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Is Katie Holmes Morphing into Victoria Beckham?

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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 08:16 PM

Originally posted by deaman88
Well, that may be the case Bodrul, but it is obvious that you don't like footbal or HOT fashion models:!

I understand how you may feel about the UK sugar now being bestowed upon american society, but trust me, y'all really, REALLY need it!

Becks is reputed as a footballer(eng.) in the U.K. (where football(eng.) was invented), Europe, and across the world. Vics is a fashion statement, designer, model, mom and yet amazingly HOT! heh heh heh!

The US should be greatful that 'the giants of modern day times' are settling in America, and you are also buying one more important and trendy Hip for the pre 80's) concept, namely 'Beautiful Chic' This is where highly reputable 'foreigners' take residence in teh states, hence the 'uberkool' and much replicated lifestyle of the wicked and famous!

I expect sir becks and lady vics will enjoy their rightful status with the royalty(A-list and elite) of America, but when you see the Becks in action, - shooting goals and influencing young society, you will understand what it is to experience both 'The Beautiful Game´, and 'The Beautiful Life'!!!

Also, they are in the 'perfect' environment with Tomy Katy and little Suri, they couldn't have a more spiritually benevolent and positive welcome to the U.S.

The follwing affirmation may be painful for s'ome' to accept, but this comment has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any religious movement, or one's position within it (as Becks and Vics will probably let you know about - Reality Check guys HELLO?!)!

I am talking instead, about the individual essence of what it is to be Tom, or Katie, Will, Pinka, Angie or Brad, before you were influenced by 'outside or external forces) and all the other priviliged 'souls' of these people as they, (creatives, artists, musicians etc, will be the benevolent future leaders of our society (ask Angie if you don't understand, she'll be happy and able to explain))

The influence of how these people think. Politicians will be a thing of the past, and the 'gliteratti' will be the future influencers. Just take the example of Reagan, Schwarzenegger (sp?), Hilton and Bloomberg (

My recommendation to keep your 'newfound' and desperately needed injection of sweetness, namely the Beck's. Just stay away from maths, sciencetology and all that bllx, KEEP IT REAL, and soon you too will see the Becks Household in L.A. as a reality show, move over Ozzie, Barkers, Hulk, Flavor Flav?etc.!!! ...time for some much needed lessons on how to 'work it' with the Becks!

[edit on 26/7/2007 by deaman88]

[edit on 26/7/2007 by deaman88]

An overmade up tart and a washed up soccer player...oooooh, aaahhh. I am so very impressed...not.

There's a reason he's not playing in Europe any more...that's because he's done, toast, finished. She never was...

Ms. Cruise needs to get away from that, as quickly as possible, Poshness might be contagious.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 06:06 AM
Im not shocked posh has decided to latch on to katie and tom because they are just as loony as she is. And for the poster who has a strange effection towards the beckhams I dont think its the fact people are jelous of there success just what they choose to do with there fame. And as for beckham still bein great? come off it I know you are a fan so it would be hard for you to admit but he is TERRIBLE.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 09:10 AM

Originally posted by MrRobarto
And as for beckham still bein great? come off it I know you are a fan so it would be hard for you to admit but he is TERRIBLE.

That's a bit harsh, coming for an Aussie!! Cricket and Rugby you can get up on high about, but where football is concerned you better get back in your box son!!

Becks is a good lad - all his brains are in his right foot, but he's a good guy. At least he dosen't shave points, take steriods or watch dogs killing each other in his back yard! Yet. In the states anything is possible!

As for the wife. Well, at least she's easy on the eye. A tad offensive on the ears mind!

The States needs to improve it's soccer league. It's the only sport where white guys can still make a decent living! (sorry Hockey's still there as well!)

Who knows what TomKat are up to, but lime light is lime light and thery sure like their lime light. Maybe the fuss with wind down when Becks starts playing adn everyone gets over the whole novelty thing!


posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 03:43 PM
I just don't understand what people see in Victoria. I keep hearing people say she's hot, but I think she's quite odd looking. Not ugly mind you, but just kind of weird looking. Kind of alien-like or something. I suppose she's had a lot of work done.

And what's up with this kid's obsession with them? Wow, almost unhealthy! Must be about 12 or 13, I'm guessing. Any older than that and there's a big problem going on.

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