and contrite moments you have all come to know me by throughout this epic drama,wanted to share a few screens.

at least we can begin on something new by new years.
Merry christmas again and again and again
Love will like the Commander save the world and perhaps this story again.
Its always been about twists and turns.
This may not tell us who but perhaps tell us what the message is..that would be Glorious. To the gifted puzzle doers out there..I hope you can do something with this. Do you reckon letters in the photos will lead us to fort Vorticon?

More importantly..aother Colleagu Sospicioso mentioned that Tom hall is the Creatorr of hese letters..
upon further googling..I noted something that raised a red flag (I have a closet of them you know) Tom T Hall
Outrageo Doc Kamiski Sid and all..This may be the source of our mysterios T
and Outrageo it was a 55 not ss after all.

I have emailed him already and await a response

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 08:54 PM
Ahhhh... a "55", he says, not an "SS"...

Well, combing with thee proverbial fine-toothed looking glass, neither an SS nor a 55 was dusted for positive prints, my good fellow. Not yet at least.

Commander Keen and I go back a ways as well. I'll have to head out to the carriage house and see if I can resurrect some of the 'ole commander's material. Problem will be trying to find a way to read the 5.25" floppies they're loaded on!

The web site/letters is an intriguing find, though. Sys, not sure where you find the time and your powers of observation are amazing. I mean you find new cryptobet characters almost as often as Mikesingh finds new faces on Mars! How DO you do it?

It's too bad we couldn't just play a little selective alphanumeric melting pot and toss in a little Kanataka, a bit of Celtic Rune, a smidgen of Klingon, a dash of Halo, a sprinkle of Sumerian, wrap it all up in a bunch of Alienunderwhere, and top it with a Commander Keen cherry and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.

No, alas, such ease is not to be.

Please take a little breather, enjoy a Memey Memey Christmas, spend some time unchained from the broadband.

It'll all be here waiting for us as Father Time passes the gavel...

Warm Wishes one and all -- you too, Isaac...

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 02:40 PM
Thanx Outrageo for the compliment..but I dont think Hoaglands martian sightings come with a galactic translation sheet hahahaha. Sorry I am using 58 k dialup..that really messes me up. like using hand cranked wwii walkie talkie versus cell phone.

Please dont tthink I am saying this is the man, its only a lead..suspects of tedious as it is..we have to proceed and eliminate.
As Tom "T' Hall said on his webpage at we are all just Bozos on the same bus, I never like Bozo the clown..but then...aftter his secrets of the universe chat and stuff at bottom of page..brought to you by the letter T and the number 5....the diagrams a infused with T hehehe
(and he is the earliest source for the letters other than japanese/chinese themselves)and then all the other good stuff all Left me no choice but to bring it hrere for your perusal..if only so it might jar latent memories or recent external events by other members than myself.
I am not embarrassed in the least if it doesnt pan out..The price of truth is often a high one, and embarrasment a very small price to pay.

I dont need the prince or 55..
though I do miss puttting him on the table. and you can download some episodes and screens for the keen trilogy..the image I postd was from the maps they have on that site.

The farther back I can trace similar or identical work similar to our case at hand, we actually narrow down or vector in a target group, because of the fact a lot of this is quite ubiquitous.
till then we can just keep looking and dreaming like Commander Keen which oddly in that episode game "Dream machine".the circumstancxes lmost are like whitley striebers..
I connection of course..just an odd "Pattern of behavior"
he has a guide at the keen fan site where i got my images
so you can run the stuff on xp nifty."

"If you see a disheaveled ATS member patrolling the streets of Baghdad" this christmas'll know its me..

sweet dreams!

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posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 09:26 PM
I was remiss in adding Tom Halls later works using the alien lettering and predating Caret as well as Alienware , that being Deus Ex circa 2004, (keen circa1990)
for Deus Ex Machina or God out of the machine

the lates top secret pojest is the mmog kingsile ($100m) this of course means that if caret was connected hes not going to reveal anything..unless we can prove it. All we can do is shed light upon where the sun doesnt shine.

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posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 01:54 PM
Wow... I step a way from the bar to go to freshen up, and looky what Sys found while I was washing my hands. Pour me a Knob Creek, neat.

Man, these drones will drive a man to drinking!

Good work Sys, you have amazing inertia! To all, have a safe and happy new year.
2008 is gonna be grrrrrreat!

Frosted Flakes are an important part of your daily meme...

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 11:36 PM
Whilst on the always fertile subject of hoaxes it behooves me to point out that there isn't a shred of sensible analysis let alone evidence supporting the "meme" theory. It smacks to me of the Scientology brigade. Who are certainly CIA / Satanism front men.

The meme buzzwordology is unfamiliar to people. Unfamiliar does not equal true or even persuasive. I hope. Otherwise don't worry about memes and drones. Worry about your inability to think cogently.

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