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CARET/Drones Debunked? – A “viral” fantasy

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 12:51 AM
Hello Sys et al . . . I have been quietly observing and looking at some other avenues. Sys; I believe you first did research on the barcode aspect of the CARET symbols. I too have been searching for circular and abstract barcoding and associated programs (there are quite a few). That said, I pause to wonder if anyone actually took a barcode reader to scan a printout of the CARET diagram to try to get a reading? I guess it would have to be on a high-res. 1:1 image, but I really would like to see the results of the scan. Could be something buried in there either digital or analog.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 12:53 AM
Hello Sys et al . . . I have been quietly observing and looking at some other avenues. Sys; I believe you first did research on the barcode aspect of the CARET symbols. I too have been searching for circular and abstract barcoding and associated programs (there are quite a few). That said, I pause to wonder if anyone actually took a barcode reader to scan a printout of the CARET diagram to try to get a reading? I guess it would have to be on a high-res. 1:1 image, but I really would like to see the results of the scan. Could be something buried in there either digital or analog.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 11:50 AM
Looks like the Alienware folks are going full-tilt with the drone/CARET meme for their newest line of high-end machines.

The Engadget site has a photo series of a recent Alienware unveiling event. Check out the wall displays - CARET figures and Drone writing abound...

These guys have obviously invested significant marketing funds to capitalize on the whole CARET/Drone buzz.

I'm not quite decided on whether this is more clever, astute salesmanship or pilfered freeloading off of someone else's creative energy. Either way - you can bet they spent a few bucks on some legal advice to make sure they're clear on usage.

I guess the question becomes: If no one steps forward to claim the designs as their own, do they remain free for the taking in the public domain in perpetuity?

If I was Isaac - even as an "Isaac the Hoaxer", I would have to be steaming a little to watch my 'creation' being so blatantly exploited without so much as a tip of the hat...

If Alienware S&M can flush our quarry in this way, I'm all for it, however. Even their machines will be stamped with the imagery/fonts - a significant commitment... be continued...

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 10:29 PM
Outrageo, reflecting..
there was a movie way back called hanger 18 , and I could swear those patterns and setup remind me of that movie..will scratch around for it..I beliebve in american jurisprudence that they have to explicitly (no beating round the bush) state it is being given out. Looking back there was some equivication..yet..everything was really borrowed from something else..I dont really want to even think about the legalities..but this is coming ever closer to the finis'. we can enjoy christmas (thats why its speeding up..they are coming out of the woodwork.."same as it has ever been same as it ever was"..(talking Heads)..Thats why I know they did not create it. They have the gift wrapping..but they do not have the gift, the prize...

I still hold on to my findings on the inside..that will never change. from the astronomy to the little prince... and if they read this..they know it too..and I say..a job most well done indeed.. If the artist with the childs heart reads this..You certainly touched mine and profoundly so...and you even made 2 little girls who lived a thousand miles apart, who never knew each other, spoke entirely different languages..different races even... start a friendship and are so nervous, and excited. and so so happy as only little girls can be.
If there was a debunking it was to prevent seeing what I saw, drawing attention to frivolus matters and ever swelling egos...when I go home each night ..I can thank the astronomer/historian who taught me to to look at the stars in a new way
and see the rythms and movements of the seasons..What possibly more do I need to know..I wanted to know who they were thank them personally..that is why I tried so hard..and I think you all did was special..wasn't it. We we come here we come to read each other..comforted by each others awareness that we care for one another..and not how smart we are..that is most special..

So I can say to the creators....your mission was accomplished..the message in a bottle reached our shores..and was understood..The designs the others have for the bottle..well I am afraid..thats their dilemma..there are only so many things a person can do with a bottle..

Good Night

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posted on Nov, 23 2007 @ 12:42 PM
So now that the 'meme' itself is a cashcow, will we see a fight over the 'intellectual property' between the freeloaders? I sure hope so...

This whole 'operation' has taken us all near and far in search of the 'truth'. I wonder if other 'operations' have been more successfull, or less successful, but that we are un aware. I am not sure I am privy to any.

Best wishes to all who brave the economic orgy of 'Black Friday'
(maybe that should be our next investigation. the yearly 'rituals' that keep the economy going, and how they began, and why they are perpetuated. he he)


posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 03:24 PM

Originally posted by DocMoreau
Best wishes to all who brave the economic orgy of 'Black Friday'
(maybe that should be our next investigation. the yearly 'rituals' that keep the economy going, and how they began, and why they are perpetuated. he he)


Hi Doc and Guyz/Dollz..I spent Friday returning items for a refund actually.a bluetooth adapter..20 memory 30 bucks and monday tomorrow a razor cell phone that I got tohelp me solve a part of this mess..did not work (incompatible) 80 bucks..and cancel the 2 year contract 68 a small blow to the craze..I really felt a most uncanny "oness with humanity" while on the line at walmart..quite an experience I might add..

I am still waiting on Syds office..Monday will be a I will be writing was the holiday and did not realistically expect to hear sooner than that..I have a feeling they will be is out in the open.after all..and .we need merely a yeah or ney..(am I naive or what? dont answer that!)
If you appreciated both pragmatic and philosophical interpretations. here .you should visit the other forums..some are taking it to Lucifer this seems its just Good Old George Washington (wasnt he a free mason too

Yes the salesman said I got something for everybody..

cya soon

Ps I did a little digging on seems on internet matters if its not an explicit surrender to the public domain..They have to say clearly I surrender my rights , ergo there is no surrender..question..was Isaac really explicit..I think not..This should be fun..I will post the myths link on that it ws quite explicit

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posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 06:37 PM
Well...... bittersweet indeed.

Nothing else to say, I guess.

posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 11:11 PM
Tada art lives forever..perhaps a surprise by christmas..I still believe in Santa..

Doc ..I keep thinking about you my brother..all was not lost..heres for you from commodore and amiga

Their new boutique line unveiled in 2007

I don't know if they are for us working stiffs...but another player does spice up things and eventually lowers prices..or so they say..

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posted on Nov, 26 2007 @ 01:38 PM
I predicted this waaaaaaaaaaaay back when it first started..that someone should start using the graphics & designs for products thus forcing the hoaxer to come out of the closet..greed is an amazing motivator..Im awaiting to see when he will show himself..

posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 07:57 AM
I recieved today the following response from Syd..and am Happy that there are still some people left with class such as he..

-----Original Message-------Original Message-----
From: Syd Mead [mailto]
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2007 10:18 PM
To: Vega, Manuel
Subject: THE CART caper


Your inquiry was interesting, especially because it was all prompted by the ubiquity of the current practice of folk who take little tiny pictures with their communication devices and subsequently broadcast them to the world.
This curious practice will surely influence any future presentations that I make anywhere in the world. Now to your question..

I have long been a believer in the alien presence on our planet since at least Biblical days. (Read the book of Ezekiel.) There have been too many eyewitness accounts to argue to the contrary. I was cruising the net when I ran across some interesting graphics that were purportedly a part of a reverse engineering program run by a government agency. The patterns are beautiful, arabesque, intricately geometric. I combined three of them into one graphic and used that pattern as a graphical background between segments of my presentation. I am not aware of any prohibition regarding these images...but to ease your curiosity, I am not 'part of' any particular group that pursues the whole subject of alien presence.



I responsed and thanked him for his response..

posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 08:57 AM
Good work, Sys!

We can at least confirm, as expected, that Sr. Mead merely memed the CARET/Drone works from the 'net and simply took advantage of imagery he found appealing and appropriate to his marketing efforts.

I still think that there's an Isaacperson in a closet somewhere brewing a good head of steam over such flagrant use of his creation however. Maybe AlienWhere?'s conspicuous use will wedge that closet door open a bit, eh?

Standing by...

posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 01:28 PM
We just move on..This is a copy of the second email to a Mr. Stein..Director of Ammo strategic..Marketing who is closest in proximity to the Isaac event based on Klatuus first hand well as affiliated (understatement) with Carat and Caratfusion..who have done theses kinds of things routinely..
I recieved no response..(normal business and good business practice should have somebody say something).Their silence here is like LMH .

I did this 11/17/07 about 10 days ago

Greetings Mr. Stein,

I have been going over your posts as well as areas concerning WOM campaigns and learning so much. I am happy to see some of your comments concerning Sony’s unabashed behaviour in the fake blog fiasco, (lets not forget their behavior with the Grafttti projects another disaster). It does give what could be a fun way of encouraging and stimulating product awareness a bad name.

I enjoyed how you did the majestic campaign. It’s a classic.

I had written to Ammo Marketing a while back concerning its connection to the Isaac-Caret or Drone mystery which seems to have been possibly associated to the makers of one of my favorite laptops, Alienware., who I understand is one of your clients and to work that Jennifer was doing. I received no response . This left me disappointed as I usually expect a yes or no or something to the effect.. Now that I came across your name and very good works I hope you can answer whether or not your agency or now sister agencies are connected with that project. (its difficult I know considering Carat and Isobar gobbling up the world..but with good taste), but it would put a lot of peoples minds at ease. I post at no less the six forums, ATS, OMF,UFOcasebook, RealityUncovered, and can assure you that whatever spin I give will be a positive one, unlike what Sony received.

If you are not, then perhaps your opinion if it was a viral campaign do you believe it went well, bad, and what can be learned from it.

My regards and best wishes to your crew, they are awesome, especially Jennifer W. on the motorcycle on the Ammo webpage..Thats the taking care of business image I like



posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 06:48 PM
Sys - You are obviously better than I am at uncovering info on folks.

I've done some sleuthing here and there and still haven't been able to fin this guy
My thread from a while back
I wanted to send him a pic of the arm of the ship to see if what he says in the video is actually what we are following here.

Oh, I really don't think people are going to see a battle over the rights to the images. If this situation is real, like I believe it is, then the government won't sue..

IF someone had MADE this up, there would have been a lawsuit by now.

Great job btw SYS. You are the Isaac/Caret historian and will be remembered for the work you have done here.


posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 12:22 AM
reply to post by Bspiracy

Hi Bspiracy..I am going to put the General on the side ..he is very important as he is with Steve Grees disclosure group..and I take them more seriously than I do a landslide. I am surprised LMH did not get a statement or anything for looksee at the photos. after his video staement. (wouldnt any of us?).I would be breaking doors down, faxing copies, airlif the guy.. for him to look look at these, pay him for his time ..whatever..and greer has seen the photos ..yet no stement as he knows lovekin..he is a member of the group.That is very very serious gap to explain without getting into further details..a corrobooration would have been a monumental boost to this fact..staggering..for both one reinforces the other..something that would transcend even the most hardened of event by did not happen for some reason..and they have phones and faxes just like you and I do. I liked that video andits because of that I am so concerned about the LMH behaviour not Lovekins..why doesnt she match things up..if anything Greer is probably being polite..and not saying anything so as not to hurt her..but we get hurt by have to do the digging for the truth while they have the facts in their hands.

I scanned around and Lovekin is an attorney with a firm believe it was NC
That much I know.what I would try to get greer to comment by I know both of them have seen and know the would be a simple question...does this look like the yardstick debris he saw at roswell..I would send the same and separate one too Her too..
If you do..let us know.
save that email too.
Good Luck

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posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

yup, like I said, I did some sleuthing and came across that site as well but any way to send them an email via the site isn't online.

I have a plan B though and will implement it and get back here if I get a reply to my question. I would provide the relevant info at that time.


posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 05:54 AM
Hi Sys, Outrageo, et al. I have been searching carefully at the alienware site posted above at: and looked and poked around the photos and, guess what: unless I missed something, NONE of the laptops or desktops had ANY of the CARET/ISAAC/DRONE printing or graphics actually engraved or embossed on the hardware - anywhere! The CARET stuff was printed on background paper (wallpaper) with the logos of alienware corporate sponsors and/or business partners interspersed at intervals (see the square columns), on the what looks like the windows blacked out with paper shades imprinted with the familiar CARET primer spirals and so forth, and on the large LCD/Plasma screen (or projector display) directly in stage front. And yes, a few of the alien words were also used on the stage background interspersed with the alienware name/logo.

Which makes me wonder: Alienware didn't use the CARET stuff on its hardware at all, but did use it only as background eye candy for a temporary display and only and to keep the link to the 'decipher the alien message' contest. Meaning . . . that Alienware most likely HIRED a MARKETING COMPANY to stage the contest and coming out party complete with decorations and themes. And do we know, boys and girls, who is into a radical new slam-bang viral new age advertising style that is totally 'outside the box?' I'll give you a CARET for AMMO if you can't guess who?

Of course, if I misses something and anyone knows if this new alienware hardware has physically incorporated the CARET stuff, that would still be spot-on for an outside art/marketing agency to boost some sorely needed computer sales for this Christmas season.

Alienware for the Aliens! And vice-versa! Round up the usual suspects...

posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 08:16 AM
Yep..and I am still waiting for an answer from the above email from them..Do you reckon they figured this tactic hurt this time around? Especially after what sony pulled off the last couple of times? are they developing a conscious ?
its hard to tell after this stunt.
I encourage everyone to post them an email asking them ::do like the Hebrews did marching around the walls of Jericho..something has to give..but just drop them a line at that email above..nicely of course and not like screaming meemies..
Demonstrate WE had class after all is said and done. I still wonder on the T as Siddhartha does and Reader on the other forum..I will post some fascinating ,if not brilliant, observations from Reader later today..raising an interesting possibility about how this was done in a rush..just they way someone would do if copying on the sly..

I believe we should take a serious look at his perspective and findings, the others over there appear to be passing on this..big mistake..very big mistake..I believe..lets give it the old ATS try we are so famous globally for..

Klatuu there is a matrixcode excellent I am playing with.

you do not need a does most of whats out there..and looks at the image you have already and can manipulate in color as well as haftone and greyscale..reduce enlarge etc..I am impresssed with it..

the zebra code reader at source fourge remains elusive and clunky. having to have acompilers and stuff I am not familiar with..

Thanx for the helpful observation..I have ordered a set of curtains with the same patterns..I know I will be the talk of the town after my neighbors see them..
I bet my bland washer and dryiner would look vastly improved with diagram type skins..yess..that is a capital idea..


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posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 10:34 AM
reply to post by klatunictobarata

Klaatu (from "The Day the Earth Stood Still"?):

You may have missed it, but Alienunderwear is indeed embossing their hardware with the CARET characters:

Oh yeah, buddy, they're into this thing up to their eyeballs. And who could blame them? They've got a whole product line that is a perfect fit with the CARET/Drone enigma, built-in sales and marketing momentum, a huge following, pre-conceived artwork, and all at no "creative" cost to them since they glommed it off the 'net and the originators remain incognito. Brilliant viral meme-merchandising if you ask me...

here's a bit more on the Alienmeme hardware bandwagon...crave

Thanks for weighing in - keep hunting, poking, investigating: "Isaac" or his assigns will surface eventually...

posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 12:34 PM
Excellent engraving and find Outrageo....I used to do engraving in younger days..amazing how many people have plaques made out to themselves..impressive too..
I am ordering a copy of hangar 18..because alienware also took the name hangar 18 (so did Megadeth) for its entertainment center a while back ago..they seemed to use those blue leds on their keyboard which was the same effect as the blue lights on the alienship .I just want to see if any of the glyphs match that was a low budget film but it had excellent effects. I am more concerned at this point in determinning the ammo/carat connection..I have sent a 3rd..and will keep on asking till the cows come home..or is the expression chickens come home to roost..something like that..
. I would certainly love to have Jennifer..their key intellingence ( influencer)officer comment..that would be nice..even give me a ride on her honda..or was it suzuki..i have to look again..I dont mind..
Please to me..I think I'm in love

but if this is unrequitted love then I will take it upstairs to Sara Faye..she appreciates novel approaches and is not a micromanager...but understands that public inquiries demand a professional response in writing as opposed to the silent treatment..and she is not the Absentee Landlord some "downstairs" from her might think .

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posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 06:27 PM
I will mail gratis a cd with the infamous file woy did and took down mysteriously (you'll see why).. for your perusal. I will need your address of course. I am not a pervert. Iam not cointel . I am straight..and from the whispers in my neighborhood "a really nice guy". i want your input when you open it .If you have a light weight system..less than a gig of ram and less than a 256 meg video card..forget it. your sys will choke. I have tried to upload to several free hosting sites to no avail.
I think you will find the cd worth it.(it may even become a collectors item!).think about all the fun the family and kids will have watching you masterfully zoom in zoom out like the pros!..(gee ma..gee dad. I didnt know you could do that wow ..thats kewl!) oh and all those colors..and of course..lets not forget the little prince..just begging for you to let him and that cast of characters free from the diagrams..and shhh..(not to loud now ) the "bragging rights" your kids will have at school when they tell their friends & dad was there and helped crack the case..whooooooaa!

please u2u me if you are interested

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